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Though nobody would want to admit it, we all have bad breath sometimes. Whether caused by that onion you had at lunch, the whiskey you had the night before, or even a sore throat and dry mouth, it can be unpleasant and embarrassing problem to treat. Cleaning and flossing is great for the mornings and evenings, but what about at work or when you’re out of the house?

Min-Mouth™ mouth rinse is an easy way to keep your mouth sparkling clean wherever you are. A gentle mouthwash that cleans as it freshens; it’s formulated from colloidal silver, peppermint essential oil, stevia, xylitol, and a blend of 72 naturally occurring ionic trace minerals.

Our mouth rinse’s unique, proprietary blend has been designed to neutralise the acids within your mouth, fighting the source of bad breath and preventing the growth of odour producing bacteria. Best of all, it’s non-GMO, gluten, allergen, and alcohol free, and vegan friendly, so you can feel the confidence that comes with fresh breath without any guilt.

What causes bad breath?

While there are a number of causes for bad breath, some more serious than others, the most common is simply bacteria building up within the mouth. Think of your breath when you wake up. Not always the best is it? That’s because when you sleep, your mouth produces less saliva and dries out, giving bacteria time to reproduce. It’s not until that you have breakfast and brush your teeth that your salivary glands kick back into action. The same thing is happening in your mouth all day, just much more slowly.

After you eat, the bacteria in your mouth break down any food trapped in and around your teeth, and as a by-product, release odorous gases which make your breath smell. Min-Mouth™  mouth rinse not only helps wash leftover food from your teeth and gums, removing the bacteria’s source of food, but also neutralise acids in the mouth, meaning bacteria are less able grow at all.

One of the unique additions to Min-Mouth™ is colloidal silver, a universal and natural antiseptic. So Min-Mouth™ is active through both its minerals and its silver, yet tastes good thanks to the use of natural stevia, xylitol and peppermint oil.

Alcohol isn’t the answer!

Many mouthwashes contain alcohol, which might sound like a great way to burn the bacteria out of your mouth, but that research indicates that such products may cause more harm than good.

A 2007 study conducted in Latin America and Central Europe, though inconclusive, found a potential causal link between alcoholic mouthwash use and incidence of mouth cancer, and researchers have warned that this increase in prevalence may be much greater for smokers. 

While alcohol-based mouthwashes may provide a “bite” that feels cleaner, they also:

  • irritate mouth ulcers
  • indiscriminately kill good bacteria along with the bad
  • weaken your teeth and gums to be more vulnerable to acid and bacteria attack

Alcohol dries the mouth, draining moisture from the tissues and slowing down saliva production, leaving limited fluid to flush away germs, and possibly even making bad breath worse. Perhaps most worryingly, alcohol is not added to mouthwash because of its antibacterial effects — rather, it functions as a carrier agent for other ingredients such as menthol and eucalyptol.

Discover the cleaning power of minerals

Unlike alcohol-based mouthwashes, Min-Mouth™ is gentle on your mouth. It soothes and refreshes, rather than painfully searing, and while you might not feel the burn of an alcohol-based mouthwash, you’ll certainly feel the crisp, clear breath that comes from a mineral-cleaned mouth.

Because Min-Mouth™ designed to neutralise harmful acids and promote the growth of good bacteria, treating the cause of bad breath rather than its symptoms, it won’t damage the delicate tissues of your mouth, or cause irritation and dryness.

Min-Mouth™ is a comprehensive solution for one of life’s more embarrassing inconveniences — so throw away that unpleasant alcohol-based mouthwash and choose an oral hygiene solution that won’t leave a bad taste in your mouth.

Min-Mouth™ can be used just like any regular mouthwash.


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