Stop the sun aging your skin with Solaris

Solaris cream promotes the tanning process, while blocking the damaging, aging effects of the sun.

Solaris is a unique sun-blocker developed by one of Europe’s leading dermatologists, Professor John Ionescu, to provide a ‘healthy’ tan, without the skin aging effects of the sun.

It has been estimated that up to 90% of skin aging is caused by exposure to the sun. This is due to the generation of free radicals induced by UV light. This type of skin aging is referred to as photoaging.

Dr. Ionescu realized that in order to minimize the skin aging processes, innovative compounds that tackle the low energetic metabolism and melanin synthesis, increased carbonylated proteins and lipofuscin generation are required.

These factors have been addressed with the new Solaris Photoaging Defence Formula, which combines for the first time UVA plus UVB protection (with an SPF of 25) with melanin promoting factors, thus enhancing the natural tanning process.

These factors makes Solaris particularly unique; not only does it have a very high Sun Protection Factor, therefore guarding against photoaging, it also allows tanning to take place, giving people the look they want without the normal tanning damage.

Solaris also contains free-radical and metal blocking agents like Vitamin E, carrot oil and EDTA. Respectively, these help to prevent the sun exposure side-effects, together with immune stimulating plant extracts (?-glucans) with anti-herpes virus activity. The proven moisturizing properties of the base emulsion complete this ultimate anti-photoaging formulation.

Solaris is free of preservatives, colors and fragrances and therefore hypoallergenic and suitable for sensitive or allergic skin.


Combine with the synergistic protection of an excellent after-sun cream such as our Melatonin Topical Cream. If skin damage has already occurred, we recommend the use of the reparative Cell Energy skin cream.


What our customers say...

Solaris gives the public skin protection from the sun, whilst helping to dramatically reduce accelerated skin aging.
Robert Mason PhD, Gibraltar.

What an amazing product, tan and high SPF factors combined, that’s a breakthrough.
P.W.H., California


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What our customers say

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