4MU 4-methylumbelliferone (4MUPro™)

A potential breakthrough for prostate disorders

4MU (4-methylumbelliferone) is a drug otherwise known as Hymecromone. It has quietly been offered in parts of Europe for many years; however it is recent research that has ‘rediscovered’ 4MU (4-methylumbelliferone) and now it looks set to become a very exciting ‘new’ supplement in the battle against men’s prostate problems.

Technically, to-date, 4MU (4-methylumbelliferone) has been approved as a choleretic agent, it is one that improves/ detoxes via the liver and it acts as an anti-spasmodic, improving bile release and alleviating digestive pain.


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4MU (4-methylumbelliferone)

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In addition to the uses above, 4MU (4-methylumbelliferone) also acts as an inhibitor of hyaluronan; it is surmised that it is this action, (although there may be others) that has shown it to be highly effective in assisting in all kinds of prostate issues, including (at least in animals) success in the treatment and prevention of prostate cancer itself.

Recent mice studies (1) have shown that when 4MU (4-methylumbelliferone) was administered at doses of between 200 mg and 450 mg per Kg bodyweight daily, that it helped mice, some of which had stage-IV prostate cancer, control the development of this advanced state and also stopped the metastasis of the disease to other tissues. Key trigger events/ improvements were noted at 12-28 weeks of treatment.

What’s more the researchers noted that the mice showed no signs of toxicity and that even at these high doses of 4MU (4-methylumbelliferone) remained non-toxic.

Prostate conditions

The prostate is a walnut-sized gland found only in men. The prostate grows naturally with age, usually without issues. For some men, however, the enlarged prostate compresses the urethra, thus making urination difficult and can go on to cause benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH).

3d renderings of male reproductive system

Men who develop prostate conditions know all too well how uncomfortable it can be. The enlargement of the prostate can lead not only to painful urination, difficulty sleeping (because of night trips to urinate), but also to erectile dysfunction and even cancer.

It has been estimated that over the age of 50 a man has a 50% chance of developing some degree of BPH and that its incidence rises to 80% for those over the age of 80.

It is therefore clear that something like 4MU (4-methylumbelliferone) could offer hope to millions of men, to help prevent, slow and perhaps even reverse numerous prostate issues.


Human trials are ongoing to understand better the role of 4MU (4-methylumbelliferone) in various prostate conditions and to evaluate the dose that is most effective etc. IAS will report back on this in due course, including those from leading physicians and the results of the treatment of their patients.


4MUPro™ has the highest potency; indeed we believe these are the largest dose tablets currently available at 1 gram each. In general terms, to help to ‘shrink’ the prostate and ‘improve’ PSA levels, the current recommendation is one 4MUPro™ tablet (1000 mg) three times daily. These doses are open to amendment under the close personal supervision of your physician.


It is not recommended to use 4MU (4-methylumbelliferone)/4MUPro™ tablets if you have gall stones.


  1.        Dr. Yates et al, 4MU is an effective chemoprotective and therapeutic agent for prostate cancer. J. Nat Cancer Inst., 2015 April 13 (107).


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