Quinton – the marine plasma supplement that restores the body's natural aquarium

It's a common fact that our bodies are made up of 70% water. In 1897, Dr. Rene Quinton discovered that the unique matrix of minerals that make up our plasma is in fact almost identical to a particular type of sea water. This discovery would lead to the creation of original Quinton, and earn the man himself national hero status in France.

Thirty years before penicillin was developed for pharmaceutical use, Quinton marine plasma hypertonic solution was used to fully revive over 100,000 patients considered mortally ill. The natural concentration of minerals in healthy blood was a close match to Quinton meaning it could be used in blood transfusions. Replenishing diseased blood with Quinton marine plasma restored the balance of what Claude Bernard referred to as the body's 'biological terrain'.

The official Quinton definition ensures that not just any old sea water is used. It is the nutrient-rich plasma found in a plankton vortex that boasts the particular mineral concentration required by the body. And because the minerals have already been converted into an organic state – fused to carbon molecules – they are ready to be immediately and fully absorbed by the digestive tract. This makes Quinton one of the most effective and efficient dietary mineral supplements on the market.

This unique 'living mixture' cannot be recreated in a lab. To safeguard the precious vitality of the liquid, it must be harvested and filtrated within 24 hours to the strict standards defined by Dr. Quinton over a century ago. Even in the modern age of medical and technological advancement, scientists are still discovering the properties of the mysterious, miraculous substance found in our oceans.

QUINTON – supplements that harness the power of Hypertonic sea water

Dr. Rene Quinton, in his book L'eau De Mer: Milieu Organique (Sea Water: Organic Medium), detailed how Quinton plasma could be used in its natural state as a Hypertonic solution - natural sea water containing three times the mineral levels of blood plasma - or as Quinton isotonic which, having been diluted with 100% pure spring water, matched more closely the make up of human blood. It could be taken intravenously to cure serious diseases or, as is now common, orally as a mineral supplement.

Back in the early 1900s, Dr. Quinton's natural sea water oral supplement was used to treat symptoms of inflammation and high blood pressure. But the recently rediscovered properties of Hypertonic sea water in Quinton are now used to treat a range of ailments, to boost immune systems, and to enhance performance.

Quinton marine plasma supplements – the natural way to increase your energy levels

When the mineral balance of the blood is off-kilter, the body is unable to function properly. Amino acids and anti-oxidants can't be efficiently absorbed, which hinders our capacity to detoxify naturally. Quinton marine plasma helps purify and replenish fluids, restoring the body to its natural equilibrium.

It's often administered as a skin treatment to reduce symptoms of inflammation, irritation, eczema and acne. It's also used as a night time nasal congestion remedy, or in colonic irrigation to relieve stomach pain and increase energy levels. Quinton's capacity to increase energy levels make it a popular choice of supplement for athletes and physical performers. Those with hectic lifestyles or low energy levels also benefit from its immune-boosting properties.

And as Quinton consists of 100% organic ingredients that reflect the body's natural balance, there are no biochemical or biological repercussions to taking Quinton vitamins food supplements.

Minor ailments such as stomach pain, headaches, and fatigue are sure signs that your body isn't working to its maximum capacity. If the natural balance of vitamins and minerals in the blood is upset, it has an adverse effect on the immune system, which in turn leaves you open to infection and disease. Quinton vitamins food supplements, despite being over 100 years old, are still the most effective and natural way to restore the equilibrium and fight off pathogens.

QUINTON – Supplements for the modern lifestyle

There's a good chance that, if you're looking to buy Quinton Isotonic mineral supplement, you might wonder why such a multi-faceted remedy isn't more widely used. An insight into the history of the original Quinton, may provide an explanation.

During his lifetime, Dr. Quinton was revered alongside Darwin, Fleming and Pasteur. Following extensive research – including the full plasma transfusion of Quinton's pet dog – the isotonic supplement was administered intravenously to children and pregnant women in French hospitals. The effects were startling. The later development of 69 free Quinton clinics across Europe saved countless lives. But a number of issues have since beset the global proliferation of Quinton.

Firstly, Dr. Quinton's research had not been translated from its original French at the time of his death. Secondly, the easy to reproduce penicillin drug soon flooded a medical industry geared towards fighting infection rather than preventing it. Finally, a number of prohibitive industry measures were passed, demanding any medical treatment to undergo pasteurisation – a process that would destroy the delicate nature of Quinton's living cure. Only recently have medical practitioners the world over rediscovered the vast capabilities and huge potential of Quinton.

Sea water in a supplement – is it safe?

Researchers and consumers have found not a single Quinton marine plasma supplements side effect. This is for the simple reason that it very closely resembles the chemical make up and PH balance of healthy human blood.

What's the right Quinton dosage and are there any contraindications?

There is no prescribed dosage of Quinton Marine Plasma supplements. Rather, the dosage of Quinton depends largely on who is taking it. Individuals are encouraged to listen to their own body in order to determine the right balance of Quinton Isotonic and Quinton Hypertonic supplements.

Quinton is fully compatible with most prescription treatments.

What do the consumers think?

There are a wide array of Quinton Marine Plasma reviews out there. On top of the general praise, consumer reviews have also highlighted some recent discoveries. These include Quinton's effectiveness at easing stomach pain and assisting weight loss, as well as being helpful for nasal congestion. Nutrient-rich Quinton appeals to a new generation, who are rediscovering the health benefits of Dr. Quinton's potent marine mineral supplement.



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