Aubrey De-Grey

“IAS has shown great vision and leadership, as an organisation focused mainly on the provision of contemporary medical interventions against aging, in also supporting the SENS Foundation's efforts to hasten the development of much more powerful future interventions." de GREY, Ph.D, Aubrey

A man wearing a white doctors jacket with a shite shirt and tie underneath

“IAS is an outstanding resource for the finest, most up-to-date news and information on healthy aging. They also offer products of the highest integrity and efficacy. In fact, IAS is the world’s greatest source (often the only source) for the most cutting edge and advanced nutrients to ensure optimum health span and maximum life span.”

Dr Thierry Hertoghe

"IAS has a history of making throughout the world crucial, but difficultly accessible medications available to patients. IAS is one of the pioneering societies in anti-aging medicine that has helped this new medical specialty move forward." HERTOGHE, M.D., Thierry

Elderly man smiling wearing a grey suit and glasses

“I am a 72 year old Physician who has practiced medicine for nearly half a century. My anti-aging research has permitted me to overcome serious health problems. Everyone can do this, but it requires specialized knowledge and the highest quality products. IAS is a vital link in my anti-aging program because they continually provide both accurate information AND the high quality products we all require, if we are to achieve our maximum intended useful lifespan.” GORDON, M.D., Garry F

Dr Jonathan Wright

“Every adult has the right to take care of his or her own personal health as he or she chooses. In the 20th and 21st centuries, this universal human right has been nearly obliterated by an ocean of nanny-state regulation and deliberate suppression of information by bureaucracies, with hidden and not-so-hidden agendas. International Anti-aging Systems is a beacon of useful health care information and a literal island of freedom of health care product choice in our otherwise un-free health care world.” WRIGHT, M.D., Jonathan

An elderly man speaking at an event wearing a grey suit and tie

"I have been dealing with IAS for a number of years and have found them to be a most reliable and informative supplier of cutting-edge pharmaceuticals. A number of my patients have benefited from this and will continue to do so." DUMITRU, M.D., Ph.D., Mircea

Dr Marios Kryiazis

“All my working life I’ve been interested in anti-aging medicine. For much of that time I’ve known about and worked alongside IAS. Therefore, I am in a good position to tell you about their commitment to this field, not only to make the latest medicines, hormones and nutrition available, but also to help support and promote the science and organizations including the British Longevity Society, so that together we can make a real difference to the future of health care.” KYRIAZIS, M.D., Marios

Close up of elderly man in lab coat

"The tools that are available today to treat the aging process are truly amazing. Thanks to IAS the field of Anti-Aging medicine has expanded to the point that feeling and functioning 10-20 years younger is easily achievable. Their information and product services are regularly used by my patients." SHALLENBERGER, M.D., HMD, Frank

"International Anti-Aging Systems has always given me very good service. Their products have been at the forefront of Anti-Aging Medicine."

Close up of an elderly man smiling in a blue shirt

“I have known IAS for about 15 years and they are a qualified group who provide for me, my family and my patients. Their skill and professional capacity has liberated me from all sorts of problems concerning the search of guaranteed and often rare dietary supplements or anything which is available but problematic to find. Their service goes far beyond duty and helps in many ways to maintain our own health.” PIERPAOLI, M.D., Walter

Dr Ward Dean

"IAS performs a unique service in making available anti-aging/ life extension pharmaceuticals that are either not available in the US, or which require prescriptions at unbelievably low prices. Despite the best efforts of various US government agencies to illegally intercept their shipments, my patients have always received their products. I recommend IAS without reservation." DEAN, M.D., Ward

What the general public say about IAS

Here are some of the comments and compliments IAS has received over the past few years.

THANK YOU FOR MAKING CAN-C AVAILABLE!!! I am legally blind in one eye. When my ophthalmologist said I needed cataract surgery on my good eye, I was frightened. While it is a common procedure, having only one good eye, I didn't want to risk it. For several years I tried a very expensive product that did nothing for it. Then I found Can-C. I have used it for 3-4 years, and have close to 20/20 vision in that good eye. I'm 84 years old, and can still see well. It has kept the cataracts from progressing, and spared me the surgery. I dumped that ophthalmologist because for 3 or 4 years, all he said was that I really needed cataract surgery, and overlooked the fact that I needed new glasses. When using it, I do keep the drops in twice as long, and move my eyes around while closed. This is a fantastic product! I'm so glad I found it! THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH. Geraldine

Thank you, Neil! Also, thank you SO much for all that you guys do with IAS. I’m only (only! haha) 52, but really wanting to be ahead of the aging thing, and all the supplements I’ve discovered through you have helped IMMENSELY! Truly, my brain is like a 25 year old again. Thank you!!! Suzie

Thank you so much for all the extremely useful information you have provided. I greatly appreciate all the effort you put forth to respond to my questions. I so value your knowledge and expertise. All the best, J

Just an appreciation of service over the years. By my count, only 1% or fewer items I have ordered failed to make it to me (one item out for everything you ever shipped) failed to make it to me and you replaced it free of charge even though you had no legal obligation to replace the item, as the error was either with international mail or possibly customs, though I didn't get a seizure notice from U S Customs, so it was probably just a mail glitch. Excellent because domestic U S mail system alone makes many mistakes. Just a huge thanks for your professional, efficient delivery, particularly as there are people or institutions that try to throw a wrench in your operations. Be well, Joel

This message is to let every one know at ias i completely switched from a previous company to your company for all my needs--- and in doing so i am pleased to say---my package arrivals are always on time!!!---the products are genuine!!---and the customer service is to be highly recommended!!!----i totally going over to ias ---thank you all for a great company and most importantly for staffing your company with top knotch people thanks.....sincerely

Just a note of thanks to Dr Dean for his very helpful reply. I have forwarded it to several friends who were equally concerned. Many thanks, and thanks for your wonderful site.

