HRT PLUS: the hormone-balancing herbal remedy from Thailand

The HRT Plus supplement is a completely natural and versatile approach to hormone replacement therapy (HRT). Popular with women who are looking for a natural alternative to HRT, a HRT Plus program contains high concentrations of pueraria mirifica - a naturally potent extract to rebalance hormone levels in the body.

The HRT Plus tablets are recognised by world leading antiaging authorities, Dr Garry Gordon and Jonathan Wright MD as the most effective and abundant form of pueraria mirifica bioavailability.

Dr Garry Gordon Interview

Watch our interview with Dr Garry Gordon the father of chelation and developer of HRT Plus below

Getting the H-R-T initials from its country of origin, the Herbal Remedy from Thailand has natural hormone-balancing properties and treats a wide range of conditions. From osteoporosis to menopausal symptoms and the treatment of the menopause, the hormone health benefits of an HRT Plus program containing pueraria mirifica (PM) are far more potent than other plant extracts from the same family. PM is classed as a soy and isoflavone, such as Genistein, black cohosh and red clover, which are also found in natural hormone remedies. But in terms of its estrogenic properties, PM is up to 3000 times stronger.

HRT Plus is powerfully estrogenic, which means it affects the way estrogens are used in the body. Importantly, both men and women can use the HRT Plus supplement without any worries about side effects such as breast enlargement.

In short, an HRT supplement with pueraria mirifica is an extremely effective way to naturally treat a hormone imbalance in the body.

Who needs hrt plus?

This herbal remedy from Thailand is for anyone seeking a highly effective and natural form of hormone therapy. Use of HRT in menopause is popular, as it’s easily absorbed by the body and isn’t heavily invasive – unlike some HRT therapies.

HRT Plus is derived form the special pueraria mirifica root, common in Thailand. Although a natural herbal remedy, it works in the same way as chemical-based supplements, but without the potential side effects. Some supplements on the market that contain the special plant pueraria mirifica are designed as a means to breast enlargement, but HRT Plus works specifically to balance hormone levels.

The key ingredient in the herbal remedy from Thailand is the pueraria mirifica extract. The bioidentical estrogenic properties of pueraria mirifica function essentially as an adaptogen - a pure substance that acts to naturally reduce hormone levels (of estrogens) in the body.

The HRT Plus supplement can help women with both menopausal symptoms and post menopausal symptoms, such as hot flushes and pre-menstrual syndrome. This natural herbal remedy can also be effective against osteoporosis – long associated with the menopause.

When using HRT Plus men can get the benefit of alleviating concerns about their prostate. Both men and women rely on estrogen (known as the female hormone) and testosterone (known as the male hormone) to function, but of course this has to be the right quantities of each. It’s known that as men age, the levels of estrogen in their body’s increases and the levels of testosterone decreases. This can cause enlargement of the prostate. An HRT Plus program blocks estrogen receptor pathways, therefore lessening the chance of prostate problems.

Hormone replacement therapy for men is becoming more common, linked to decreasing amounts of testosterone with age and the effects of more estrogen in our food and water supply. While there aren’t any male hormones in HRT specifically, the HRT Plus supplement does influence aromatase, which is an enzyme that breaks down testosterone into estrogen.

Does hrt really work?

The concentration of pueraria mirifica extract benefits many conditions and is acknowledged by experts as extremely effective. This is due to the way the HRT Plus supplement is made and how the liquid extract is harvested and synthesised in large enough quantities to be beneficial.

The key ingredient of pueraria mirifica came to prominence through World Health Organisation (WHO) figures. The WHO reported that the areas of the world where the root grows and is used in food - Thailand and Burma - have the lowest incidences of breast cancers, osteoarthritis, Alzheimer’s Disease and prostate conditions. This insight led Dr Garry Gordon to suggest that concentrated pueraria mirifica could be used by women worried about the breast cancer risk factor and potential breast cancers treatment.

