Melatonin – The Key of Life E-Book, By Walter Pierpaoli, MD PhD

The reversal of aging with melatonin

Melatonin – the key of life by Walter Pierpaoli, M.D., Ph.D.
The reversal of aging with melatonin.

This book is a comprehensive guide to melatonin and how it assists both health
and aging in the human body. It consciously documents decades of research by
Walter Pierpaoli, MD and his research team, from the original animal research,
onto the clinical results and into individual patient outcomes.

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Product Description

If you thought you already knew everything about melatonin then think again! This book describes its many various beneficial results. Way beyond ‘mere’ sleep and jet lag improvement, its proven benefits include the reversal of both dry and wet macular degeneration, reintroduction of fertility and the enhancement of the immune system- thus it also details its relevant protective roles against many degenerative diseases, including cancer.

Written in a way that everyone can understand by the world’s greatest melatonin researcher and physician, Walter Pierpaoli, MD, this practical book also describes the typical doses and
timings of melatonin- to get the very best results from it. It also discusses possible side-effects and contraindications and how the patient can mimic the night-peak of melatonin to ensure that their hormonal cyclicity and immunity is maintained at its best condition.

Melatonin is considered by many in the antiaging fraternity as the ‘aspirin’ for the prevention and alleviation of many, age-related disorders. Here, in Dr. Pierpaoli’s very latest update melatonin; the key of life, you will discover an essential guide for anyone considering melatonin supplementation.

Download the Free E-Book here: Melatonin-TheKeyOfLife-Ebook


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