Levitra works swiftly to beat impotence

For the treatment of erectile dysfunction (ED), Levitra is a fast acting pill that promotes lasting, controllable erections.

Levitra taken 30 minutes before sexual activity results in the symptoms of impotence being neutralised and male erectile dysfunction kept at bay.

What is erectile dysfunction (ED)?

Erectile dysfunction ed or impotence is a failure to get the penis hard enough to allow sexual intercourse. Getting and maintaining an erection involves a physiological combination of the relaxation of certain muscles and the action of different enzymes to stimulate blood flow to the penis.

Whilst there are no permanent erectile dysfunction cures, there are a number of effective and convenient ways to tackle this normal form of sexual dysfunction in the immediate term.

It’s not uncommon for erectile dysfunction in young men to occur - as well as in older men, so suffering these symptoms needn’t be anything to be ashamed of. Many factors can contribute to impotence and causes of erectile dysfunction range from stress to fatigue to our diet, to a whole variety of physical and psychological reasons.

There are treatments like herbal remedies, erectile dysfunction exercises and invasive injections for male erectile dysfunction (ED), but there are much more convenient and effective medicines available.

Treatment of ED and erectile dysfunction help

Viagra, Cialis and Levitra are the most widely recognised of all the erectile dysfunction treatments and each has a slightly different effect on the body. Some work quicker than others, some last longer, but one thing they all have in common is they all work in their own way to overcome the symptoms and causes of erectile dysfunction.

Cialis lasts for around 17.5 hours, and Viagra works for around 4 – 5 hours - similar to Levitra. However, Levitra can work faster – sometimes in as little as 15 minutes. Levitra can also work effectively on a full stomach, whereas Viagra is most effective on an empty stomach.

As Cialis lasts for such a long time, this can cause unwanted erections after the desired time. Young men process the drug quicker from their systems, so in older men the unwanted effects could last even longer.

It’s therefore important to choose the right sexual dysfunction treatment for your particular needs.

Levitra alleviates the symptoms of erectile dysfunction ed

Levitra treats male erectile dysfunction by affecting vascular and muscular changes in the penis. Much like the way Viagra and Cialis work, they all use pde5 inhibitors to counter impotence.

The importance of inhibiting pde5 in the treatment of erectile dysfunction is crucial as it’s a naturally occurring enzyme that breaks down a key arousal substance – cyclic GMP. By inhibiting pde5, erections can be maintained easily.

During sexual stimulation, there is increased blood flow to the penis. As the erection begins, a relaxation of the penile arteries and the loosening of the smooth muscles known as the corpus cavernosum occur.

This allows a consistent and flowing supply of blood to the penile tissue. After this process begins, nitric oxide from nerve terminals is released, stimulating the body’s production of cyclic GMP (guanosine monophosphate) – which then relaxes the smooth muscles and increases blood flow to the corpus caversosum further.

By stimulating this cycle, blood flow is smooth and constant and the erection is sustained. Cyclic GMP is at the heart of this process, and as pde5 naturally occurs and breaks this down, the disorder is therefore regulated by pde5 being inhibited.

Levitra helps combat the problem of ED

The usual dosage is 10mg up to 1 hour before sexual intercourse to see the full effect of Levitra and its active ingredient Vardenafil. Side effects are minimal but it’s always preferable to check with your doctor before taking any course of medicine.

It’s important to choose the right treatment for you and with Levitra, you’re in control. The benefits of maintaining a consistent and timely erection go further than just the physical realms. By conquering impotence and acting as erectile dysfunction help, Levitra assists healthy sexual relationships and beats the worries of impotence.



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