Thank you for the exceptional customer service you have extended me; I'm sooo privileged to have the association with your 1st Rate company. TREMENDOUS! Absolutely LOVE your company; totally!!!

I just wanted to send you a short note about your employees, who went beyond call of duty, in tracking a package of Ixel that I had ordered, they followed up promptly with every e-mail from me and provided amazingly superb customer service. I think, every success that IAS has is because of people of her calibre. Just wanted you know what a great employees you have at your company. I believe a people deserve to get credit where credit is due, I think a lot of American online vendors can learn a lot from your team, it is poor customer service on part of some of these vendors that directed me toward IAS. In today's world economy no business can survive and thrive with maintaining the highest level of excellent customer service, your staff and company is head and shoulder above the rest.

I am totally impressed by the efficiency and effectiveness of the systems and processes in you. You company is reliable, safe and offers leading edge products. I would recommend the site to others.

I am glad that there is a company like yours, who is interested in providing Age-Related Products that are Preventive in nature and help in maintaining a quality of life for people who are getting older, unlike the Medical Establishment, Big Pharma and FDA, whose sole Objective is not to cure any diseases or cure the cause of a disease, but their sole purpose is making money for the doctors and Big Pharma...the products that they put out are solely to treat the "symptoms of a condition rather than cure it"...whereas with you guys, you are interested in treating the "CAUSE of the condition or a disease". Of course, you are in business to make money like any other business, but what I respect and admire about your company is the Prevention and improving the quality of life for your customers.

Your website design looks great and your writers write very professional texts - the best content in antiaging. Thank you for the wonderful products you are providing.

I have never had a website with such clarity and online help as yours. I will not go into detail but by following your information and taking your products I have been able feel normal for the first time in many years. Thank you for being there.

I just want to thank you for your wonderful service I rec'd the first 2 packages very quickly, and you always reply so promptly. It is a pleasure to deal with you! Thanks so much.

Once again, I thank you for your prompt reply and excellent customer service. I will definitely be utilizing anti-aging systems again in the future.

I am writing to express my extreme gratitude for your excellent customer service. I placed my order on 4-16 and received it on 4-28. WOW! I am in Wisconsin. I have not worked with many companies that actually do what you have done. I will reorder and tell anyone looking for a no-nonsense company, to work with IAS. THANK YOU.

Thank you for your fast order processing.. The medicines arrived today, only 6 days after the ship date, and well within the time frame you described on your website. I will gladly order again from you and recommend others do the same

Thanks very much for your fine service. I appreciate it!

Thank you very much. I'm impressed with the quality of customer service.

Thank you so very much for taking the time to reply. Some internet companies take weeks to respond and sometimes they NEVER do, so I'm very impressed at your response time. Good for you guys cuz replying to your customers is important! I would like to thank you for my recent order. I am a new customer and was very pleased with my service. I will not hesitate to recommend your site to my friends and family!!

We have been very pleased with your service in supplying Memantine for my father-in-law...... Thank you.

Thank you. Last order came through nicely in about two weeks. Thank you for your good service.

I wanted to let you know that the choice of Royal Mail for one of the package sets was fabulous it arrived in record time. EXCELLENT! Choice - Thanks

Thank you, much appreciated, you are very professional and I hope to do business with your company again in the near future....

Thank you very much for your timely response and terrific customer service. You, the staff there at IAS and your products are always top notch, and I continue to sing your praises to friends and colleagues. Please keep up the great work.

Just wanted to drop you a line and let you know how very pleased we are with your levels of service and appreciate the excellent customer service that you provided. I look forward to doing business with you in this new year. I am also recommending your Company to a couple of friends of mine. Have a Healthy and Prosperous New Year

Thank you very much for your wonderful service! I've really appreciated your reliability and good hydergine prices.

Happy Holidays to everyone there. It has been a pleasure dealing with your CO this last year since I found out about it and look forward to another year. I found the service great and told others about it.

I have been purchasing this medicine for my mom who suffers with Alzheimer's. I have enjoyed working with your company and always had excellent service. Thank you and regards...

Hi, Order you sent on the 8th arrived today, the 15th. Thank you. Thought you would like to know how good the service is, even with all the Christmas mail. Wish there was a way to tell how much good the Memantine is doing for my husband. Guess I don't want to stop to find out. MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL OF YOU, AND MAY YOU HAVE A GREAT NEW YEAR.

I just wanted to let you know that I received my product yesterday, which would make that exactly 17 days. I consider that to be an exceptional turnaround time for an international order, and so far I am highly impressed with every aspect of the transaction. I was somewhat leery of online transactions, especially with the international aspect factored in. Thank you for the exemplary manner in which you executed your obligations from order verification all the way to the shipping of my package. Bravo indeed. I will most certainly be doing business with you in the future.

To whom it may concern, I received my order yesterday and want to thank you for the prompt service. Many thanks,

Thank you for the 'speedy' shipping of my husband's meds. I am ever so grateful. His cognitive abilities have noticeably improved.

I received my order today in excellent condition as usual. Thank you so much for excellent customer service!! I am sure that the Postal strike is what held up the order. Again I thank you for your patience and wonderful customer service!

You guys are awesome! I got my order today! Thank you.

I truly appreciate your help in resolving the issue of the missing box of Piracetam. Thank you for providing such excellent customer service. Sincerely...

It's been my pleasure to purchase products from IAS for the last few years. I never miss an opportunity to recommend your company.

I just wanted to say thank you for your service. I have been looking for a reliable supplier of l-deprenyl for about six months now. It's so nice to finally have a company that I can trust. Thanks for the reliable and expedient service. And from reading the BLOGS on the net you've helped a lot of people. Thanks.

