Uprima arouses your mind (as well as your penis)

Uprima enhances libido and facilitates erections by acting upon receptors in the brain to stimulate sexual arousal.

Uprima, containing the substance apomorphine, is used to treat erectile dysfunction in men. Unlike the world famous Viagra, Uprima acts upon receptors in the brain (specifically it primarily stimulates D1 and D2 receptors), whereas Viagra acts upon an enzyme to improve blood flow to the penis.

Uprima’s action on the brain’s receptors causes an affinity for dopamine, a potent neurotransmitter, stimulating feelings of arousal, pleasure and climax.

Uprima is also known to act upon receptors in the hypothalamus, enhancing erections by boosting the signals from the brain to begin the erection process.

Consequently, not only does Uprima enhance libido, it triggers the erection process. Something that other erectile dysfunction drugs cannot achieve.

Uprima is not a controlled substance, and it has been cited that Uprima can be used along with Viagra.




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