Krill oil beats traditional fish oil in battle for Omega 3s

Krill oil or fish oil? That’s the question many are asking in the debate to see which is better for you. As Krill Oil is newer, people want to know about the benefits of Krill Oil over traditional fish oil supplements.

To understand what all the fuss is about, let’s take it back to basics. What is krill? Krill are tiny semi-translucent crustaceans that live in cold waters. Whales eat these shrimplike creatures by the ton-load, and they are high in omega 3 essential fatty acids, DHA and EPA.

Both Krill Oil and fish oil are a source of important Omega 3’s, but Krill Oil reviews conducted by Canadians suggest that Krill Oil may be superior to standard fish oil supplements in a number of important ways.

Krill oil or fish oil?

Krill Oil reviews have shown that, due to the presence of phospholipids not found in fish oil, Krill Oil is better absorbed by the body. Phospholipids also help protect cells against toxic injury and free radical attack.

The most important phospholipid in krill is choline, which is vital for brain health, learning and development.

There are a number of practical reasons why Krill Oil is superior to fish oil too. It is more stable and, therefore has a better shelf-life for starters. Krill Oil is absorbed into the small intestine, rather than the stomach and so leaves no fishy aftertaste. Plus, Krill Oil contains omegas 6 and 9, in addition to EPA and DHA.

Many fish are exposed to pollution and so contain high levels of mercury and other contaminants. Fish oil is also unstable and, once ingested, turns rancid as it is exposed to oxygen and heat.

If you are wondering whether to buy Krill Oil or fish oil supplements, consider these benefits of Krill Oil over standard cod liver or fish oils:

  • It’s pollution free
  • It’s more efficiently and easily absorbed
  • It provides superior antioxidant protection
  • It’s easily renewable
  • It will not oxidize
  • There is no fishy after-taste

What are the benefits of krill oil?

In an ideal world we would get all the antioxidants we need from a healthy, balanced diet. However, pollution and modern farming methods have stripped our foods of their natural benefits. Health supplements are therefore becoming more and more necessary.

Most people are now aware of the importance of Omega 3 oils in preventing heart disease, cancer, diabetes and other diseases. Krill Oil provides the highest source of Omega 3 fats, but only the best Krill Oil is worth taking.

Research studies, including a number of clinical trials over the last 10 years, have demonstrated that Neptune Ocean Extract by IAS is the best Krill Oil on the market.

Its patented process allows the oil to be extracted safely, protecting it from oxygen, heat and light, so that the delicate balance of phospholipids, antioxidants and Omega 3s can be safely absorbed.

The research shows that Krill Oil helps to support:

  • A healthy heart
  • A healthy brain and nervous system
  • Healthy liver function
  • Improved immune function
  • Concentration and memory
  • Healthy joints
  • Improved cholesterol
  • Healthy skin, hair and nails

How should I take krill oil?

Even if you are already taking cod liver oil supplements, it is still worth adding krill to your shopping cart. The unique blend of antioxidants, omega-3 oils and phospholipids in krill oil gives it a number of advantages over traditional fish oil supplements.

Studies of krill oil have shown that it can:

  • Reduce bad cholesterol by as much as 33%
  • Increase good cholesterol by as much as 42%
  • Reduce inflammation associated with arthritis and heart conditions by as much as 30%
  • Lower blood sugar levels by 6%

Just one or two gel capsules (500mg) a day is enough to give you all these benefits and more.


What our customers say...

Krill oil is so potent that women who took it for 3 months- 31% reported a reduction in aches and pains; 51% reported a boost in energy, alertness, memory, concentration and stamina; 58% reported an improvement in the look and feel of their hair, skin and nails (with less wrinkling), plus 100% reported a greater sense of well being and happiness.
Women’s World Magazine.


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