Nanogen conditioner – a conditioner that thickens hair up to 50%

At last, there is a double action hair thickening formula that works – it is called Nanogen conditioner. Using the latest technology, Pangaea Laboratories, London, has created a product that is able to thicken the hair by up to 50%. While most hair thickeners tend to make the hair feel heavy, greasy and lifeless, the Nanogen conditioner formula gives hair a fuller, healthier, and more manageable appearance.

Amino acids, which help to form the hair protein keratin, are naturally dispersed in such a way that hair is always negatively charged when it comes into contact with water or any non-acidic solution.

Almost all hair products available are negatively charged, and as such, the product and the hair will repel one another. Nanogen conditioner however, is different! It takes advantage of the hair’s negative charge by binding its active, thickening formula into a positively charged delivery system. This increases absorption by up to 10 times.

Nanogen conditioner’s unique action is bi-fold. First, it swells the hair, and then it coats it.

The swell phase is promoted by two active ingredients D-Panthenol and Pentavita. During this phase, Nanogen conditioner acts as a positively charged delivery system. Containing a large quantity of pantothenic acid and water, it penetrates deep into the centre of the hair shaft. This action causes the hair to swell from within, giving the hair a thicker and fuller appearance. Pentavita keeps the hair shaft hydrated by increasing the amount of water within the Stratum Corneum. This process prevents hair breakages and straw hair, as the shaft is protected from dehydration.

NanoThick Swell

During the coat phase, the exterior hair shaft is coated in translucent silicon. This makes the hair appear thicker and heavier, without stickiness, and enables it to move more freely. This coating locks in the swell phase, and prevents moisture evaporation.

Nanogen Daily Volume

When Nanogen conditioner is first used, hair will become noticeably much fuller and smoother upon towel drying. Improvement will continue with further applications.

To obtain the best results, Nanogen conditioner should be used with Nanogen shampoo, a patented anti-DHT root defence shampoo system.


Simply use like any conditioner, but allow to stay on the head for a few minutes before rinsing out. Then style as normal.


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