I am very happy with the supplements you sent me. They are really first rate and are helping dramatically. Here is a story with yet another happy ending. The first order I requested from you was sent Swiss Post and took 31 days to reach me here in Hawaii. When you are especially looking forward to getting a package in the mail, waiting for a shipment seems like it takes an eternity anyway. After waiting the 21 days you say it may take to arrive, each succeeding day of anticipation was agonizing. I thought maybe my package was having to swim here. For my second order, you didn't allow me any time to agonize at all. You didn't even allow me time to anticipate! My second order arrived in FOUR DAYS! This order was shipped Royal Airmail. You shipped it on Friday the 24th and the postman knocked on my door on Monday the 27th. That kind of speed in delivery is beyond all expectations! Thank you, from one very happy, unagonized, and unanticipating customer.

Thank you. Do you now know why I have been with IAS family for almost 15 years, It's because .... the whole IAS family has taken such good care of my needs and my orders with such professionalism, and love.. Aging thank you for being my friends and favorite all time company IAS.... years of good health and strength from your products.

Thank you for getting back to me. This is the second or third time you have personally responded to my request for help. Every time I feel so fortunate to have you improving my life.

I want to take this time and thank you for your kindness to me in regards to my ordering Memantine from your company these past months.

Since my wife has been on Memantine, it has done wonders for her. Before taking Memantine, she could not say more than one word that could be understood. Now she can talk so much better and is much happier in her daily life. My life has also changed for the better with her being able to converse with me now.

Before she had, I would take her on a ride in the car for drives in the country to see the many fall colors and she did not react to the beauty of it all. Now, she smiles and points and is so happy to be able to express herself verbally. Once again, thank you all so much for this opportunity for her to enjoy life again.

Thank you for your very timely replies and excellent service. I will be mailing the amount due very shortly and will be expecting the order to arrive within the next 2 to 3 weeks. I was not able to get any response to my many previous inquiries about this order, so I very much appreciate your attention to this matter and the prompt resolution.

Thanks you again for your excellent service. We've been dealing with IAS for 6 - 7 years now, and have never been disappointed. We got both our packages (the first Monday and the second today), in less time than if you shipped them within our own province. Remaining your dedicated customers....

Hello, I want to tell you about the results of using "CAN C" eye drops by my mother. She used the eye drops since November. The dosage is 1 drop each eye twice a day every day. At the beginning the cataract was up to 20% and 50% at her eyes. Now the doctor told her, that the cataract is low at each eye. So after 10 months the drops have reduced the cataract pretty close to perfect. Thank you very much! Greetings from Germany....

Just a quick note, I received my Piracetam today. Thank you again for your expedient and reliable service. I will continue ordering from your company and have advised others of your wonderful services. Thank you again.

Hi Antiaging-systems, I received my order today and I wanted to thank you for your fast and efficient service. Keep up the good work. Have a good day.

Thank you. This is exactly what I was looking for. I sure appreciate your excellent customer service!

Thank you very much for your very prompt and professional service. It is highly likely that there will be additional orders. First, we need to evaluate the response that the medication has, in this particular case.

I am elated and extremely pleased that my order has been sent. I was sure that you would resolve my dilemma and I am sincerely grateful and I deeply appreciate being spared what would have been a definite inconvenience. You are a credit to your organization and I would not be surprised to be apprised that you are one of the principals in your firm. It has been a pleasure and I look forward to the arrival of my parcel.

Thanks for everything, your company, and your products, have been a godsend to me. I'm one of the SD enthusiasts whose life has been radically changed and improved with nootropics. I sense that you have a demanding job, and may not receive the thanks due. You are appreciated.

Thank you for your response and kind assistance! It is very much appreciated.

Thanks for your prompt response, and thanks as always for your excellent customer service.

I just wished to thank you for your prompt response to our order. We received the first package of 50 and I am passing on the product materials to my wife's doctor so that he may pass on your company as a supplier to other Alzheimer patients. Again my heartfelt thanks for a quick response.

Wow what fast, great service. I received my first shipment today! Thank you for quick and courteous customer service!

Thank you so much for doing this for me. You'll never know how much I appreciate your help.

Thank you for your quick response, and great customer service.

Thanks for processing my order so well. Appreciate the consideration.

As always, thank you for your promptness and courtesy and professionalism. These are very welcome, and too rarely exhibited today. Looking forward to continued mutually beneficial and long-term customer relationship. Thanks again.

Thank you, thank you, thank you so much for your prompt attention to my request. It was JUST what I was looking for.

Dear IAS: thanks again for the expediency on this - got here in post yesterday! Yours in longevity and keep up the great work....

Thanks for the quick response and for explaining the details so clearly. I very much appreciate the process your company has adapted to ensure the safe delivery of products ordered by customers. I took the opportunity to read the customer testimonials included on your website as well and have every confidence that I chose the right company for my needs. I'll look forward to receiving my shipment and continued business with IAS in the future.

THANK YOU--THANK YOU for the excellent service on my order. My wife and I are amazed that you treated us, not as a brand new customer but like one of your most important and best customer. The service and personal attention you showed us has enabled us to continue this new medication on schedule without worrying about running out before replacement.

We are in high hopes that this memantine medication will help with Mom's problems of Alzheimer's. She has been taking Aricept for about two years and has had continuing problems and it our hope that with memantine added she will at least level off and maybe even show some signs of progress. With sincere appreciation.....

I did receive my thyroid pills, and thank you so much for persisting with my order. I do appreciate it so much.

Thank you very much for your thoughtful message. I'm looking forward to the arrival of your wonderful products.

