Titanium Microneedle Roller

Enhances any topical treatment regime by stimulating natural repair pathways to support scar healing and maintain healthy hair growth.


The Scalproller by Nanogen has 4 innovative modes of action to enhance any hair treatment regimen:

1. Increases Topical Treatment Absorption

Scalproller pre-treatment has been shown to increase absorption of topical treatments by 5 times or more. With Scalproller pre-treatment, lower 2% concentrations of a topical treatment solution will give concentrations in the scalp higher than when using 5% solutions on untreated skin. Similarly, 5% solutions will produce higher concentrations in the scalp than 12.5% solutions or suspensions used on untreated skin. Frontal scalp areas are notoriously difficult to treat topically, most probably due to lack of absorption. Therefore topical treatments are only really effective in treating vertex hair loss. Using Nanogen's Scalproller can dramatically increase absorption of topical treatments in these regions, opening up new potential areas for topical treatments to act on.

2. Heals Donor Scars

Hair transplant surgery commonly leaves scars in the donor region; Nanogen's Scalproller has been proven to fade and reduce the appearance of these scars by breaking up scar tissue structures and formations. Plus there is evidence in animal models to show that new hair may grow to conceal the donor area after Scalproller treatment.

3. Activates PRP Treatment

Platelet Rich Plasma or PRP therapy is a cutting edge development in hair loss treatment. PRP has been shown to produce thicker transplanted hair growth, and possibly even thicken non-transplanted hair.

In PRP therapy, the platelet and growth factor rich fraction of the patient's blood is re-injected into them, and then growth is activated by repeated needle insertion. Single needle insertion is irregular, time consuming and often painful. Scalproller treatment produces much more reliable, regular needle insertions in less time, and with less pain.

4. Encourages New Hair Growth

The latest research by Intercytex, performed with Dr. Bessam Farjo as principal investigator, has shown that patients receiving superficial injections and controlled wounding grow new hair, which may solely be a result of the controlled skin wounding itself.
This surprising result is correlated by the pioneering work published by Dr. George Cotsarelis of Pennsylvania University, who found that stimulation of the Wnt protein by wounding leads to hair regeneration. Wounding by microneedles would potentially start this Wnt protein mediated growth stimulation, and prevent synthesis of TGF-β2, a protein known to induce hair loss.

Scalproller treatment increases topical treatment penetration and may independently promote new hair growth.

Increasing Topical Treatment Penetration

Scalp skin is comprised of several layers. The outside layer is called the stratum corneum, and is made from dead skin cells with a high concentration of oils an keratin protein. This layer protects the outside of the body, and is very effective at preventing microbes and chemicals from passing through, entering the body.

Applying topical treatments is only useful if the actives can penetrate through this layer. Actives that are small molecules can penetrate around the hair shaft and sebaceous glands, and some of the active will go through the stratum corneum. However a significant amount of actives will be blocked, especially larger molecules. This often means that only a fraction of the total active in the product reaches the target area and has an effect.

Using the Scalproller creates thousands of quickly healing channels through the stratum corneum, bypassing the major barrier to treatment absorption. The stratum corneum on the scalp is not very thick, and can be penetrated by a 0.3 or a 0.5mm microneedle. These channels allow more than 5 times more actives to penetrate the scalp. They also allow larger molecules like growth factors to penetrate easily, where before absorption would have been low.


  1. For best results, first cleanse the scalp using Hair Prepare.
  2. Clean the Scalproller with the sanitising solution spray and allow to dry for a few seconds before use.
  3. At first, use a constant, gentle rolling motion once in one direction only over each area, from the crown toward the front or the sides.
    After time, individual users may prefer to roll in multiple directions.
  4. Apply a topical solution like Serum VEGF as per the product instructions.
    Use the roller once a day at night before applying topical treatment.
  5. Ensure the roller is cleansed thoroughly after each use, run under hot water and allow to dry
    before sterilising and returning it to the case. Always allow the roller to cool before using.


Clean the Scalproller quickly and conveniently
before and after every use.
Easy to use sanitising spray ensures the
Scalproller is clean and ready to use.

Titanium microneedle roller
Enhances penetration of any topical treatment.
Unique titanium microneedles stay sharp
for painless use for 3-6 months.



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