What do Spermidine supplements do?

Written by Anti Aging Systems

You may have heard of Spermidine supplements – an up and coming natural supplement that work to induce autophagy. However, with a name like “Spermidine”, it’s little wonder that people are confused by what they do.

Putting it simply, Spermidine itself is a potent polyamine which induces autophagy – the body’s natural regeneration and recycling process of cells. This is important for many reasons, not least because it rids the body of damaged cells and helps the remaining cells to survive and maintain a healthy state. If the body’s natural levels of Spermidine drop, which is a natural part of aging, the cells become more exposed to damage and the autophagy process slows down. This can lead to the accumulation of damaged macromolecules and organelles and can worsen age related diseases such as cancer or neurodegeneration.

Spermidine supplements

Spermidine supplements are beneficial as they contribute to the depletion of spermidine levels in the cells. This not only boosts the autophagy process but can also have other, beneficial effects on different systems in the body such as:

  • Cell renewal
  • Hair growth
  • Nail growth and strength
  • Memory boost
  • Enhanced cognition
  • Better cardiovascular health
  • Deeper, better quality sleep

Spermidine supplements are vegan friendly.

Spermidine myth busting

Is spermidine derived from sperm?

Contrary to what you might think, spermidine is not derived from sperm, although it is found in semen (and indeed, in ribosomes and living tissues across the body). Spermidine is what gives semen its distinct smell.

Will autophagy boost the immune system?

There is no simple answer here. Autophagy is a crucial process that the body must undergo, so in this way it helps to keep the cells healthy, which in turn keeps us healthy. That being said, autophagy itself does not boost the immune system directly, it is part of the process of keeping us healthy and immunity is a by product of that.

Can Spermidine combat skin blemishes?

No evidence exists to prove this but boosted autophagy will in turn help to keep the skin healthy.