I just wanted to say I am very pleased with your service. I was very happy to see that my order arrived yesterday. I was a little concerned, never having ordered any kind of supplements or medication from abroad before, but was very happy with the whole process. I will definitely recommend IAS and order from you again! Thank you!

Thank you so much... I appreciate all that you have done to help me with this dreadful problem and look forward to many years of doing business with your grand company. Thank you, again.

Hi. I would like to thank you for the rapid and great way of shipping. my order arrived here at my address in the US in no time ..I'm very pleased with your company.... thanks again.

Thanks for such an excellent shipping time! (7 days). I will recommend your company highly, and order again!!!!

Thank-you for your response and being such a help! It's a rare thing to have an internet company be so customer-friendly. You are to be commended. IAS is truly a credit worthy enterprise. Thanks again, and I will look out for that package. All the best.

I am sending this e-mail just to let you know that I have been very pleased with your service. Whenever a person orders over the internet they are somewhat apprehensive about who they are contacting. You have been excellent at keeping me informed regarding my order and I have always received my order within 10-12 days. Your Company in my opinion is trustworthy and customer conscious which is very important these days. For that I would just like to say thank you and my best wishes to all that work there.

Thanks. You guys are Super...

I will certainly be ordering from you again in the future. You have clearly demonstrated your genuine concern for your customers.

Hello, I wanted to say that I am very impressed with the delivery time of my very first order!... 7 days to Cincinnati, Ohio... l only received a partial order but I wasn't expecting anything this quick!

I have received all of my 23 February order as of 07 March. In less than 2 weeks yet. Fantastic! I appreciate the fast turnaround.

Thanks so much for your help. You have been helpful and extremely responsive. Thanks, again.

Thank you very much for your attention and prompt reply. I received the medication on 26 February (in less than 2 weeks). Your invaluable services are indeed excellent and praise-worthy!

Thank you for your prompt replies. I am pleased with how quick you responded. I will be waiting for the email conformation of dispatch.

I placed an order with anti-aging for Manerix which is what my doctor wanted me to get in the first place. He recommended your site highly as being very honest, dependable and of great quality. Thanks again and warm regards!

Recently I ordered some products and am very pleased with the speed and efficiency of the whole process. Keep up the good work.

I thank you very much for your rapid and reliable service. My drugs reached me just when I was out of them. It was a pleasure to purchase from your company.

I received my son's medicine on 12/4. You and your staff did an excellent job and once again I am very sorry for any inconvenience I may have caused you and your staff. It's just when you're held under such liability it scares you to death but I know it's for my son's protection. I would like to know if there is a way I can keep my son's medicine in stock without him running out if like I could pay for it and it come every month by a certain time and he won't run out that way or something. If you have any ideas I would really appreciate it. Thank You so much IAS, you saved my son's life and protected mine. I can't Thank You enough

Thanks for the web article on Laetrile by South. I happened upon it by chance using a search engine and found the article to be outstanding. I shall pay attention to your web presence.

Yipppeeee!! Thanks so much. You are a pleasure.

WOW!!!! I am impressed. Your reply is instantaneous.

Order received. Thank you for your efficient, professional and trustworthy service. Much appreciation...

My recent order for Deprenyl was received just fine.... Thank you for giving me good customer service... I expect my 2nd order soon... Thanks again.

Thank you so much! I really appreciate you!

Thank you for your fast and excellent service, everything was received in good condition. Be ordering again soon!

I have purchased items from you folks over the years and you always delight me with your excellent service. Also, your website is extremely helpful.

Thank you. You are the greatest!!!

Thank you so much. What great customer service!!

Thank you! Your customer service is first rate! I will continue to order from IAS, in no small part due to such service.

My sincere appreciation for your understanding and courtesy. As soon as the order arrives, I will place a larger one for several products. Again, please accept my thanks.

Thank you for your efforts and offer to replace these goods for us. It says a lot about a company who will stand behind their products.

Thank you for your professionalism and rather rapid delivery of goods. I was quite surprised and pleased at how fast your response was, being that I'm located a way across the sea in the U.S.A.

Various colleagues of mine are very much in need of your products and I have already recommended your services. Thank you once again for your services, and I look forward to being a permanent life-long customer. Keep up the good work.

I just wanted to commend you on your excellent service. The medication I ordered through your service came, as promised, in good condition and on time. I had previously ordered the exact same medication through another service. Not only did my medication not arrive at all, but their customer service completely ignored my plight. Needless to say, I will not make the same mistake twice. Thanks for being dependable.

First, forgive me for taking so long to confirm my receipt. I received the order on the 16th of April - a matter of days from when we confirmed my order. This is world class service. I want to personally thank you for your professionalism. In addition, we are finding that these two products are proving very effective in the treatment of depression and withdrawal symptoms for drug dependent clients. Your site is leading the medical community in offering good, safe and viable substances. Again, my sincere thanks.

I just wanted to thank you for the professional way in which you respond to my questions.

Thanks so much for your prompt response. Your company is so professional and a delight to conduct business with.

Thank you very much for your consideration. I received the last package today. Also thank you very much for discounting on the items. Now everything is clear and I am fully, totally happy. Your company is always my first choice when ordering Nootropics. Thank you for answering my questions quickly and kindly. I really appreciate your service.

Thanks so much for the quick response. It has been a pleasure chatting with you over the previous weeks. You have answered a great deal of questions for me. You are also the reason I felt comfortable in making a large order. I look forward to receiving my medications over the next few weeks. Please also keep me in the loop for when the Pramiracetam comes in so I can know when to look for it in my mail. Drop me an email if you get a chance. You have personalized my dealings with IAS and I greatly appreciate it.

I received the first part of my order on Feb 5 and then Feb 6. Now that is what I call fast service. That is an 8 day turnaround and 2 of those days were Sat and Sun. I just wanted to thank you for your outstanding effort.

