Diet Pro helps you fight the battle of the bulge

Diet Pro is a weight loss supplement that combats a prime source of fat-gain: carbohydrates. Not only are the negative effects of carbohydrates documented in globally recognised diets like the Atkins diet but as we age, an increasingly common condition facing us is the onset of Syndrome X.

Just as millions of people take on the seemingly uphill struggle of dieting every day, so too are millions of people diagnosed with Syndrome X. In fact it’s estimated that 1 in 4 people in the US suffer from it. Weight loss supplements like the various diets that come to our attention can have a positive effect, but if you’ve tried again and again without any real success; then you may have Syndrome X.

The carbohydrates in our everyday diets; grains; starches and sugars – trigger an insulin increase. The raised insulin level can lead to weight gain, an increased risk of heart disease, and adult onset diabetes (Type 2 diabetes).

By lessening the speed at which the body absorbs carbohydrates, Diet Pro can help avoid weight gain and avoid Syndrome X.

What is Syndrome X?

More of a combination of conditions than one over-arching medical disorder, Syndrome X has a number of different names, most commonly: metabolic syndrome, Reaven’s syndrome (after the Stanford doctor that identified the condition), and insulin resistance syndrome. Whatever name it goes by, the main symptom is not being able to effectively shift weight – which has many health implications. Traditional weight loss supplements don’t target this serious condition and Diet Pro tackles the problem by addressing insulin production.

The main causes can be linked to being overweight; being stressed; sedentary lifestyles or naturally having a degree of insulin resistance – whereby our body’s insulin is less effective at lowering blood sugars.

It happens to be more prevalent as we get older, and there are a number of ways to tell if you suffer from the condition. The main symptoms include: fatigue; visceral or central obesity (fat around the middle) and prolonged difficulty in losing weight.

Further and more serious conditions which can result, include: coronary heart disease; heart palpitations; hypertension (high blood pressure); raised triglyceride levels (unsaturated fats); high cholesterol; uncontrolled diabetes; hormonal disturbances; depression; memory problems; blurred vision and skin blemishes amongst other signs.

All in all, Diet Pro is the best weight loss supplement as it can break a vicious cycle of ill-health and weight gain. In particular, if you have elevated insulin levels, then this can make you feel even hungrier – with a hankering for carbohydrate-rich foods. The more carbs you take on board, the higher the insulin level in your body and this in turn increases hunger.

Diet Pro’s effect on insulin

Developing insulin resistance through lifestyle choices or whether you’re unlucky enough to be genetically predisposed, it’s clear that something as fundamental to our body’s processes as converting energy and storing fat is at the heart of effective weight management.

Insulin allows glucose (a vital energy source for all our energy-conversion functions) to go from the blood into the cells. Carbohydrate-rich foods contain starches and sugars which are turned into glucose and absorbed into our bloodstream. Insulin levels then rise to remove sugar from the blood into the cells.

Diet Pro slows the carbohydrate absorption and helps insulin regulation, thereby sidestepping weight gain and insulin problems – the cause of diabetes.

Ingredients that make Diet pro for weight loss effective

Natural extracts make Diet Pro extremely effective by inhibiting carbohydrate take up by the body and helps you avoid craving carb-rich food.

Diet Pro contains Salacia Reticulata Vanadium (vanadyl sulphate); Chromium; Oolong tea and Green tea extracts; Banaba extract; Gymnema Sylvestre; Cinnamon; Bitter Melon; and Coccinia Indica Extract. All of these work together as naturally derived carb-busters and natural antioxidants. Effectively working differently to most other weight loss supplements by ensuring that carbs are not absorbed as quickly and allowing insulin levels can be stabilised.

As it’s naturally derived, it’s easy to incorporate into your diet; just one tablet daily will see weight kept at bay.


What our customers say...

I’ve been on numerous diets, but now taking Diet Pro before each meal I am finding it easier to stick to my diet and the results look good, I’m sure I am losing weight quicker and keeping my weight off. Even my husband has noticed!.
J.K., Vermont.


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