IAS Business Partnership Program

Welcome, International Antiaging Systems (IAS) is the world’s largest supplier of specialist medicines and nutritional products offering a unique collection of pharmaceutical health products of the very highest quality to health enthusiasts around the globe.

What is a Business Partnership Program?

business partnership programsThrough the IAS Business Partnership Program you have the ability to earn commission on over 180 high quality products ranging from dietary supplements and nutritional products to antiaging medicines and specialist medical publications. Our products range in price from $9.99 to $1800.00, with many of our customers buying large quantities of supplements and spending many thousands of dollars. This provides you with the opportunity to earn large, recurring commissions. We pay competitive commissions on our products with rates determined by which Partnership Program, product margins and the quantity ordered.

What programs do we offer?

We have introduced programs that enable any individual interested in achieving a substantial, recurring revenue stream, an easy, low cost option for setting up business in the antiaging field. There is neither a joining nor membership fee to our programs and they are all intended to enable you to achieve substantial income. There are three partnership programs available, they are:

Affiliate Program

Affiliate programSimply refer your customers, patients or site visitors to International Antiaging Systems for their supplement, medicine and nutritional product purchases and earn referral fees on their purchases. You do not need a merchant account, (card payment account), as IAS takes responsibility for this along with delivery to your patient / customer. For more details Contact Us.

Distributor Program

Distributor programIdeal if you have an existing business and business brand, buy our products as you require them at a discounted rate and we deliver direct to your customer. Actual margins will depend upon the product but range between 20% and 44%. Please note you will be responsible for your own merchant (payment) account. For more details Contact Us.

Wholesale Program

Wholesale programEnjoy the highest profit margins by buying our products at wholesale quantities, you then store, market and deliver them to your customers. This is ideal for specialist or specific product sales or for an established wholesale/retailer. There is also a specific wholesale program for Healthcare Professionals. For more details Contact Us.

We consider our programs to be the leaders in the antiaging field as our commission and average order value rank higher than the industry average, which has been attributed to our strong brand and excellent reputation within the industry.


When you become an IAS Business Partner you will receive full advice and support on all matters covered in your chosen program. You will have a manager appointed to you who will deal with all aspects of your business requirements from the moment you join us. Your partnership manager will be responsible for ensuring everything runs smoothly - every step of the way!


Want to know more or complete an Application form to join our Partnership Program? Simply click on Contact Us, to tell us who you are, your web details and company details if applicable and we will email you back.

Background on IAS – Your Business Partner

IAS ProfileIn joining the IAS Community you will have access to specialist medicines, bio-identical hormones and smart nutrition from the world’s largest supplier of these products. With good margins and ongoing development of ‘cutting edge’ new products, members of the community enjoy a rich and rewarding partnership with IAS.

Whether specifically targeting the antiaging and nutrition market or more general healthcare, IAS offers over 180 products for these markets and no one offers a wider choice. Products include the world renowned Can-C eyedrops for cataracts, ACF-228 free radical anti-oxidant, 1st Line a revolutionary anti-infection supplement for use in place of anti-biotics and BEC5-Curaderm cream for fighting skin cancers. Other products include anti-depressants, immune system boosters, a range of chelation products along with heart and cholesterol supplements. We also offer cardio-vascular age assessment equipment and biological age analysis software.

Supplying the world’s latest available products to doctors, health professionals, clinics, stores and patients since 1991, IAS has a strong ethos to disseminate a wide range of evidence based information. This includes research about antiaging products, preventative medicine, age management and orthomolecular medicine. To do this IAS works alongside many professionals who are leaders in their chosen fields and reviews the latest research to ensure that our information is as up to date as possible. After all, if we are informed then so are you.

We offer four different partnership programs to help you develop your business; from the commission based Affiliate Program where you refer your customers to our website, to the high reward Wholesale Program where you stock, market and deliver the product. And just because you are on one Program does not mean that you cannot be on another for an agreed range of products. Whatever the Program, you will enjoy class leading financial reward for your efforts.