Crème-Pro™ Smoother – the daily skin cream that works just like BOTOX®

There is an easy and worry-free route to firm, radiant skin and that’s by using Crème Pro Smoother. Unlike invasive treatments like BOTOX® that involve injecting wrinkle-reducing ingredients into the skin, Crème Pro Smoother produces this effect in an easy-to-apply cream.

By using a combination of innovative ingredients; wrinkles, lines around the eyes, dull skin and general age-defining facial signs can be reduced. As the name suggests, Crème Pro Smoother does just this – it smoothes the skin to develop a consistently clear, firm and healthy visage.

Crème Pro Smoother is so effective because of the innovative combination of skin-beneficial ingredients it contains – Ascorbyl palmitate, Argireline DMAE and Synthetic Temple Viper venom. This means a perfect mix of antioxidants, antioxidant stabilisers (promoting health on a cellular level), and muscle contraction inhibitors get to work to smooth and tone skin every day it’s used.

What makes Crème-Pro™ Smoother different to BOTOX®?

We’re aware that BOTOX® regularly makes the news for mixed reasons. This is no surprise when we consider the fact that it's the fastest-growing cosmetic treatment. However, leading neurologists have warned against the long-term use of the drug. As the botulinum toxin is a potent neurotoxin, there are high-profile cases where unwanted side effects like drooping eyelids have been reported. Headache, nausea, respiratory infection and damaged nerve endings are also among the negatives. There is concern about where on the face BOTOX® should be applied as the only recommended place is between the eyebrows to diminish the central eyebrow lines.

Crème Pro™ Smoother contains a synthetic peptide that mimics the mechanism of the peptide found in temple viper venom. Unlike BOTOX®, which can last up to seven or eight months, Crème Pro’s effect can be controlled and prolonged with each use. There’s also the fact that BOTOX® can affect nerve endings permanently. Crème Pro Smoother can be used effectively and safely on any part of the face where wrinkles are present. Additionally, it’s fortified with known antioxidants, meaning that vitamins and skin-protective nutrients are delivered alongside the firming agents.

Incrementally, Crème Pro Smoother can be safely used to top up the firmness of facial skin, and a gentle anaesthetising effect of facial muscles takes place thanks to one of its active ingredients – argireline. As Crème Pro Smoother can be regularly applied to ‘top up’ the firmness and health of your skin – you’re in complete control.

What is in Crème-Pro™ Smoother?

It’s just the right mix of ingredients that makes Crème Pro Smoother effective for control over our wrinkles. As well as nourishing moisturisers, it contains:

Argireline– a gentle mimic of the action of BOTOX®, it inhibits the muscle contraction stimuli locally. Argireline most recently came to the attention of the public due to a recommendation by Dr. Oz on his popular TV show.

DMAE – an antioxidant stabiliser, DMEA or Dimetylaminoetanol to give it its full name, essentially helps the skills harness and maximise vitamins like Vitamin C and Alpha Lipoic Acid. It also brightens, smoothes and firms skin.

Ascorbyl palmitate – a form of vitamin c, this is a fat-soluble version that’s not only a powerful antioxidant in its own right, but ascorbyl palmitate can enhance vitamin E activity dramatically.  Easily absorbed into cell membranes, it stays in within skin cells to protect in the longer term. It also works as an anti-inflammatory which is a distinctive plus - minimising irritation on delicate facial skin.

Synthetic Temple Viper Venom – this synthetic peptide mirrors the muscle contraction inhibiting effect of the venom of this type of snake. As the properties of the venom are synthesised and carefully controlled, it’s a safe way to stop the source of wrinkles - frequent muscle contractions.

Combined, the four active ingredients give a complete antiaging effect on facial skin. As Crème Pro Smoother is safe to use on all parts of the skin; it's easy to get a smoothing effect across the whole face.

Using Crème Pro™ Smoother

Anywhere on the face that wrinkles appear on the face is where Crème Pro Smoother should be used. A once or twice daily application on clean and dry skin will see a visible reduction in a variety of facial wrinkles. Of course, care should be taken to avoid the eyes, but as effects occur, it’s easy to moderate as effects are gradual enough to be completely controllable.

A good tip when using the skin cream is to think about the muscles in the face - contrary to the lines themselves. Crème Pro Smoother will work on all areas of the face – hence its smoothing ability, but by focusing on the source of frown lines and crow's feet, for example, it can work to its best. Ideally, for frown lines on the forehead, by looking in the mirror and making a frown mean you’ll be able to see which muscles are being used for this action. Running the fingertips over those muscles (that make that action) will also give an accurate target for application.

Radiant, younger-looking skin is in your hands

The benefits of using a firming skin cream are many; there’s no need for invasive needles or other expensive laser surgeries and each effect can be carefully controlled. Of course, maintaining a healthy diet, avoiding excessive sunlight and making positive lifestyle choices - like not drinking too much alcohol or smoking - will mean that skin health and vitality can be further increased.

For control over our facial skin health and appearance, using Crème Pro Smoother means you’re in the driving seat. Its special mix of active ingredients means that you can take an easy route to younger-looking, firmer, and truly radiant skin, exactly at your own pace.


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