Avoid Vitamin C Deficiency with Vitachek-C® Vitamin C Test Strips

The benefits of vitamin c in our diets are well known – it’s vital to repair cells and keep our immune systems on fighting-form.

Therefore, knowing just how much of this essential vitamin we have in our body becomes important. This is why Vitachek-C® Vitamin C test strips have been developed – as an easy way to highlight a potential vitamin c deficiency.

With a simple colour chart, these handy vitamin c urine tests can tell us how much vitamin C is in our body and whether we need to get more. The Vitamin C Test Strips are easy to use – simply by urinating on a single strip means you’ll be able to tell the level of vitamin C in your body on any given day.

As the body can’t store vitamin C, making sure we have a consistently high daily vitamin c level with Vitamin C Test Strips should become part of any healthy-living regimen.

As well as the importance of identifying balanced blood glucose levels is to our general health, looking at the level of vitamin c in your body with a simple urine test can have a significantly beneficial effect too. Recent research into the power of Vitamin C has shown that what was previously thought of as ‘too much vitamin c’, may not be too much at all.

Far from higher amounts having negative side effects, the tests showed a whole raft of health benefits to taking vitamin c - if taken in the right form.

Supplements like buffered vitamin c and magnesium and vitamin c both help with palatability. Supplements like Bio Enr-gy C Longevity Plus can bring the vitamin c level up much higher, which then has the ability to have an even more prolific effect on overall health and specific conditions.

In all cases, making sure we’ve got enough of this vital vitamin is key. A simple urine test (specifically a vitamin c urine test) will immediately show any vitamin c deficiency. The result of which is an overall lessened ability to perform cell repair and an inability to fight infection.

Facts on Vitamin C

Vitamin C works to protect cells, maintain connective tissue (which also supports organs) and fight infection. It’s found in varying quantities throughout a healthy diet, but there’s still confusion as to where high levels of this vital vitamin are highest in food and drink.

Often, people want to know which orange juice has the most vitamin c or whether green tea has more vitamin c than black tea. Whatever questions arise and whichever way we look at it, how we get enough vitamin c in our diet is important in avoiding a deficiency of vitamin c in body. It’s so powerful that researchers are now looking into vitamin c and cancer fighting possibilities.

Foods for vitamin c and natural sources of vitamin c mainly include fruit and vegetables, and although there’s vitamin c in orange juice and even in apple juice vitamin c levels are reasonable, it’s found in especially high levels only in certain foods. Peppers, broccoli, brussel sprouts, sweet potatoes, oranges and kiwi fruits carry the highest levels of vitamin c, but getting these vitamin c-rich foods may not always be easy, and so in this case it’s necessary to seek a supplement.

There are plenty of ways to absorb small amounts, but as we need it everyday, checking we’re getting enough means a vitamin c urine test can help. Urinalysis is one of the easiest ways of checking for a variety of health indicators and many conditions can be identified through this convenient method. It’s easy, for example, to get accurate blood glucose levels with a urine test or easy to know how to test vitamin c levels. Across all conditions that are checked for with a urine test, urinalysis results are fast with Vitachek-C® Vitamin C Test Strips, your vitamin c level can be monitored efficiently.

Vitachek-C® vitamin c testing kits can determine whether you could benefit from supplements like buffered vitamin c or vitamin c citrus free or combinations like iodine and vitamin c. There are ways of getting small amounts into our diet and whatever the chemistry of food supplements vitamin c is necessary.

Testing vitamin c levels with reliable Vitamin C Test Strips is a convenient way of finding out if your health could benefit.

The Benefits of Vitamin C

It’s the overall immune boosting effect and cell repair that vitamin C is most known for. However, there’s increasing evidence to suggest that trying to obtain a reasonable amount from say, vitamin c in orange juice, is simply not enough. Persisting with a diet that only includes the odd glass of juice could lead to a deficiency of vitamin c.

There’s also positive links with high doses. There’s links between vitamin c and diabetes (which helps blood glucose levels), vitamin c and cancer, vitamin c for constipation: if taken in the right form and in high enough quantity. Indeed vitamin c has been shown to be particularly effective for constipation as it activates chitosan – binding to the foods we eat to make them easier to pass.

Finding out through urinalysis (the analysis of a urine test) with Vitachek-C® Vitamin C Test Strips means you can easily determine what your vitamin c level is. By simply urinating onto the Vitachek-C® test strips, waiting a few seconds, then comparing one of the Vitamin C Test Strips with the chart on the bottle, means you’ll be able to tell immediately whether you could do with more vitamin c.

The vitamin c test

Test strips are the easiest way of finding out your level. The more vitamin c in your urine means you’ll be able to tell the amount that’s in your body. The test strips will turn a different shade depending on amounts – from the colour green to the colour yellow. The more yellow the strip turns, the less vitamin c you need to take, the more green the lower the level of vitamin c and the greater the risk of related vitamin c deficiency diseases. If the strip turns dark green, then a large deficiency of vitamin c is established and urgent rebalances are required.

Vitamin C Supplements Good or Bad?

As with every supplement, taking the right amount is important. Vitamin C cannot be stored in our body, so it’s simply used as we take it into our systems. Having access to more Vitamin C allows our body to process the amount it needs and research has shown that higher amounts can have positive effects on our wellbeing. In fact, taken in larger doses it can actually prevent diseases.

The main problem with vitamin c supplements used to be the effect on the stomach – potentially causing stomach cramps. Supplements like Bio-En’R-Gy C®. cut out these side effects to deliver high doses of vitamin c (and other nutrients and vitamins) that have further positive effects.

What happens if you have too much vitamin c?

The simple answer to the question can you take too much vitamin c? Is no, you cannot take too much. A vitamin c overdose is highly unlikely – because no one has ever died as a result of taking any amount of vitamin c. There are certain vitamin c side effects when taking low quality supplements and it’s not unheard of for people to say that my throat hurts when drinking vitamin c, but these people are in the minority. More normal side effects are things like stomach cramps, but as explored above, Bio En’R-Gy C cuts out any side effects and most supplements (especially buffered vitamin c) do away with problems associated with intake.

The point of the Vitachek-C® Vitamin C Test is to make sure you’re getting enough of this valuable vitamin. A vitamin c dosage is necessary in some form or other and as we’ve explored, high doses of vitamin c are not a problem - what our body doesn’t need, it flushes out.

It’s always best to make sure that we’re getting enough vitamin c, so this is why Vitachek-C® tests have been developed.

Vitachek-C® keeps you up to speed

The usefulness of vitamin c (Ascorbic acid) has never really been in doubt and vitamin c supplements reviews and Vitamin C Reviews demonstrate its versatility and palatability. For ease and accuracy in finding out whether you need a vitamin c supplement, Vitachek-C® is very useful indeed. By using the strips, you can easily keep a check on your vitamin c level to benefit your health in many fundamental ways.


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