I received the order yesterday. That was much sooner than I expected so thanks are in order and keep up the good work. Expect me to place another order with you in the future.

Thank you very much for your reply. I am happy to tell you that I have received my order. Very good customer service!

Thanks very much for having my father's replacement Idebenone order sent out so quickly. He now has the three remaining boxes for the previous order and the first box in the replacement order. Antiaging Systems are doing their best to keep my father worry free and my mother in better health! Thanks again.

My Minurin arrived in the mail today, once again you've saved the day. Thank you very much... I will be placing a much larger order in the next week or so. Thank you so much for your professional and courteous service, you are by far and away the most professional organization in your industry on the Internet. I will be purchasing all of my nootropics exclusively from your company from now on unless there's an item that you don't carry... you're providing a wonderful service and adding quality to people's lives. Keep up the great job! Another satisfied customer!!

I want to thank all of you for your great service!! I just received part of my Jumex order and I am very grateful for your caring and insight at sending me part of my order so quickly. I am immensely impressed with all your incredible service.

...thank you for the update and congratulations on your excellent customer support service.

Thank you so kindly for your quick response. I appreciate your efforts to make this a win-win situation. It's unfortunate, but must be done. I want to mention also that you have an excellent, extensive website. One of the best I've ever seen.

I appreciate your quick response to my concerns in regard to my order not yet arriving. I want to let you know that my package arrived today. I realize that problems do arise in the course of doing business and, for me, what is most important is how well a company handles those problems. Even though it did take longer than expected for my order to be delivered, I am pleased with the overall service I have received so far from IAS. This is the first time I have ordered from your company. Based upon what I have experienced so far, I will continue to do so.

I'd like to thank you at I.A.S. for your fast service, and for making available your line of products. The items which I recently purchased from you have left me feeling better than I have felt in many, many years. After repeated fruitless visits to U.S. doctors and psychiatrists who prescribed medications which did more harm than good, the products which I obtained from you have made a substantial difference in my life.

I have been doing business with IAS for several months and find it to be of the highest ethics.

Thank you for your time and attention. We appreciate your efforts in getting this order out to us without further hassle, or delay. I hope IAS hangs on to you, we are very happy to have dealt with you, your good sense, and your desire to speedily and safely get our order to us without extra charges. Thank you again. As a satisfied customer of your company, I wish to thank you for your ongoing and caring customer service. I appreciate you taking the time to inform me of a product I had ordered in June that was out of stock, and alerting me to the fact that it was now available.

Thank you for your quick response to my problem about the YOHIMBINE expiration. I knew that your company was one of integrity and professionalism and this just reinforces that belief. Because of this I plan to keep using your.

I received an undamaged bottle of Cyprenil yesterday, to replace the damaged one I sent back. Thank you for your outstanding customer service. It's been a pleasure to do business with you.

Thanks for the reply. I just wanted to let you know that your help is greatly appreciated! Keep up the excellent work!

Thank you for your reply. I see your big kindness and I decide to receive it.

Many thanks indeed for your prompt, courteous and detailed reply. I now understand the situation, if not the crazy EU laws we have to endure. I feel sure that the trouble you have taken is indicative of the 1evel of your customer service. You deserve to prosper. Long may you do so.

I have been doing business with IAS for several years now and have always been very pleased with the outcome.

You folks are wonderful!! Since my multiple traumatic brain injuries require smart drugs, your site is like finding the lost city of gold. Very grateful for your kind and courteous service and confirmations.

My IAS Friends, Thanks for the confirmation (I'm happy you folks are doing this now) and please convey and accept my Best Wishes! to you and everyone there at IAS. Nice to do business with a great company and good people. Happy Christmas!

The last of many packages was received today - from my complex October 11 order. Everything was in fine shape. I have high regard for the way you people do business. The packaging, handling and accuracy are always thoughtful and excellent. All of my orders have been received in a timely manner and in excellent condition. Thank You.

I've been meaning to pass along the compliments on your expediency of your last order which was placed on Sept. 10 and received here within a week! Record time - Bravissimo!!!!! I'm very pleased at the initial results I am starting to receive with the supplements ordered. (Pramiracetam upon arising; Vinpocetine or picamilon in afternoon: Jumex on weekend).

Thank you so much for the great customer service. You are a very customer-oriented company, and I will buy from you again. I rec'd some interesting info from your Co. on DHEA. Will be ordering this within the next few weeks. Thanx for the informative brochures.

Thank you for your most courteous and timely reply. I had put a 2nd order in per my M.D.'s suggestion, as he said that certain pharmaceuticals sell out quite fast. He has told me that the medication I have ordered will help me to work my job efficiently, give me energy, and perhaps the increased activity will lead to an increased appetite... (l have old woman only 5'4", and on massive doses of Predisone!!) I apologize for my constant questions to you, I just like to investigate every alternative treatment available to me.... Thank you kindly for taking the time to read this long e-mail, and for taking your customer's questions and concerns so seriously. Again, as I have said before, my doctor feels this is the best course of treatment for me. Thank you for your timely replies and your superb customer service!! In Good Health Forever...

Thank you so much for your top-notch customer service. Whenever I e-mail you, you get back to me within 24 hours, and I really appreciate that. Just so you know, an M.D. who truly believes in your products recommended your company to me. As the recommendation came from a doctor, I acted on it. One of the things he had said to me was, "Their customer service is unbeatable, and the products are trust-worthy".

You have been a great help in deal with your company. I have been taken and overcharged by companies in the past and it was all nothing but a tremendous headache. Thank you for putting me at ease.

IAS Ltd. has provided me with superior service. Thanks again.

