How to enhance your sex life

Written by LIPPMAN, Ph.D., Richard

“The problem of sex as a senior is not getting it up but getting it down again!”

— Comedian Alan Thicke

Mrs. G. schedules regular appointments at my office in Sweden. She sought me out to help with vaginal dryness, a typical perimenopausal condition easily remedied in Sweden with over-the-counter estriol cream. During today’s visit, she also complained of a decline in sexual interest between her and her husband. She also sought my advice about dealing with her increasingly flabby arms, especially the flab under her triceps. She and her husband were surprised when I said that both problems had the same causes: declining hormones, poor diet, and lack of exercise. They asked me if I knew of a quick fix. I could only suggest that people such as Madonna and Michelle Obama managed to keep thin, firm arms and, presumably, active sex lives by using simple remedies that anyone can manage with a little willpower.

Diet and exercise are critical

Poor diet, for example, is easily remedied by switching to most Asian foods and avoiding fast-food restaurants like the plague. My favorites are spicy Thai food or salmon sashimi soaked in soy sauce and wasabi and wrapped with sliced sweet ginger. Add a delicious salad with virgin olive oil and sea salt.

Second, my favorite exercises include swimming, playing tennis, and taking one-hour walks twice daily with my two rambunctious terriers. For women to tone their triceps, I recommend regular push-ups in their kitchens or offices against countertops or desks. A key to healthy aging and a robust sex life is moderate exercise and avoiding fast-food restaurants and those that serve farm-hand portions. Moderate daily activity helps to manage weight, reduce stress, increase energy, boost the immune system, lower blood pressure and cholesterol, and enhance one’s sex life. Happy and healthy people realize that there is a close relationship between exercise, sex, and weight reduction. (Please observe the overweight people standing in line at a fast-food restaurant and know that they probably have a less-than-average sex life!)

Supplements support a more active sex life

I recommend the nutrient and amino acid arginine (Nitric-Pro™, Clavin-Ultra® and Neo40®) for enhancing sexual pleasure. Arginine increases the metabolism of the Krebs cycle, especially effective in the outer skin layers. For this reason, it firms the body’s skin and eliminates some cellulite, a problem that often remains unresolved despite dieting or exercising. Since arginine increases skin metabolism, taking 500 mg when sexually active causes increased lustfulness and sensuality in women, especially if combined with 4 to 7 mg daily of bio-identical testosterone cream applied to the labia. Also, increased blood flow to the labia is achieved by consuming one of the drugs that many men take: those three black rock stars, Levitra®, Cialis® and, Viagra®!

However, a completely natural alternative to these rock stars is the bio-identical hormone oxytocin. Oxytocin has been successfully used by women since 1912 for help with contracting the vagina and lactation. But only recently have researchers discovered that approximately 10 units of oxytocin taken sublingually will enhance the sex lives of women and men. Oxytocin has side benefits, such as encouraging people to become more sociable and willingly bond with others. Oxytocin is the hormone believed to be responsible for the highly developed bonding instincts among dogs and between dogs and humans. (Note: the frugal man’s alternative to oxytocin is 2 grams daily of yohimbine.)

The above remedies will be most effective if you correct imbalances in the major hormones, such as estrogen, testosterone, growth hormone, cortisol, and thyroid. Elevated hormone levels explain why some young people can lie around and gorge on fast food yet remain relatively slim and trim—and free of cancer. This is not the case when one advances to middle age, when hormones diminish rapidly.

Most people seek help with their hormone levels by visiting their traditional doctor. Unfortunately, most physicians are not trained in the current methods of hormone-level correction. Many physicians will have ‘trained’ by attending one or two medical meetings and subsequently hanging an extra shingle on their door with the words ‘antiaging specialist.’ Believe me, hormone therapy and cutting-edge endocrinology are complex subjects equivalent to rocket science and require years of study.

True health care, not just sick care

My medical colleagues often call Medicare “mediocre care” due to its inadequacies. To counteract these inadequacies, I suggest that everyone read my book Stay 40 and find a knowledgeable and agreeable antiaging doctor in the Yellow Pages. These doctors are highly trained to recognize signs and symptoms of aging and apply various special nutrients and bio-identical hormones. Second, these unique doctors will insist upon a complete health evaluation that includes blood and urine testing. Blood and urine testing results are matched with signs and symptoms of aging in order to arrive at the best course of action for turning back the hands of time. These specialist doctors are truly unusual in that they seek to find the underlying causes of the problems associated with aging and work to develop solutions. This is true heath care and not the commonly practiced sick care or mediocre care—a huge difference.

Eventually, when you become sufficiently educated, you will be equipped to tackle many of the problems of aging and sexual dysfunction in a do-it-yourself fashion. For example, knowledgeable do-it-yourself-ers such as Suzanne Somers often consume daily at least 30 supplements and a half-dozen bio-identical hormones.

