Use Immuni-T3 to fight infection without antibiotics

Immuni-T3, the world's most comprehensive immune support product, has now been made even more effective.

Immuni-T3 has always been much more than a dietary supplement. It is unique, providing over 12 active ingredients in a single convenient product to enhance immune system functioning.

It is a mushroom and olive leaf extract with oil of oregano – and it now incorporates two additional mushrooms (following research obtained at the same research centre used by the National Cancer Institute). The new and improved Immuni-T3 has transfer factor levels increased from 2mg to 20mg – a 1000% increase.

This has resulted in enhanced levels of Arabinozylan, eliminating the need for over priced, single ingredient products like MGN-3.

It also includes 80mg of the best Aloe Vera, 200mg of Astragalus, 100mg of liquorice root, as well as zinc, and a unique supernatant from cultures of Bifidus based on the Ayurvedic natural antibiotic concept of NEEM.

This all-natural approach presents a non-antibiotic way to prevent infection. If you have any serious health imbalance, you cannot afford to be without the combined immune stimulating benefits of Immuni-T3.


1 or 2 capsules three times a day.



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