Nanogen Scalp Hydrator Spray for instant relief of dry thinning hair

Nanogen Scalp Hydrator Spray is a hair loss treatment and conditioner which is specifically formulated to be gentle for thinning hair.

If your regular hair loss treatment irritates your scalp and leaves your hair feeling dull, just a few sprays of Nanogen Scalp Hydrator Spray will provide lasting comfort and shine.

Nanogen Scalp Hydrator Spray contains high levels of Nanogen’s patented hair growth supplement, which is designed to alleviate irritated scalps and prevent hair fall.

Nanogen Scalp Hydrator Spray penetrates to leave your scalp feeling cool and fresh, while restoring condition and volume.

Why should I use Nanogen Scalp Hydrator Spray?

Nanogen Scalp Hydrator Spray is a hair growth treatment for men who are experiencing male pattern baldness or hair fall.

Male pattern baldness is extremely common amongst men as they age, and can even begin as early as the end of puberty. Characterised by hair receding from the sides of the forehead, male pattern baldness – or hair thinning – gradually leaves a ‘U’ shaped area of hair on the back of the head.

There are numerous products available which claim to increase hair growth and restore volume. Many of them contain SLS (sodium laureth sulfate) a detergent, which can be an irritant. Most hair loss treatments also contain paraben, which is a cheap preservative that mimics estrogen and has been linked to breast cancer.

Nanogen Scalp Hydrator Spray is a hair growth treatment which hydrates the hair and soothes the scalp with anti-inflammatory actives. Unlike other hair loss treatments, Nanogen Scalp Hydrator Spray does not contain harmful sulphates or parabens. Instead it has been specifically formulated to create a natural, healthy environment for hair growth.

How does Nanogen Scalp Hydrator Spray work?

If you are suffering from thinning hair or male pattern baldness, Nanogen Scalp Hydrator Spray can help prevent further loss and encourage growth.

Hair grows in three cycles. In the first stage, which lasts for an average of three years, new hair grows. The second stage is a brief stagnation period, lasting two to three weeks. And in the third stage, hair is discarded over a period of two to five months.

Hair growth is controlled by natural signals produced by our body, called hair growth factors. As we age – or during stressful times in our life – these signals change. As they do so, the growth period of our hair becomes shorter, and a longer period of time passes between hair falling out and new hair growth. This leads to thinning, finer hair

Nanogen Scalp Hydrator Spray contains a patented hair growth supplement which is designed to combat the causes of hair loss by creating hair growth factors identical to our natural ones.

As soon as Nanogen Scalp Hydrator Spray reaches the skin, it starts to take effect, gently cooling and calming the scalp, while repairing dry, damaged skin. By soothing irritation and calming the scalp, Nanogen Scalp Hydrator Spray creates a healthy environment for hair to grow.

How to use Nanogen Scalp Hydrator Spray

If you have been using a hair growth treatment for some time, you may find your scalp has become dry and itchy. Nanogen Scalp Hydrator Spray helps alleviate ‘straw-hair’ and soothes the irritation commonly caused by propylene glycol or alcohol-based treatments.

Enriched with a powerful hair growth supplement, Nanogen Scalp Hydrator Spray, is designed to calm the scalp and rehydrate your hair. Its intensive hydrating formula moisturizes the scalp and provides lasting comfort and shine.

Simply apply 8 to 12 sprays of Nanogen Scalp Hydrator Spray generously throughout your dry hair or use the nozzle to direct it right into the scalp. Then massage the scalp gently and allow the treatment to dry. You do not need to rinse. You should feel the reviving effects of Nanogen Scalp Hydrator Spray almost immediately and your hair will be noticeably shiny.

Dermatologically tested and proven to work on thinning hair, Nanogen Scalp Hydrator Spray is the perfect companion to your hair loss treatment program.


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