I would like to commend you on your business practices. When I wrote to you last month regarding missing items in my shipment, I realized that the burden of proof fell on me. I live many thousands of miles from your location and I had no real hope of compelling a foreign company, with whom I had only a brief relationship, to send to me items that I claimed I had not received, on my word alone. Therefore I was pleasantly surprised to find only one week after sending my letter that you had mailed a replacement for the goods in question without my having to worry a moment longer that my money had been misspent with your company. You have earned my trust and loyalty, and I will recommend your services to my friends and relatives without reservation. Such honesty is rare in today's world.

I sincerely thank you for putting up with so much hustle you've dealt with my situation. I am specially thankful for your efforts and what you were able to accomplish with your management. You have regained my faith in good business and fairness even through internet. I hope never to have to go through this again, and I know I will continue to have a good relationship with your company because of you.

Dear IAS, I just wanted to tell you what a great company you are. I have had NO PROBLEMS or botched orders through you guys. I live here in the US and I don't have health insurance, and as you already know, it is impossible to buy medications here in the US without an insurance plan. Simple antibiotics are $80.00 a bottle + a $60.00 doctor visit. I think the service your company provides is something I hope continues for years to come.

Thanks so much for your speedy reply and excellent customer service. I have been very satisfied using your company.

Since I complained a little about my previous order, I need to tell you about this one. THE SERVICES WERE FANTASTIC! The first package arrived 5 days after you had the order and came along after that every few days until this morning when the final package completing the order arrived. I am so happy with the service, Thank you so much.

Dear IAS, I've been meaning to contact you to comment on the vitamin C product I ordered from you a short time ago. It's a fabulous product and I have really noticed a general lift in just about 'everything' since I've been taking it. It gives me 'goose bumps' again!!! Keep up your great work - you are truly a company dedicated to the betterment of mankind! Recently you guys sent me a questionnaire asking me what I thought of your service etc. I would just like to say that I thought the service was excellent in every respect. The package came on time, the goods were for real and not expired etc. It was perfect. Unfortunately the drugs themselves didn't agree with my system, even at low doses. No fault of your own as many things I try give me a bad reaction. But recently I have indeed found the cause of my problem and things that work. So maybe one day in the future I might try the smart drugs again when I feel the need for more brain power and I'll definitely keep your company in mind. Thanks for everything.

Thank you for your expeditious reply. I see that your level of customer service remains impressive to say the least. Keep up the good work! I will be placing one of my regular orders in the near future, and am quite pleased to know that your organization will be handling it! It is unusual in today's world to find an organization with so much customer focus and attention to detail. This is made more unbelievable by the overseas nature of much of your clientele. I look forward to a long customer relationship with your firm. I can't say the same for between 80 and 90 percent of all of the other businesses I deal with in my working capacity daily. Three Cheers for IAS!! I thought I sent one on 9 Dec. That's ok. I will wait for this next order to arrive. Thank you very much for your help over the past few years and best wishes for the new millennium.

Happy New Year and Holidays IAS! I just wanted to thank you for the missing part of the order that I received from you last month. I would have written sooner but had two computers go out on me within the same week. Actually within twenty-four hours of one another!! Will likely be ordering more products soon.

Dear IAS, Thanks so much for the Christmas message from all of you and I appreciate the planning book and pen - just what I needed to help me stay organized this coming year. I hope 2000 is good to all of you, that it is the happiest, most successful and healthiest year yet, with many more to come. God Bless. Yours in Health.

Thank you. As always, your service is the BEST!

Order of 10/25 has arrived. Thanks for your services. We will be dealing with you in the future and telling our friends of your excellent company.

Excellent fast professional service!!! I received my order in less than 2 weeks. And 7 days after my credit card was debited I received my order. An excellent product and excellent service. I simply could not ask for anything more! Thanks. I hope to be doing more business with you very soon.

Gentlemen/Ladies, Once again you are to be commended on the speed of processing orders and also on your courtesy, product quality, and highly communicative spirit. Please keep up the good work!

Hi. Thanks for contacting me about the order. You are correct. My intention was to order Oxiracetam. Keep up the good work. I really appreciate the fact that I can obtain these products. Thanks again.

Thank you, I have received my order, and applaud your company for the timely manner in which it was shipped. I will be looking forward to ordering from your company again. I do have to admit I was a little leery at first but you have convinced me beyond question of the superb service your company does offer and produce, thank you - again.

Wow! That was fast! Got the tabs yesterday! Thanks.

Many thanks for shipping my replacement tube of Esnatri. I received this product in good condition. Your prompt and efficient service is appreciated. I look forward to dealing with IAS again!

I received my order of 4 boxes of 20 tabs each today. This now makes all my orders complete. Again, I want to let you know how much I appreciate your following up on this matter.

Thanks for the prompt response. Much appreciated.

Thank you very much for your assistance!

Please be advised that I received the replacement order for subject order that the customs people had returned. I got the replacement order on 19/20. Thank you very much for your help.

THANK YOU so much for checking out the problem and taking steps to resolve it! I knew it had to be something like you found but I was afraid I would be disregarded as just a complainer or a manipulator. Although I knew little about your firm when I first started ordering, I am now most impressed with the integrity of you and IAS. Thanks again.

Thank you for always confirming my orders. You're the only company that does so the customer does not feel like is dangling out there wondering if the order went through or not. Thank you.

Greetings. Well they made it!! All in one piece & no FDA interference. Thanks again & do let me know when the Deprenyl will be ready to order again.

I appreciate your gracious reply. Thank you and I look forward to receiving your products. Once again thank you for your courteous response.

Just wanted you to know that you have been one of the finest overseas companies I have ever dealt with in regards to the products you sell. I like your catalogue, your follow up emails, letter of confirmation, and finally the meticulously wrapped package that would draw no suspicion. Keep up the good work.

