Get professional in the battle against cellulite with Creme Pro Cellulite

It’s easy to reduce the signs of cellulite and the underlying fat itself in the form of an advanced topical skin cream - Crème Pro Cellulite.

The combination of ingredients in the soothing vanishing cream reduces the appearance of accumulated fat beneath the skin by breaking down fat cells. As it’s applied to the site of cellulite – usually the upper thighs near to the buttocks – it’s a targeted way to get blood flowing and cellulite reducing agents to the key areas.

Although there are a number of factors that lead to cellulite, essentially, a lack of blood supply to the affected areas is believed to be responsible across causes. When Crème Pro Cellulite is applied, a process called vasodilation begins. This means that blood vessels widen and the nutrients necessary to break down the fat cells that make up cellulite can dissipate.

The result is smoother, firmer and less dimply skin exactly where required – a very handy weapon indeed against the signs of aging.

What makes Creme Pro Cellulite so effective?

Containing a specific mix of cellulite-busting ingredients, Crème Pro Cellulite employs Aminophylline, Caffeine, Lecithin, Methyl Nicotinate, Orange Essential Oil, Yohimbine and other skin nutrients to attack the problem. Let’s take a look at the key agents it contains:

Aminophylline – a form of xanthine, aminophylline is a widely used ingredient in cellulite creams and lotions. Its purpose is to metabolise fat safely and efficiently.

Caffeine – we’re all familiar with caffeine’s uplifting effect in coffee and tea.  On the areas of skin affected by cellulite, caffeine has been highly praised in the media and medical institutions for its efficacy. Its method of action is to remove fluids from the spaces between cells. This enables a process called lipolysis to take place – otherwise known as fat burning. Of course, this means fat cells directly under the skin are reduced and a lessening in the appearance of cellulite occurs.

Lecithin – an essential building block for cells, lecithin is an emulsifier which helps transfer and transport Creme Pro Cellulite’s nutrients.

Methylnicotinate – a vitamin B3 derivative, methylnicotinate is a targeted vasodilator. It’s topically applied providing an increased blood flow to the site of application.

Orange Essential Oil – used across many therapeutic remedies, orange essence helps to detoxify and nourish skin. Even though it has anti-inflammatory and relaxing properties, and can help with the digestive system, orange essential oil is particularly effective at promoting the release of cellulite.

Yohimbine – a vasodilator that channels blood to the cellulite. Derived from the bark of the yohimbe tree, yohimbine is an extract that’s highly prized for various medicinal purposes.

The specific mix of ingredients in Crème Pro Cellulite equates to a multi-faceted way of dispersing fat cells to the site of cellulite. Whereas most cellulite fighting creams will contain only a few of these ingredients, Crème Pro Cellulite teams up the best agents to maximum effect.

What causes cellulite?

The result of accumulated fat beneath the skin, reducing the appearance of cellulite can be a life-long struggle. Regardless of our body shape, dimpled areas of fat are likely to appear on women (estimated to be an 80 – 90% chance) as they age.

Even though lifestyle factors like lack of exercise or too much fat in the diet play a role, cellulite may simply be due to a genetic propensity or a hormonal imbalance. Studies indicate that cellulite is caused by a wide variety of reasons: toxic accumulation, poor circulation, fibrosis of connecting tissue – essentially resulting in dimpling where a flatter surface should exist, or water retention and larger than normal fat cells. Of course, there can be a combination of reasons that mean cellulite has a chance to amass.

Everything that contributes to cellulite can be lessened with cellulite treatments and additional measures such as regular cardiovascular and toning exercise and importantly; a healthy diet. Although there isn’t an out-and-out ‘cure’ for this very common condition, we can take steps to reduce the appearance and build-up of cellulite to such a degree that its appearance and quantity can be considerably lessened.

Using Creme Pro Cellulite

A thin layer of Crème Pro cream can be applied straight onto areas of cellulite, providing the area is clean and dry at least once a day for consistent effect. Side effects are unlikely, but if any sort of irritation occurs, it’s advisable to stop using the cream. As with all supplements, it’s necessary to talk with your doctor before commencing any course of treatment.

Crème Pro Cellulite is so successful because it takes nutrient-rich blood to the site of cellulite. Specially designed to stimulate vasodilation, this means that the fat-busters can get to work breaking down the below-the-skin fat.

There’s no neater and easier way to treat cellulite - Crème Pro Cellulite comes packed with all the ingredients you need to take the battle to the frontline.


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