For the same reason, pueraria mirifica has also been highlighted as an Alzheimer’s disease treatment, in addition to its role as a general health and antiaging supplement. The WHO findings sparked international research into the health benefits of pueraria mirifica, including an in-depth study at Thailand's leading university, the Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok.

Work carried out on the liquid extract properties of pueraria mirifica has also uncovered its key estrogenic properties. This means that the HRT Plus supplement can be used as a natural way of treating menopause symptoms without nasty side effects.

HRT plus is a versatile supplement

Recommended in treating menopause, osteoarthritis, and acting to potentially reduce the breast cancer risk, the liquid extract works to give the benefits of hormone therapy without side effects.

The effects of Hormone Replacement Therapy on men is usually to bring about a resurgence of testosterone. The benefits of increased testosterone include increased sperm count, an improved libido and more hair. By taking HRT Plus in tandem with a course of HRT, the positive features won’t be affected by any pueraria mirifica side effects.

The effects and safety of Pueraria mirifica

There have been no known side effects of pueraria mirifica or safety issues with this entirely naturally derived supplement. While pueraria mirifica is available in other, less effectively processed supplements (there are well over 20 similar variants on the market), you can be assured that our HRT Plus supplement has no contraindications and is safe to take with other medications.

Some people ask does puereria mirifica block testosterone? The answer to this is, of course, no. HRT plus works to balance the hormone levels by affecting estrogen, so although the ratio of testosterone to estrogen will be selectively changed, the testosterone will not be blocked.


As a highly concentrated liquid extract produced in tablet form, a daily HRT Plus regime of one or two tablets provides the optimum dose of Pueraria mirifica.

On the question of who should take HRT Plus, it is worth noting the words of Professor Norman Farnsworth from the College of Pharmacy at the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC), who described its pueraria mirifica ingredient as "the only plant to demonstrate a true estrogenic effect".

In keeping with this, HRT Plus ingredients and a pueraria mirifica dosage don't act to provide the body with a ‘dose of estrogen’, but rather help to build a natural and powerful estrogenic action in the body.

What people are saying about the HRT PLUS supplement

Pueraria mirifica reviews are overwhelmingly positive and growing. In addition to Dr. Gordon, HRT Plus testimonials from the world renowned antiaging physician, Pueraria mirifica has also sparked research and reviews around the world.

It's worth remembering that the HRT Plus supplement is a pharmaceutically controlled version of the type used in extensive research and trials. As such, HRT Plus is a natural and safe therapy that can be trusted by women and men alike to rebalance hormone levels.


Frequently Asked Questions About HRT Plus

Disclaimer: Please note that only your own physician can determine your precise needs, but in order to give you some information these answers are based upon the ‘average person’ and clinical / published results.

Q. I have had a complete hysterectomy when I was 47 I am now 59. Will HRT Plus be a problem with someone with no hormones. Do you need to take a break if you go on this like HRT pills? thank you

A. Absolutely no problem, because HRT Plus doesn't induce estrogen release, but rather acts as a pseudo estrogen in the bloodstream. As a food it is much safer than HRT pills - especially the non-bioidentical ones (which are the main ones used by normal MDs), so it is possible to continue to take HRT Plus every day.

We have lots of ladies who do just this, some of which take bioidentical hormones alongside it. In all cases either the doses of the HRT pills have been reduced (when taken in combination) or in some cases the HRT Plus is so supportive that some ladies have stopped taking their HRT pills altogether.

Obviously if you are considering this, the lowering (or stoppage) of the HRT pills should be done slowly and under the guidance of a physician, however we remain confident that HRT Plus will benefit you.

We hope this helps.

Q. How can one take Pueraria Mirifica capsules orally for maximum effect?

A. To ensure the maximum efficacy of PM one must use a product with a complex of 20 mg miroestrol to 100 g of isoflavonoids. This is what is contained in HRT Plus® (HRT = herbal remedy from Thailand) and is only achieved when the plant is harvested when in bloom and then processed correctly.


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