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Hair loss is a common problem amongst both men and women. A staggering 80% of males and 50% of females will experience some degree of androgenic alopecia, or as it's often known, pattern baldness, in their lifetime.

The effects can seem heightened for those with black hair, who typically have around 11,000 hairs on their head, compared to the average blonde head which has around 14,000. It's no surprise then that hair growth products are enormously popular. Most claim to contain vitamins for hair that will foster hair growth, or at least stem the balding process.

The sources of androgenic alopecia, however, are numerous and complex, and even the best hair vitamins are unlikely to induce hair growth when used in isolation. It is vital therefore to use a combination of hair growth vitamins that work together to combat the spread of baldness. Those with black hair for example needn't use specific hair growth products targeted at black hair loss in particular, as long as they are using the right selection of hair growth vitamins and compounds – or better yet, a single comprehensive hair growth treatment.

Hair Pro and other proven ways to stimulate hair growth

Hair fall in men and hair loss in women occurs when the hair growth cycles that facilitate regular and fast hair growth slow down or stop altogether, meaning that hairs lost naturally throughout the day are not replaced with new ones. The main cause of this is the conversion of testosterone to Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) - a potent hormone that acts against protein-producing enzymes in the scalp. Hair follicles shrink and die, rendering them incapable of producing new hairs when existing ones fall out. Hair Pro contains DHT blockers that prevent the harmful effects of DHT on the hair follicles. The DHT blocking agent in Hair Pro is just one of the many active ingredients which stem hair loss and foster fast hair growth.

Alongside Hair Pro, you may also try using a DHT blocking shampoo for hair re-growth, such as Dercos Shampoo or , with Nanogen Conditioner, an effective hair conditioner for hair re-growth. Agomelatine, known as Valdoxan, is a prescribed anti-depressant that has also been shown to act against hair loss. Though these treatments are valid supplements in fighting androgenic alopecia, they should be used in conjunction with Hair Pro, which is considered the most effective hair loss treatment available today. Hair Pro's multi-action formula fights not only the hormonal causes of hair loss, but also daily factors like stress, environmental damage and the lack of vital nutrients such as protein, zinc and biotin indicative of a vegetarian diet.

The fast hair growth and hair strengthening properties of Hair Pro

Hair Pro is a unique topical liquid blend that contains a number of amino acids that act as hair growth factors, such as bFGF, TRX, VEGF and IGF-1. These active ingredients, along with the DHT-blocking finasteride, are amongst the best hair growth vitamins available, and make Hair Pro the definitive topical hair growth treatment. By actively stimulating a plethora of growth factors for hair rather than any one specific cause of hair loss, it's equally effective on all hair types. This includes African American hair, so there's no longer any need for targeted hair growth products for African Americans.

Hair Pro also helps strengthen hair when it re-grows. The hair strengthening properties come from two active components: Aminosyn promotes protein synthesis, whilst hyaluronic acid – a lubricating substance most commonly found in the synovial fluid between joints – encourages hair hydration. These two ingredients ensure that not only does fast hair growth occur, the hair that does grow is as healthy and strong as before the balding process began.

Hair Pro – a hair re-growth treatment that fights back on all fronts

Natural fast hair growth occurs in unsynchronised cycles that incorporate three distinct stages: Anagen is the process whereby the hair is actively growing from the follicle in the scalp. Catagen is the short restive phase in which the hair no longer grows, but remains attached to the follicle underneath the epidermis. Telegen is the natural process whereby the hair falls out.

After this, anagen begins again and hair regrowth occurs in the follicle. Hormone-stimulating agents in the body known as androgens, however, atrophy hair follicles and starve them of protein-producing enzymes and nutrients, leading to hair thinning and eventual loss. Hair Pro is such an effective hair loss remedy because it works on three fronts. Firstly Hair Pro is able to both block the effects of androgens like DHT with the active ingredient finasteride. Then the amino acids in Hair Pro stimulate hair re-growth in atrophied follicles. Finally, the inclusion of animosyn and hyaluronic acid ensures the hair that grows back is strong, healthy and full of moisture.

Scientists have worked for decades in the hope of discovering how to induce hair growth. Hair Pro is a breakthrough product because it combines the various crucial developments and discoveries that have occurred over the years and brings them together in a single hair regrowth formula.

Using Hair Pro

When it comes to side effects hair growth treatment is often the subject of rumours, myths and conjecture. The causes of baldness are widely misunderstood or misinterpreted. Likewise, effective scientifically-tested treatments are often tarred with the same brush as cheaper and lesser quality products. Although it's always advisable to consult a healthcare professional before taking any course of treatment, Hair Pro has no recognised side effects, and customers have reported no negative Hair Pro effects. That's because the many active ingredients in Hair Pro have been carefully selected to target only the process of hair growth, and on no other activities of the enzymes related to hair growth.

Using the right amount of Hair Pro

Hair Pro's list of ingredients includes some of the best hair growth vitamins available, and as such it should be used only in the amounts specified on the bottle. Spray daily onto thin hair and areas where pattern baldness has taken place.

Hair Pro has shone in hair regrowth reviews

In just about every hair growth products review in which it's featured, Hair Pro is considered to be the most effective treatment available to consumers. Similarly, any hair growth vitamins review is likely to mention the high quality of vitamins and the unique selection of ingredients that make Hair Pro the standout premium hair loss treatment on the market.



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