You guys are great!

Many thanks. The product arrived with two days to spare. I look forward to ordering from you again in the near future. Thank you for your excellent service and prompt delivery on the last order. Very pleased.

I just received my order in the mail today. Thanks for responding to all of my correspondence in a timely fashion. It is deeply appreciated!!!

Thank you. I look forward to ordering from you again.

Thank you for your prompt response. Health and Happiness.

Thank you for your fast reply ... I have loved everything I have bought from your company.

Thank you so much for the note. In a time when personal service seems 'so far away', I applaud your efforts.

I am impressed with the speed of your response! Thank you for your help.

Thank you for your rapid reply to my correspondence. I've consistently referred many patients to you from the US and will be glad to continue. Thank you for your continued professionalism.

I have received all packages with what I ordered from you. I have been using the products and am pleased beyond words with the positive results I have already had. I will be ordering again as well as telling others about your service.

I've ordered previously/thought your service was very professional. I'm recommending you to all my patients, and you may use me as a reference. Thank you!

I just sent in a new order, but I forgot to thank you for the excellent service on my prior one. Thanks again.

Thank you for your letter of 1st April 1999 with the notice of refund on double shipping. To be honest, I was giving up this matter, since I had no answer to my complaint by E mail. They don't want to handle such a trifle.... So the letter from you surprised me. Your name has been and is listed at the top as the most reliable trader in Japan. I know the reason this time. Thank you again for your sincerity. And I wish you your further prosperity.

Thank you for the Christmas pens, and most importantly, thank you for being such a terrific company. Your courage and integrity in business are unusual in today's world. Warm wishes to everyone at IAS for a Merry Christmas and Prosperous New Year.

I received my Retin-A today. thank you so much for your interest. I appreciate your concern, and will definitely recommend IAS to my friends.

My last order which I placed with your company was filled swiftly and efficiently. It was a most pleasant experience as I am sure this will be. Thank you for bringing to my attention the varied products and philosophies your company represents.

Thank you for your confirmation. I am very happy with this internet ordering service. It is much more efficient and easier than either telephoning or faxing an order.

First of all I would like to thank you for the quality of your products, as well as the selection, pricing and efficiency of delivery. You people out-do all others and I am truly dedicated to IAS.

I am an established IAS customer, and wish to inquire about purchasing *******. As you know, I am able to import a 3 month quantity for my own personal use, consistent with the US Personal Importation Policy. I have been directed to several Mexican pharmacy suppliers. However, I thought that before I order from one of them, I would inquire if you can, or wish to sell it.I understand that you are not a general pharmacy supplier, but being a loyal IAS customer, I wanted to give you the opportunity before I went elsewhere. I have always been very happy with your discretion, professionalism and service, so of course I thought of you first. I understand that you are not a general pharmacy supplier, but being a loyal IAS customer, I wanted to give you the opportunity before I went elsewhere. I have always been very happy with your discretion, professionalism and service, so of course I thought of you first.

Your organization is fantastic. I appreciate your follow-up, and courteous manner in dealing with issues and high quality products.

....as always in the past, you have remained on top of my list for anti-aging products. You are not at the top of the list - you are the list! (That was my way of saying keep up the good work).

OUTSTANDING! This is the way I like to do business. I very much appreciated your fax acknowledging the receipt of my order; even more appreciated this note of shipment. THANK YOU!

Guys, I have now received all the items ordered from IAS Ltd. Thank you so much. I love your products and so does my tired old body. Sorry to be such a pest in the past. Looking forward to ordering again in the future. Thanks so much for being there.

Thank you for responding to my enquiry so quickly. I did receive my order the day after I had sent the response to your company. Everything was in order and undamaged. Thank you for everything.

I just wanted to write you back one last time (until my next order that is). Thank you so much for letting me know about the status of my order. I guess your e-mail address is the key. I very much like your company and I definitely look forward to doing further business with you. The products are great. I CANNOT BELIEVE some of the memory recalls I'm experiencing. So far I haven't put it to practical use (school, work etc). But I see myself answering things on game shows that I could never answer before. Also, I played my best game of pool ever yesterday. It seems whatever I want to set my concentration on, rides smoother and more correct than it ever has before.

Again, thank you very much.....

I just wanted to commend you on a job well done. I have been an IAS customer for some time now and have placed several orders. I have never had any problems. Your service is impeccable, professional and discreet. Discretion is so important when purchasing products not widely accepted or understood in my country. Additionally in an industry fraught with fraud and misrepresentation, you are outstanding in your business ethics and high quality products. It seems that in our busy world, people usually write letters only to complain when things go wrong. I seek to change that attitude so that people who are exemplary in what they do are pointed out and congratulated. So good show, and keep up the good work! I'm sure I'm far from the only satisfied customer! I look forward to your continued success! Thank you....

Thank you for responding to my last entry. I have not had a chance to look into those other companies for those products but I soon will. So thank you for the leads. OH and I also want to say thanks for the time you give to me both in answering my questions and the special attention to my orders. If it means anything, those are some of the reasons I continue my business with your company. Thank You.

I just received the material I ordered, and although you may have intuited my displeasure at the seemingly INORDINATE amount of time it took to perfect my order, I thank you for your courtesy in dealing with me as a disgruntled customer. My projection is that you are on the distribution side of a long supply line, and that you can do little to assist in resolving the time issues. This may be in error, but given your courtesy, I prefer to think so. The packaging complications apparent in your "stealth packaging" are indicative of the extremes you go to in this area, to maximize the potential of successful receipt. I can see why your shipping charges are as they are. I appreciate the qualities you have expressed in the somewhat stressed customer/client interface.

