Femara maintains testosterone levels

Femara is a breast cancer treatment that can also slow down testosterone decline in aging men. Its official use is for the treatment of advanced or locally advanced breast cancer, and as a supplementary treatment in early breast cancer.

It is a potent and selective non-steroidal inhibitor of the aromatase (estrogen synthetase) system, which converts testosterone and adrenal androgens to estrogens in peripheral tissue.

In addition, Femara is also used by aging men, who want to reduce their conversion of testosterone and adrenal hormones to estrogens. It is quite common for a 59-year old man to have more estrogen circulating (primarily as estradiol) than a 54-year old woman! Femera can help to redress the balance between estrogen and testosterone.

These skewed estrogen ratios – possibly caused by toxins, environmental factors and aging – play a major role in the formation of cancers in both men and women (particularly prostate, cervical and breast) and lead to other problems such as increased fat deposits.

Femara featured in the New York Times in 2008 in a piece called "Drug Cuts Recurrence Risk in Breast Cancer Patients" which revealed research states that post-menopausal women taking Femara, from one to seven years after finishing a five-year regimen of tamoxifen could reduce the risk of cancer returning by 63 percent.


In postmenopausal women the dose is usually 2.5mg daily by mouth. Men wishing to see their estrogen levels decline, and their testosterone levels increase take an average of 0.625mg to 1.25mg of Femara once a week.


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