Wake up your brain with Anacervix

Anacervix has been specially formulated to stimulate brain activity and aid concentration. If you struggle to recall names or learn new things, Anacervix can help. The combined components of Anacervix provide a powerful boost to wake up your brain and help you focus.

Anacervix capsules contain two key ingredients – Vincamine and Piracetam. The synergistic action of Anacervix ingredients improves blood circulation to the brain and enhances cognition and memory. As a result, Anacervix not only stimulates brain activity, it also makes you more focused.

Anacervix works by providing a double injection of brain-enhancing components. Having problems concentrating? Try Anacervix to improve concentration! Struggling to remember or focus? Take a look at the active ingredients in Anacervix capsules. Getting older doesn’t need to be like this.

What do Anacervix capsules contain?

Anacervix capsules contain two active ingredients – Vincamine and Piracetam. Vincamine is a naturally occurring substance that is extracted from the leaves of the Vinca minor plant (commonly known as the periwinkle plant).

Vincamine is classed as a nootropic agent – sometimes referred to as a ‘smart drug’, cognitive enhancer or memory enhancer. Vincamine use is generally associated with improving memory, cognition, motivation, intelligence, concentration and attention.

Vincamine use is not new. Vincamine structure has been the subject of numerous research and it has been used therapeutically for over 25 years.

The second key ingredient in Anacervix is Piracetam. Like Vincamine, Piracetam is also a smart drug, part of the class of nootropic drugs known as Racetams. Piracetam has a number of far-ranging effects on the brain, including enhancing cognition and memory, slowing down brain aging and increasing blood flow and oxygen supply.

Although scientists do not fully understand how Piracetam works, it is clear that it activates the brain by influencing vascular and neuronal functions, as well as improving cognitive ability, without acting as a sedative or a stimulant. Any Anacervix side effects are therefore minimal.

Piracetam is used to treat and ameliorate a wide range of diseases and conditions, including stroke, Alzheimer’s Disease, dementia and dyslexia. But it is also capable of improving cognitive performance in healthy people, and can play an important role in the fight against aging.

Let’s take a closer look Anacervix ingredients

First, let’s take Vincamine. Vincamine is a ‘peripheral vasodilator’. Vasodilation is what occurs when the blood vessels widen as a result of the muscle cells in the blood vessel walls relaxing. Vasodilation increases blood flow and, in the case of Vincamine, specifically blood flow to the brain.

Vincamine use has a particular effect on a part of the brain stem known as the ‘locus coeruleus’ – the principal site for synthesis of norepinephrine in the brain. The locus coeruleus is composed of neurons which extend throughout the cerebral cortex – the part of the brain responsible for thinking and planning.

As we age, these neurons decline, which plays a significant part in our powers of concentration and mental agility. The unique Vincamine structure makes it able to activate the remaining neurons in the locus coeruleus, helping to offset age-related decline.

As one of the key Anacervix ingredients, Piracetam is known to improve the function of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine, which is associated with memory. Scientists believe Piracetam increases communication between the two hemispheres of the brain by increasing the activity of the corpus callosum.

It has also been found to increase blood flow and oxygen to parts of the brain, and it activates the metabolism of the brain’s cerebral cortex.

How should I take Anacervix?

Take three to six Anacervix capsules per day. Recommended timings are 9am, 1pm and 5pm, preferably after main meals. The last dose may be taken later if evening activity is planned.

Are there any known Anacervix side effects?

Anacervix side effects are almost non existent. It has been proven to be perfectly tolerated, although care should be taken in cases of cerebral hypertension. It is not recommended to take Anacervix in the evening, as it may disturb sleep. Do not take Anacervix if you are pregnant.

Anacervix improves blood circulation and cerebral metabolic activity. Put simply, it wakes up your brain. There is no concentration like Anacervix concentration!



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