Thank you for your prompt response. I just received two of the orders. Your service is deserving of my continued patronage. Live long and prosper.

Thank you very much. My supply is running low and my hair thanks you.

Again my thanks and praise for your promptness and efficiency ... there should be more people like you in the world...I await your pricing of XXX. It is amazing to note that some of the companies I have approached have actually managed to sound almost rude in their replies ... You have been both courteous and professional and I admire that in a person. It is nice to know there are people who know how to get a job done.

We are referring many clients to you for L-Tryptophan. We are so happy to have located you through Cognitive Enhancement Research Institute, Menlo Park, California. We work with people trying to escape from drug and alcohol addiction and from eating disorders. Our programs include extensive nutritional supplementation. They are very successful unless we have a client who is very, low in serotonin. We can now suggest that these clients obtain L-Tryptophan to increase their serotonin levels. You are literally saving lives by your work. Some of our clients are suicidal and others are so miserable that their lives are hardly worth living, because of low serotonin levels. The SSRI approach doesn't work for many of them.

Deprenyl arrived today. I spoke to Steven Fowkes at CERI this week and I told him of my excellent experiences with IAS.

Subject: Re: confirmation of order This is to acknowledge the receipt in good condition the order referenced below. Thank you for your quick response and great service. I am very impressed! I will send you all my business and I am telling all my friends about your company. Thanks again

Thank you for your latest catalog and newsletter. All of the information is extremely interesting and helpful. I am returning your questionnaire with this order, but to answer your question, "have I dealt with other pharmacies outside the US?", I can say yes, and had decided that I wouldn't go any further with this procedure. Your company was to be my last try. Needless to say, I was very pleasantly surprised and pleased with your superior service. I don't wish to criticize these companies unfairly, I'm sure they were doing their best, but when I got your response - what a difference! Beautiful colored brochures, a newsletter and lots of information in English! Rest assured yours will be the only company I will deal with in the future. I feel at last I am in touch with someone on a personal basis. Your packaging was expertly done also.

We had a few telephone conversations regarding our first order, and we were pleased with the courteous and efficient manner in which everything was handled. Thank you!

Sirs: Thank you so much! It is always a pleasure to do business with you.

Thanks for your fast replies/confirmations. They build a sense of trust!

Fruitful or not, I really appreciate your efforts on my behalf. Thank you again.

Just a thank you note - Fed EX just delivered package at 9:30AM / Friday. Thank you very much for superior service. I will advise other health minded friends of your company.

Hi! I received my Minoxidil and Retin A with no problem. You guys do a great job for being so far away!!! Hey, thanks for responding quickly to me. And I appreciate the info that you gave on the two books that you sell. I ordered one of the books. On my next order I now know that I want the other book. Also I really appreciate your honesty about ATP compared to Creatine. Its hard o find a source that will give you the facts and not always just try to make the sale.

Thank you for your information. And ...YES! the money I send you is well spent!!

This is all fantastic information, and I thank you sincerely. Please let me dissect and decipher it now. Again, and as always, Thank you sincerely for your ongoing professional and rapid help. It is very very much appreciated.

Please excuse the delay in my getting back - been busier than I can say. There will be more people contacting you such as XXX and XXX. Yes, I suppose you could say that I'm involved in the medical field. I do physiotherapy mostly for potential extension. I have my own company called XXX. We not only do hands on work, but train people in how to use their thinking to be aware of organ function and status, then how to do repair work if necessary. All is based on a field called psychoneuroimmunology (P.N.I.). As someone who accepts both traditional and non-traditional approaches to health, I seek out any and all modalities that keep my clients performing at their best and easiest. Naturally, this includes those things you are able to provide. Most of my clientele are corporate heads or in other equally high powered positions. Now that we know each other a little bit, I will be encouraging those who are interested to check with their physicians then establish their own relationship with you. Great news about the credit card ordering capability. I'm sure this will make your life busier too. Thanks as ever for your quick response. You should be receiving another check and order from me anytime now. With a physician associate, I personally will be trying many of the different substances so that I can speak from direct experience. I'm reluctant to comment on things I do not have direct experience with. Looking forward to a continuing and mutually fulfilling relationship.

Wishing you all a Happy Christmas and Happy New Year. Your business and the products you provide have been an important part of my good health and well being. Thanks again for the good service and quality products.

I would just like to inform you that I received my order yesterday (Friday), less than 2 weeks from the ordering date. I am very pleased with your services and look forward to doing business with you in the future. Thank you.

Thank you! Much obliged! Keep up the excellent service!

That was quick! All received as ordered and very impressed with the discrete packaging. I will certainly use your service again.

Thanks again for your truly outstanding service and large selection of quality products. Your company is highly regarded here in the States.

Thanks once again for your prompt and courteous assistance...

Thank you for your prompt response to my enquiry. In these times of mediocre service, it's refreshing! Herewith my order. I trust to your good offices. Thank you.

Thank you for the prompt response. You guys are way cooler than XXX. Someday I hope you will stock bifemelane/celeport and their other stuff so I can always buy from you guys and not have to deal with those XXX nuts!

Thank you in advance for your assistance. I especially appreciate your attention to the mistake made in my previous order. You corrected the mistake quickly and nicely offered me a $35 credit toward my next order. With service like that I will be a return customer for some time and will recommend your company to others.

Thanks sincerely for your thorough, rapid and attentive response to my initial enquiry re: snail mail (such professionalism is astounding to come across these days). I look forward to ordering from you soon. Again, thank you.

Thanks, you guys are great!

I am a loyal and devoted customer of your company thanks to your efforts. Again, thank you for going beyond the call of duty I will be placing many more orders with IAS

The thyroid article in your latest edition was the best article on thyroid I have read for a long, long time- perhaps ever.