Piracetam (PiraPro™)

The world's first smart drug

Piracetam is known as the “original Nootropic” – the smart drug that has been in use since the 1960s to stimulate and improve various cognitive and body functions.

Piracetam offers a range of benefits for sufferers of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease by working to improve memory, stimulate the CNS and enhance brain function. It is non-toxic and does not have any ingredients that could cause addiction down the line.

Available in 800mg scored tablet form, PiraPro™ has also seen success with helping post stroke speech impairment and memory recall for those suffering from “age associated memory impairment”.

Product Description

PiraPro™ encourages joined up thinking

PiraPro™ has been designed as a tablet version of Piracetam, originally available in syrup form. This smart drug is well known for its abilities to boost cognitive function, enhance memory and stimulate the Central Nervous System.

Piracetam users can expect to find their thought processes become clearer and “joined up”.

Why take PiraPro™?

PiraPro tablets offer a convenient solution and alternative to Piracetam Nootropil syrup. They offer the same “smart drug” benefits including cognitive enhancement, increased attention levels and improved memory, whilst offering a clearer dosage system and ease of use especially for those who live an active lifestyle.

How do PiraPro™ tablets  work?

PiraPro™ tablets contain Piracetam, which works on the Corpus Callosum – this is the area of the brain than links the left and right sides, or “hemispheres”, together.

Many experts believe that the way Piracetam connects these together is why it is so effective at enhancing cognitive function, as it connects in essence the logical side and the creative sides of the brain together more effectively.

PiraPro™ results

Piracetam has been long known as an effective cognitive enhancer. It has been used in many instances to successfully treat conditions including “senile involution”, dementia, Alzheimer’s disease and age-related memory impairment. It also has positive effects on maintaining and improving attention levels.

Piracetam has also seen success in aiding patient recovery from strokes and in cases of acute and chronic cerebral ischaemia (decreased blood flow to the brain). Taking Piracetam in either PiraPro™ tablet or syrup form has been seen to increase neuronal activity in the brain (measured by EEG) and helped to restore speech and limb movement.

What Dosage of Piracetam Should I Take?

A common dose is 3 x 800mg PiraPro™ Nootropil tablets twice a day, then lowering to 1 or 2 800mg PiraPro™ Nootropil tablets twice a day after the first month.

The effects of taking PiraPro™ tablets can be increased if taken alongside another supplement or smart drug such as Hydergine, Centrophenoxine, DMAE or Choline.

Results of combining PiraPro™ tablets and Choline in particular show a synergistic effect that has a greater effect on memory and attention than if taken alone.

Side effects are minimal and seldom experienced.

PiraPro™ – the Smart Drug of choice

We have stocked Piracetam in syrup form for over 20 years – it has remained consistently popular throughout.

It is a trusted and versatile smart drug with known and proven results, offering a safe, non-toxic, and non-addictive way to boost memory and cognitive function!

We also sell Piracetam Nootropil® Syrup, a good alternative for those who struggle to take tablets. This is available in 200ml bottles and offers the same benefits as PiraPro tablets.

What our customers say…

“My doctor recommended IAS & their products when he prescribed me Piracetam. The packaging for the Piracetam tablets is fabulous & the tablets are really easy to remove. I have been ordering for many years & have been very pleased with the products & their services.”



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