Cell Energy rejuvenates damaged skin

Energy cream has been renamed to Cell Energy to better reflect its unique skin care attributes that boost cell activity to produce healthy, fresh-looking skin. 

Cell Energy cream has an outstanding restorative, stabilizing and skin smoothing effect. It calms irritated skin prone to inflammation and improves the epidermis with its soft peeling action. It eliminates impure spots, comedones and oily acne skin, leaving a natural moisture and velvety softness.

This hypoallergenic cream is free of preservatives, colors and fragrances, making it suitable for sensitive skin and allergy sufferers.

Cell Energy cream is the result of more than 10-years dermatological research in Germany and a remarkable innovation in skin care. It encourages the cellular renewal and an increase in young cells. In so doing Cell Energy cream revitalizes the microcirculation and promotes skin metabolism due to its ATP precursors, smoothing and cleaning the epidermis through a gentle exfoliating process (biological peeling).

The figure shows the effect of Cell Energy’s repair complex on a patient before, (left) and after several weeks of use (right). Impurities have been eliminated, the oily acned skin has been removed and the wound healing has been accelerated.

Cell Energy boosts cell activity and the growth of young cells. After 3 weeks of regular use impurities are eliminated and wrinkles are diminished. Cell Energy cream is therefore recommended:

  • For women and men of all ages and all skin types
  • As a beauty product for sensitive, flaky, dry, fatty or acned skin
  • For all over permanent care (face, neck, throat and hands)
  • For damaged skin (such as burns and cuts) as it accelerates the wound repair process
  • For immediate itching relief after mosquito bites
  • After sports, bathing and sun exposure
  • For protection against pollution and cold
  • As a man's aftershave
  • For long-term post therapy skin care in chronic dermatological conditions such as eczema, psoriasis or acne.

Apply the cream morning and evening on clean skin. A few minutes after penetration into the skin you may feel the energy transfer reaction as a sensation of warmth associated with a rosy and natural glow of younger appearance.

If your skin is also suffering from inflammation, particularly puffiness and discoloration around the eyes, then we recommend combination with Energo skin cream. In addition, this entire unique range of skin care products can be moisturized with Slim and Shape lotion.


What our customers say...

After 3 weeks of regular use, the skin takes on a fresher healthier look, impurities are eliminated and wrinkles are diminishing.
John Ionescu, Germany.


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What our customers say

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