Synergistic Programs – SEX / LIBIDO

Written by DEAN, M.D., Ward

Stage 1:

    • Longevity Maca capsules: Three to six capsules daily. Maca has been noted as a natural herb that can act as a libido enhancer; perhaps it is because it is considered to be a potent adaptogen- an agent that can rebalance hormone levels.
    • Deprenyl: 3mg to 5mg 15-30 minutes before sex. As a dopamine stimulant deprenyl enhances the state of arousal for both sexes.

Stage 2:

    • Erectile dysfunction drugs: Viagra, Cialis and Levitra are the 3 major, recognised and approved drugs for the treatment of male impotence that also enable erections to be maintained for longer (please see their individual hyperlinks for further details). A natural alternative is Yohimbine tablets: One or two tablets 15-30 minutes before sex. For the treatment of male impotence 5mg 3 times daily (yohimbine improves erective condition and increases the amount and force of ejaculate).
    • Cabergoline tablets: Whilst cabergoline also increases dopamine and has been cited as a libido enhancing agent, it is also a potent inhibitor of prolactin. Recently it has been discovered that prolactin is released immediately after an ejaculation. Individuals who have taken a tablet of cabergoline 60-minutes before sex have reported enhanced as well as multiple orgasms and stronger ejaculations.