Bio-identical hormones: The fuel for a happy and healthy sex life

For Women

Bio-identical hormones are the only practical way to avoid stroke, blood clots, and cancer and to enhance one’s sex life. Women can achieve enhanced sex lives with a few simple bio-identical hormones as well as better diet and exercise. For example, as mentioned previously, I strongly recommend that all women over 50 apply daily 4 to 7 mg of bio-identical testosterone cream to their forearms or labia. Combining this daily regimen with tennis, swimming, or push-ups on a desk or counter top will reduce flabby arms and increase libido. I also strongly recommend daily use of other anabolic hormones such as DHEA, estradiol, IGF-1, growth hormone, and MSH (melanocyte-stimulating hormone) and pineal gland proteins. These anabolics work together to firm muscles and tighten skin. They also combat sarcopenia (muscle wasting), which is seen in many over the age of 50. Without supplementing their natural hormones with these wonderful anabolics, the average person will lose half their muscle mass by age 70. Indeed, due to sarcopenia, half of all 70-year-old men cannot rise from their chairs without using their arms for leverage.

Anabolics are the key

Women, as well as men, have high levels of these anabolics before the age of 40. After 40, it’s all downhill since Mother Nature is out to destroy our bodies by limiting our hormones and nutrients. Correcting our hormones will trump Mother Nature’s rampage that often starts in middle age. Secondary results are our muscles turning to flab, our brains weakening, and our sex lives diminishing. If you doubt this statement, please see:

By rigorously exercising their buttocks, these women attained an average of 2 inches butt lift, especially on the lower area of the buttocks called the minimus, but only when they were under 40 years of age. In the before-and-after videos of women over 40, the participants lost significant weight through heavy exercise, but achieved no apparent butt lift. Thus, it’s clear that butt lift and firming of the genital and lower abdomen areas require correction with anabolic hormones in all those of middle age or older.

Not shown or described in these revealing videos are the side benefits of firmer and tighter genitalia and consequent natural sexual enhancement. All of these benefits can be enjoyed when one applies proper exercise and diet along with proper correction with anabolic hormones.

Often, I recommend that women start on my favorite correction cream for women, Esnatri®. It contains bio-identical triple estrogens close to a woman’s natural ratios of 90% estriol, 7% estradiol, and 3% estrone. A 90% estriol mixture is employed since this remarkable estrogen has definite anticancer properties. This is also true for a good progesterone cream called Progesterone-Pro™. Natural progesterone avoids hyperplasia (cell growth) of ovarian, breast, and prostate tissues. It also avoids brain damage in those who have suffered brain trauma. On the other hand, synthetic progesterone (the progestins) blocks the receptor sites for natural progesterone, and thus prevents progesterone’s benefits.

Progesterone-Pro™ and Esnatri™ also help to block the carcinogens that plague some women, namely the 4 and 16 alpha hydroxyestrones. A third cancer-blocking estrogen called 2-methoxy estradiol will soon be made available to physicians by the FDA. Interestingly, this blocking estrogen is an all-natural estrogen that the drug industry has managed to patent and utilize on patients with a history of cancer.

For Men

In the classic movie ‘Grumpy Old Men,’ Walter Matthau and Jack Lemmon are fondly portrayed as men who lost their testosterone and became grumpy. Grumpiness, as well as sexual dysfunction and cardiovascular diseases, can be significantly avoided by daily application of bio-identical testosterone (T) cream. I suggest that most men over 50 take 50 to 75 mg daily of bio-identical T applied to the hairless areas of the shoulders or buttocks. Men should combine this with DIM or low-dose Arimidex® depending upon the level in their blood of the essential female hormone estradiol.

The amount of ejaculate can be increased by consuming daily 50 mg of zinc combined with 100 micrograms of selenium. This course of treatment will revitalize your libido and put lead in your pencil, men! At the other extreme, men should avoid loss of ejaculate and libido by refusing Proscar® (finasteride). Instead, men should use daily the bio-identical equivalent of finasteride, namely natural progesterone (Progesterone-Pro™). In a 2004 article of the New England Journal of Medicine, men increased their risk for aggressive prostate cancer by taking finasteride and other synthetic derivatives of progesterone. 30 mg of natural bio-identical progesterone applied perianally at bedtime prevents cancer, promotes a healthy prostate, and results in low PSA scores during annual physicals.

If one experiences symptoms of frequent urination (dysuria and nocturia), I also recommend using desmopressin (Minirin®) twice daily. Minirin® is a near-natural replacement for vasopressin, which often is deficient in aging males and females. A completely natural hormone complement of vasopressin is oxytocin, both of which are produced by the same brain cells in the hypothalamus.

Vasopressin, oxytocin, and deprenyl have some similar aphrodisiac effects that help improve sexual function and desire. I advise 3 mg daily of deprenyl.


Obviously, many natural remedies exist beyond the heavily advertised Viagra®, Cialis®, and Levitra®. I strongly recommend these more natural remedies combined with proper diet and exercise.