Centrophenoxine (CentroPro™)

Enhances memory recall speed

Centrophenoxine is a Nootropic or smart drug used to treat senile dementia particularly Alzheimer’s disease, memory problems and cognitive decline, although it also has many other therapeutic benefits. Centrophenoxine has also been proven to relieve the symptoms of ADHD, increase brain power in older people, improve longevity and create an overall sense of mental alertness.

Product Description

Brain Power Can Be Boosted By Centrophenoxine

Centrophenoxine, also known as Lucidril or meclofenoxate, is a combination of DMAE (dimethylaminoethanol) and PCPA (parachlorphenoxyacetic acid). When using Centrophenoxine ADHD is more controllable as it can increase concentration and focus in some people.

What does Centrophenoxine do?

By reducing lipofuscin levels, Centrophenoxine effectively ‘cleans out’ the cells in your body and brain, improving their function and their longevity. Lipofuscin is the build-up of potassium in the brain, heart, lung and skin cells that accumulates over a lifetime. The more lipofuscin a cell accumulates the less functional it is. Both human and animal studies have shown that low lipofuscin levels correlate with healthy cellular function, while high lipofuscin levels indicate poor cellular health.

Centrophenoxine enhances neuronal glucose (the principle fuel for the brain) and oxygen uptake, while increasing carbon dioxide production. Centrophenoxine also promotes the production of essential brain chemicals such as RNA and protein. RNA is derived from DNA in the cell nucleus, and enables neurons to form proteins, which help encode memory and repair damage to the cells of the brain.

Centrophenoxine Clinical Studies

Centrophenoxine has been widely studied and used as an antiaging agent, chiefly by the internationally renowned Professor Imre Zs Nagy, who reported that regular users of Centrophenoxine had “better mental and physical performance compared to their counterparts”.

In addition to numerous animal studies that have measured the effects of Centrophenoxine on learning abilities and memory, there have been many antiaging experiments using human subjects.

In a double blind trial of 50 dementia patients with an average age of 76, 50% showed considerable mental and physical improvements after just two months of a 250mg twice-daily dose of Centrophenoxine.

How Much Centrophenoxine Should You Take?

Healthy younger people may only need one or two 250mg tablets per day. To avoid any acetylcholine excess – which can cause headaches, neck, jaw or shoulder muscle tension – it is advisable to take occasional breaks of around one day per week.

Older people who have suffered considerable intellectual deterioration may need to take three to six 250mg tablets per day. It is strongly advised that these are consumed at breakfast and lunch to avoid insomnia.

If any side effects occur – such as insomnia, irritability, hyperexcitability, agitation or restlessness – simply stop using Centrophenoxine for a few days, and then resume on a lower dose.

Centrophenoxine Protection Against Cognitive Decline

Our Centrophenoxine is a powerful neuroenergizer proven to have many significant effects on the aging brain. Since Lucidril was discontinued, our Centrophenoxine has been used by Professor Nagy himself, so if you wish to use the same brand as the world’s foremost expert you need Centrophenoxine from Antiaging Systems.

“Centrophenoxine has shown many facets to improve conditions related to my membrane hypothesis of aging. For example, its ability to improve brain performance, survival time in animal experiments and to remove the cell-aging pigment called lipofuscin. It has been my antiaging supplement for more than 30-years.”

Professor Imre Zs.-Nagy

Centrophenoxine (CentroPro™) Testimonials

In clinical practice I have found the IAS centrophenoxine to be of high quality, safe and effective for improving memory and cognitive functions in a wide range of conditions.

Patricia L. Gerbarg, M.D.

The speed at which I can now remember things has been improved, Lucidril ® has been a worthwhile addition to my smart-nutrient regime.
H.C., Washington.

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