Chew away the toxins with our unique EZ Defense Gum

If you have amalgams then mercury vapor is released every time you chew. To help trap the mercury in your mouth before it becomes a problem chew one of our unique EZ Defense Gums after each snack or meal.

EZ Defense GumEZ Defense Detox Gum is a great tasting, chewable and highly effective way to remove toxins from the body.

This is an easy way to detox for anyone that has a hard time swallowing pills. Also, as most of us now find we have considerable amount of metal dental work, EZ Defense Gum can help to remove heavy metals from the gums and saliva when chewed after every meal.

Originally developed to increase energy and promote healthy oral tissue, EZ Defense Gum’s action will enhance the effects of any treatment for virtually any health problem by removing damaging toxins.


1 or 2 gums after every meal, once the flavor has dissipated, discard the gum, (do not swallow as this will carry the chelated metals into your stomach). EZ Defense Gum can also be used with Essential Daily Defense and Beyond Chelation Improved to increase detoxification effects.



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