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Welcome to Antiaging Systems (IAS).

Since 1991 International Antiaging Systems (IAS) has been producing articles, magazines and conferences to promote and educate the population on how to maintain optimal health as they age. We also supply hard to obtain medicines, nutritional supplements and bio identical hormones to make these theories and methods a reality.

As we age conditions such as cancer, heart disease, Hypothyroidism and dementias including Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s become far more common. Through protocols such as Natural Thyroid supplementation and smart drugs like Piracetam and Deprenyl we offer science backed alternatives to mainstream approaches.

Plus we offer innovative natural products for skin cancer, the famous BEC5 Curaderm skin cream that recently featured on the Dr Oz show and the original nonsurgical eye drops for cataract Can-C.

Many of the unique and exclusive products are backed by the research of famous bestselling authors, doctors and researchers including Dr Nicholas Perricone, Dr Walter Pierpaoli, Dr Ward Dean, Nobel Prize for medicine nominee Dr Richard Lippman and Dr Jonathan Wright.

Over the twenty plus years IAS has been in the anti aging business we have built up a catalogue of detailed and referenced articles as well as videos and podcasts many from of the luminaries mentioned above.

Our aim today is the same as it was all those years ago, to extend the maximum optimal healthspan of individuals through education, supplementation and lifestyle.

We hope you find the site educational and the high quality products of benefit.

For more information about IAS read a statement from our President Jim Reed here