• World’s first and original eye-drop to normalise cataract impairment
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    Normalise Cataract Impairment, Without Surgery  Users and Scientists have reported that Can-C is also great for:Dry eye syndrome Contact lens lubricant Corneal disorders Computer vision syndrome Eye strain Ocular inflammation Blurred vision Presbyopia Retinal diseases Vitreous opacities and lesions Complications of diabetes mellitus and other systemic... Normalise Cataract Impairment,...

  • Lubricant Eye Drops with N-Acetylcarnosine for dogs
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    Lubricant Eye Drops with N-Acetylcarnosine for dogs. These eye drops are based on the original Can-C formula. Lubricant Eye Drops with...

  • Dr. Lippman's anioxidant complete forumla
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    A daily dose of ACF228 unleashes an effective free radical scavenger to help you reduce risk of cancer and combat factors which can hasten the aging process. ACF228 is a blend of ‘scavengers’, which work together to support your body’s natural defences. The formula contains Vitamins B6, B12, and folic acid – mandatory methylation vitamins for any serious... A daily dose of ACF228 unleashes an...

  • A high dose melatonin supplement
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    Melatonin is vital to protect our hormonal system, regulate immunity and repair our body’s cells.It is commonly used by shift workers and also to treat jet lag and age related sleep disorders, but its abilities go far beyond simply its sleep inducing properties.Other benefits:AntioxidantLongevity Age Related Macular Degeneration Melatonin is vital to protect our...

  • contains rapamycin- the very latest senolytic approach to antiaging
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    Rapamycin is a bacterial by-product that was first discovered by the isolation of soil samples taken from Easter Island; it founded the term mTOR (mammalian target of rapamycin) and as a protein kinase it assists the control of cell growth, proliferation, and survival, (i.e. it is an mTOR inhibitor). High doses have had clinical use in the treatment of... Rapamycin is a bacterial by-product...

  • Dasatinib is approved as a cancer medication, but recent attention has been focused on its ability to act as a senolytic; that is an agent that can remove ‘dead’ (senescent) cells within the body by inducing a process known as autophagy.  There is no doubt that dasatinib represents the cutting-edge in anti-aging medicine, perhaps even experimental in some... Dasatinib is approved as a cancer...

  • Great value metformin tablets
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    Reduce Cholesterol And Blood Sugar Levels With Metformin The diabetes treatment reduces blood sugar levels, improving the body’s use of insulin. Reduces the amount of glucose produced by our livers and the amount absorbed through the stomach. Prevents low-density lipoproteins or ‘bad cholesterol’ from attaching to arteries and blood platelets.Don't... Reduce Cholesterol And Blood Sugar...

  • Dr. Pierpaoli’s unique melatonin supplement
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    Melatonin is vital to protect our hormonal system, regulate immunity and repair our body’s cells. It is commonly used by shift workers and also to treat jet lag and age related sleep disorders, but its abilities go far beyond simply its sleep inducing properties. Other benefits: Antioxidant Longevity  Age Related Maccular Degeneration Melatonin is vital to protect our...

  • The world’s first clinical proven supplement to extend telomeres
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    For a body to stay healthy, it is important to maintain telomere length. Having short telomeres can accelerate the natural aging process on a cellular level. TA-65® is a patented, all natural, plant-based compound which can help maintain or rebuild telomeres, that diminish as people get older. For a body to stay healthy, it is...

  • Beat jet lag, fatigue and insomnia
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    Epitalon is a synthetic vegan friendly version of the Endoluten pineal bioregulator. The short peptide Epitalon acts as an epigenetic switch to promote protein synthesis in the pineal gland. It contains amino acids that re-align the internal body clock and produces the correct amount of natural melatonin, the internal clock is now regarded as a key... Epitalon is a synthetic vegan...

  • The world’s most popular chelation supplement
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    A potent chelating agent that supports the removal of heavy metals and harmful mineral deposits from the body’s tissues and organs. EDTA Pro also includes malic acid, commonly found in fruit, which plays a vital role in energy production through the metabolic cycle, as well as garlic, a natural antioxidant and immunity booster. A potent chelating agent that...

  • known potent chelator of mercury and lead
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    DMSA-Pro contains DMSA; a known potent chelator of mercury and lead. Regular use of DMSA-Pro can help to lower your body burdens of mercury by enabling you to excrete safely and naurally the toxic metals that enter our bodies by some of the most unexpected sources ie. dental fillings, birth control pills, contact lense solution and some vaccinations... DMSA-Pro contains DMSA; a known...

  • Improves the ADRENAL gland performance
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    Improves the ADRENAL gland performance which produces cortisol, adrenaline and noradrenaline hormones. In turn this help to improve stress reaction, reduce apathy and improve control of the body’s metabolism. The Adrenal Bioregulator also helps support the endocrine system in elderly people. Improves the ADRENAL gland...

  • Helps to improve the LUNG function
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    Helps to improve the LUNG function by having a regulatory effect on the bronchial mucosa so normalising their metabolism and enhancing their functional performance. Ideal for patients with bronchial conditions such as chronic bronchitis, bronchial asthma and pulmonary disease. It may also be used in recovery from a chronic cardiac failure in conjunction... Helps to improve the LUNG function by...

