Your sexual problems solved with Yohimbine

Men who suffer performance anxiety about getting an erection or feeling aroused may have considered viagra while overlooking the longer term benefits of yohimbine.

Sexual dysfunction manifests itself in different ways to affect male sexual performance, but a common phenomenon is the associated sexual performance anxiety.

Before viagra, yohimbe extract was a key treatment used to enhance sexual performance by helping to solve a range of sexual problems. Now, its concentrated form - yohimbine hydrochloride or yohimbine hcl - is shown to support male sexual performance by helping to combat such common signs of sexual dysfunction as being unable to achieve an erection.

A yohimbine dosage provides sexual enhancement by increasing blood flow to the penis and the production of ‘norepinephrine’ - the brain's sex chemical.

As well as increasing blood flow, taking a yohimbine supplement also increases another neurotransmitter, acetylcholine, which helps to increase sexual performance by enhancing your ejaculation.

What is yohimbine?

Essentially it’s derived from the bark of an African tree and has long been used to help alleviate sexual anxiety. It affects ‘adrenergic’ nerve cells found in abdominal and pelvic areas. Regular yohimbine dosage heightens adrenergic activity resulting in longer term sexual enhancement which gives you a greater desire to make love.

Why choose yohimbine?

In recent years, yohimbine has lived in the shadows of viagra, but its credentials remain impeccable.

Failure to feel desire in itself causes sexual performance anxiety and such performance anxiety can only be solved by a heightened libido. Sexual problems like this are best treated with yohimbine hydrochloride. Taking it regularly has a positive cumulative effect which alleviates long term sexual anxiety.

For erectile dysfunction, a yohimbine supplement usually needs to be taken over a period of around 14 days.

Of course, the yohimbe v's viagra debate still rages as viagra has overtaken yohimbine hcl as the drug of choice for erectile dysfunction because it’s faster acting. However, a yohimbine dosage remains best for wider sexual problems and so can reduce overall sexual anxiety.

Because the latest yohimbine supplement offers a more concentrated version of yohimbe extract, it is now a viable alternative to viagra. It can reduce sexual performance anxiety by ensuring more intense orgasms and a greater desire for intercourse.

Yohimbine works by blocking the uptake of noradrenaline, forcing more of it into general circulation. As proven by numerous testimonials, this causes in men sexual performance enhancement.

Is yohimbine the only solution?

There are many things to consider when looking to improve sexual performance including a range of factors in addition to taking yohimbine or viagra.

Sexual Problems can also be caused by caffeine because it is a vasoconstrictor and acts to impede blood flow to the penis. Men looking for longer term ways to improve sexual performance should also include brassica vegetables and nuts in their daily diet as these aid sexual enhancement through the nutrients and vitamins they contain.

There are also some yohimbine precautions you must take because it’s known to increase heart rate and sometimes blood pressure. Anyone with a heart condition or who suffers from panic attacks should avoid it. However, many testimonials and much research show yohimbine tablets are very effective and very safe.

Your daily yohimbine dosage

The advised yohimbine dosage is one or two 5mg tablets, three times a day, for three to six weeks. For those seeking how to increase sexual performance on a particular occasion, then one or two tablets an hour before sexual intercourse is advised.

In men, sexual performance is often the key to a happier life while sexual dysfunction is one of the main causes of performance anxiety. A number of testimonials suggest that sexual problems often derive from an ‘anxiety sexual dysfunction’ which causes men to worry. This in itself affects male sexual performance.

Viagra can increase sexual performance by solving the sexual dysfunction of not achieving an erection, but it can’t restore a long-term desire for sex which so often causes an improved quality of life.

You can achieve sexual enhancement and solve your sexual problems with yohimbine as it can make your sexual dysfunction nothing more than a distant memory.

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Yohimbine is the only substance with a specific FDA-approved indication as an aphrodisiac
Better Sex Through Chemistry, Smart Publications, Petaluma, California.

There has been a significant improvement in our sex since using Yohimbine, now we feel we are closer than ever before.
O.F., Texas.


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