Prolactin alteration

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  • Inhibits prolactin production
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    Bromocriptine (also known as Parlodel) is an antiaging supplement designed to increase dopamine, which is essential for brain activity. It has also been shown to improve glucose tolerance and improve insulin resistance, making it useful for the treatment of Type-II diabetes. Plus, there has been some research in to Bromocriptine and weight gain as it is... Bromocriptine (also known as...

  • Most potent prolactin inhibitor that can aid sex for men
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    By increasing the level of dopamine in the brain – the feel good hormone - and decreasing the levels of prolactin – a hormone linked to slow recovery after sex – Cabergoline works to stimulate desire. The supplement not only increases the level of arousal but it also increases the compulsion to be intimate with a partner after sex by quickening the... By increasing the level of dopamine...