IAS provides a range of injection packs suitable either for intramuscular (i.m.) or subcutaneous (s.c.) meaning ‘just under the skin.’

These packs contain everything you need for 30 injections, including the relevant syringes and needles (10ml, 22 gauge, 1.25 inch for i.m. use and 1ml, 25 gauge, 0.75 inch for s.c. use). Both packs also contain a box of alcohol wipes and a Sharpsbin® for safe disposal of used needles in each kit.

Subcutaneous 1ml injection kit

Subcutaneous 1ml injection kit contains
30 x1ml syringes
30 x0.75 inch 25 gauge needle
30 alcohol wipes
1 x sharps bin container for used needles.

Intramuscular 10ml injection kit

Intramuscular 10ml injection kit contains:
30 x 10ml syringes
30 x 22g 1.25 inch needles
30 alcohol wipes
1 x 0.6 litre Sharpsbin



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