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  • Nitric-Pro3

    Indeed IAS’ own experiments with Nitric-Pro3 have confirmed that 1 sachet of Nitric-Pro3 can significantly lower the stiffness index of arteries within an hour! There is no doubt that the ingredients and dosages provided in one sachet of Nitric-Pro3 can provide significant relief fast, especially important for those in a risk group for a cardiovascular or stroke event.

    The combination of ingredients in Nitric-Pro3 and the potent doses provided by the powder is thus provided in an easy to consume drink. This means that Nitric-Pro3 is one of the best products available on the market to enhance and deliver a very significant nitric oxide release.

    Uses and benefits

    Using Nitric-Pro3 regularly can benefit you in numerous ways; these include:

    • The ability to help lower and normalize high-blood pressure conditions.
    • Softening arteries and reducing the risk of a cardiovascular event.
    • Lowering serum levels of cholesterol and preventing LDL- the bad cholesterol from oxidizing.
    • Improving blood flow by acting as an anticoagulant, thus preventing blood platelets from clumping together and helping to protect against stroke conditions.
    • Improving blood supply to the penis and thereby increasing an erection’s strength and duration, (note that erectile dysfunction drugs such as Viagra operate by also improving the release of nitric oxide, albeit by another mechanism).
    • It has even been suggested that more nitric oxide in the bloodstream can also improve hair quality and growth rate, since nitric oxide stimulates more blood flow and nutrition to be hair follicles, (again this is the same trigger for the famous hair restorer minoxidil).
    • Reducing the risk of deep vein thrombosis (DVT), hence reducing the health problems associated with flying.

    In addition, we’d like to point out that according to the book; the arginine solution by Drs. Fried, Thornton and Merrell that additional benefits may also include:

    • Helping to regulate insulin secretion by the pancreas, thereby reducing the risk of diabetes.
    • Assisting the lung airways, allowing for easier breathing and aiding common lung disorders.
    • Relaxing the “hypertonic” sphincter muscles, helping to heal haemorrhoids and anal fissures.
    • Stimulating the release of human growth hormone, a key to improving body composition by boosting lean muscle mass and bone density, whilst reducing fat tissue.


    If you suffer from thrombocytopenia (a lack of blood platelets) or hypotension (very low blood pressure) or are taking potent medical blood thinners such as warfarin, you must consult with your physician before ingesting Nitric-Pro3.


    Nitric-Pro3 is a powder; it is prepared by mixing one sachet into water.


    • For general protection and enhancement purposes, one sachet of Nitric-Pro3 can be taken daily, preferably in the morning.
    • For those concerned with high blood pressure or a cardiovascular or stroke event, 1 sachet of Nitric-Pro3 can be taken 2 or 3 times daily (ideally with each meal).
    • For those who want protection from DVT, 1 sachet of Nitric-Pro3 can be taken 1-hour prior to the flight. If the flying time is more than 8-hours, we recommend consuming another dose whilst on the flight.
    • For those who want to spice up their love life, a sachet of Nitric-Pro3 may be consumed an hour before sex.
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    BoostPro delivers numerous health benefits associated with high dose vitamin c without the side effects that once prevented taking such a large amount. By taking vitamin C in this form, you finally have an effective way to help your body recover from many serious problems in such a way that was previously only achievable through painful injections.... BoostPro delivers numerous health...

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  • Boost Nitric Oxide Levels and Support Cardiovascular Health
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    30 x 10g Sachets

    Nitric-Pro4 has been designed to elicit a strong release of nitric oxide within the body. Nitric oxide is a natural molecule that plays many important roles inside the body, indeed it was voted molecule of the year in 1992! The body’s natural source to produce nitric oxide is from arginine and oxygen, this is why each sachet of Nitric-Pro3 contains 4750... Nitric-Pro4 has been designed to...

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