  • Helps to regulate the PARATHYROID
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    Acts as a gene switch helping to regulate the activity of the PARATHYROID and production of calcium in the blood and bones. Treats both hyperparathyroidism and hypoparathyroidism as well as those suffering from osteoporosis and poor vitamin D absorption. Also helps to reduce bone demineralisation, urolithiasis disease, muscle cramps and to improve immunity. Acts as a gene switch helping to...

  • Helps to regulate the function of the PINEAL
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    For the PINEAL gland, has been shown to regulate the body’s neuroendocrine, immune and cardiovascular systems as well as improving melatonin levels and sleep patterns. It has also been shown to lengthen telomere’s and improve the overall health of the pineal gland. May be used with the Thymus, Retina, Central Nervous system and Adrenal Bioregulators. For the PINEAL gland, has been shown...

  • Helps to regulate the function of the THYROID
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    As a bioregulator for the THYROID, Testoluten has been shown to help treat both hyperthyroidism  and hypothyroidism. Also a poorly performing thyroid gland can lead to autoimmune thyroiditis. May be combined with the Blood Vessel Bioregulator. As a bioregulator for the THYROID,...

  • High Dose Carnosine
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    LacticPro™ Dietry Supplement has been carefully formulated to reduce lactic acid accumulation within your body. Our body creates lactic acid naturally, but problems can arise when the lactic acid is produced at a higher rate then your body can process; creating what is called lactic acidosis. This can happen especially during high intensity workouts where... LacticPro™ Dietry Supplement has been...

  • A combination of natural ingredients to help the body excrete estradiol
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    DIM Pro 3 effectively restores the body’s equilibrium as a powerful estrogen detoxifier. Protects against a modern phenomenon: increasing levels of estrogen in the world, leaking into the food chain from the likes of contraceptives, plastics, pesticides and today’s manufacturing processes. DIM Pro 3 effectively restores the...

  • Aids balance and hearing
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    Aldosterone is a hormone known to regulate essential salts and blood pressure in the body. Aldosterone secretion may also hold the key to loss of hearing.  Aldosterone’s important role in maintaining the body’s delicate balance of water and essential salts impacts our blood pressure health. As a treatment for hearing loss, Aldosterone also offers a viable... Aldosterone is a hormone known to...

  • Enhances memory recall speed, as recommended by Professor Zs.-Nagy
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    Centrophenoxine is a Nootropic or smart drug used to treat senile dementia particularly Alzheimer’s disease, memory problems and cognitive decline, although it also has many other therapeutic benefits. It has been proven to increase brain power in older people, improve longevity and create an overall sense of mental alertness. Centrophenoxine is a Nootropic or...

  • Enhances dopamine and improves focus and attention
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    Deprenyl HCL - The Versatile Antiaging Smart Drug By protecting dopamine levels in the brain, Deprenyl is a cognitive enhancing smart drug that works to improve brain function, facilitate faster cognitive actions and improve concentration.  HCL - Hydrochloride Deprenyl HCL - The Versatile...

  • Dr. Wright’s natural triple estrogen cream
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    Replace Your Vital Hormones Naturally. Esnatri is our triple estrogen cream, which women can use every day, confident they have chosen the best homeopathic estrogen cream available. Esnatri has none of the side effects associated with traditional treatments. These hormones are BHRT hormones, usually from plants like soya and yam.  Their structure is... Replace Your Vital Hormones...

  • An anti-inflammatory hormone
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    Often described as the mother of all hormones, naturally occurring pregnenolone acts to improve memory and combat depression - and has powerful anti-inflammatory arthritis pain relieving properties. In addition to stress and depression, pregnenolone supplementation also entered the antiaging arena to address mental decline and memory loss, and act as a... Often described as the mother of all...

  • Natural progesterone cream at potent 5% strength
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    Progesterone Hormone Therapy Cream is the natural way to boost levels of the vital hormone and alleviate the side effects of HRT. Vitally, it’s shown to be highly effective in preventing and treating osteoporosis in postmenopausal women. Progesterone greatly improves the quality of life of those who have experienced the menopause and the many side effects... Progesterone Hormone Therapy Cream is...

  • Sermorelin - Stimulates the body to produce it’s own HGH
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    5ml 500IU nasal spray

    Sermorelin Gives You All the Advantages of HGH Without the Risks Using Sermorelin gives the aging individual all the benefits of increased HGH levels such as reduced subcutaneous fat, increased muscle mass and increased stamina, but is simple to use and has none of the negative effects of simply supplementing with human growth hormone. Sermorelin Gives You All the...

  • The world’s first thyrotropin releasing hormone in sublingual Lozenge
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    The Natural Way To Increase Metabolism And Promote Weight Loss TRH’s helps the thyroid gland produce thyrotropin.  This TRH supplement raises the efficiency in how our bodies process glucose (a function which naturally deteriorates with age) and by doing so, we can increase metabolism speed by increasing our metabolism - the Thyroid Releasing hormone... The Natural Way To Increase...

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