Extra Strength ACG Glutathione: the heavyweight of antioxidant supplements

Known as GSH, Glutathione is a fundamental molecule that our well-being depends upon. Not only does it fight toxins and damaging free radicals within every cell in our body, but GSH is responsible for numerous cellular functions.

Extra strength ACG Glutathione is a Glutathione booster that’s designed to be absorbed quickly and directly into the body. As it’s in an atomised form, the superior grade Glutathione gets to work rapidly – topping up intracellular levels of this vital antioxidant by up to 10% in just seven hours.

Standing for Advanced Cellular Glutathione, ACG Glutathione is designed to supplement the power of one of the most effective antioxidants in the body – Glutathione.

As a naturally-occurring molecule that’s produced in tiny quantities in each cell, Glutathione - or GSH - could be seen as the body’s key antioxidant because it works inside the cell. Even though effective free-radical fighters such as vitamin A and vitamin C fight toxins and damaging impurities in the body exogenous to cells, Glutathione is the most potent free-radical fighting molecule simply by virtue of where it operates.

Our levels of this vital molecule are depleted by all sorts of factors: anything from pollution, toxins, stress, to trauma, aging, and medications. In fact, oxidative stress is a fact of life and our body’s work hard to repair damage caused by our cells converting energy.

Why is glutathione GSH important?

On a molecular level, Glutathione has multiple functions. It purges the cell when impurities like unwanted chemicals, or pollutants and nasty bi-products of drugs we may consume invade and affect the integrity of the cell and its mechanisms.

It’s also involved in cell’s processes – protein synthesis, transporting amino acids and triggering enzyme action. It even assists the regulation of the nitric oxide cycle – vital for blood flow and relaxing arteries.

What this means to our health is that our immune system, and the rate at which damaged cells repair, bodily functions such as lung activity, to the nervous system response and gastrointestinal activity are all affected by Glutathione use.

There’s no doubt that it’s a useful weapon in preventing illness, but what’s especially interesting is the effect it has on people who are seriously ill.  

The link between low GSH levels and illness

Those who have serious conditions like heart disease, Alzheimer’s, and cancer, for example have lower than normal levels of Glutathione. However, studies into Glutathione usage are ongoing and exciting – there’s a correlation between good health and higher Glutathione levels. This is exemplified by the fact that younger people have more of this vital molecule than older people.

Whilst Glutathione is a mix of relatively simple amino acids and proteins (cysteine, glycine and glutamine), what gives it the function of an important antioxidant is that the sulphur chemical groups contained. When toxins and heavy metals meet these types of molecules, these chemical groups absorb and attach to the invading free radical. This means the body can then get rid of them and prevent further damage to cells.

The problem is that when we’re bombarded with invaders - be it in toxic form or from harmful chemicals - we use up Glutathione and the body must work to regenerate more. If the levels get to a point where they’re not been generated fast enough, we become prone to disease. It’s then vital to keep our levels up as a preventative.

Indeed, many major illnesses rely on oxidative stress to take place.  As a Glutathione dosage is proven to reduce this action, it’s fair to say that it’s a step towards helping avoid disease.

As an example of Glutathione’s effectiveness in treating existing conditions, when used on cancer patients in conjunction with chemotherapy, the patients who were given Glutathione not only had fewer side effects to the treatment but also had better overall survival rates. Another thing that was noted is that the chemotherapy was more effective as a result of a Glutathione supplement. Indeed, many major illnesses rely on oxidative stress to take place. 

Extra strength ACG Glutathione – the powerful antioxidant spray

The proprietary mix of herbal extracts and ingredients make Extra strength ACG Glutathione a truly powerful and fast-acting Glutathione supplement. This particular intra-oral spray is market leading and doesn’t have side effects.

Just five sprays into the mouth two to three times a day will improve levels of Glutathione. For higher doses, ten sprays can be taken four times a day.

To boost antioxidant levels and harness the champion of Glutathione supplements, get Extra Strength ACG Glutathione in your corner.

Frequently Asked Questions About Advanced Cellular Glutathione

Disclaimer: Please note that only your own physician can determine your precise needs, but in order to give you some information these answers are based upon the ‘average person’ and clinical / published results.

How many sprays are in each 2 oz. bottle of ACG?

There are 360 sprays in a 2 oz. bottle

What exactly is in the product?

N-Acetyl L-Cysteine, Acetyl L-Carnitine, L-Glutamine, L-Glutathione Tri-peptides, Alpha Lipoic Acid (R-Fraction), Milk Thistle Extract, Ascorbic Acid, Proprietary Herbal Extracts and Natural Minerals in Ultra-Pure Deionized Water

How long to use for best effect?

We would recommend a month, although clinical studies have shown a 10% increase in glutathione levels within just 7 hours after use, (using 6-sprays).

What happens after use ceases?

As one may expect the levels of glutathione will decrease, back to baseline eventually, but it is difficult to assume how long this will take as this varies greatly from individual to individual. It may be better to continue use, but at a reduced dose- to ensure that there is no loss of immunity/ protection provided.


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