Synergistic Programs – Cardio & Heart Pack

Written by MICANS, MS, PharmB, Philip A

Don’t miss a beat when it comes to your heart health

Cardiovascular disease remains the number one killer of adults despite the focus of attention it has had in terms of lifestyle, diet and exercise information that has been poured onto the general public in the last decade.

Those who are aware of the real problems appreciate that too much focus has been placed onto cholesterol and that other blood markers such as homocysteine, C-reactive protein, HbA1C and triglycerides need more emphasis placed upon them.

However, as Kenneth Kensey, M.D. has pointed out in his book, the blood thinner cure, the simplest way to avoid a heart attack (or stroke for that matter) is to keep your blood “thin” and the arteries supple. After all, if the pump (the heart) doesn’t have to work so hard to move “thin” blood around the system (as opposed to thick liquid), then because of that “thinness” it is far less likely to clog in narrow passageways, (as opposed to thick, sticky blood); so this assumption makes sound common sense.

IAS has been lucky enough to be able to experiment with different supplements alongside a special piece of diagnostic equipment called CardioCheck. This device is able to quickly and easily measure the arterial stiffness of patients, in other words to be able to determine how hard or stiff the arterial walls are.

The harder the artery, the more difficult it is for the heart to move the blood around and the more likely it is to also have thick/ sticky blood, then the more prevention there is to its free movement, the results of which can trigger a heart attack.

IAS has checked a number of its products in different volunteers to see what can thin blood and what can lower arterial stiffness. Our results have been presented at the London Antiageing Conference in 2007 and we are actively seeking publication in journals of this data.

You can read below the results of our study and about some of those class leading products below:

Cardio-Pro; helping to maintain supple arteries

CardioPro has been specially designed from those experiments alongside CardioCheck® (hence the similar name). It contains resveratrol, carnosine and important trace minerals for heart health.

It has been well documented that resveratrol, (the constituent of red grape skins found primarily in red wine), is part of the so-called French Paradox, (the fact that the French eat high fat diets but suffer a fraction of the heart attacks of their neighbors). The significance of this has been primarily directed upon the actions that resveratrol has on particular enzymes in the blood, helping to block inflammatory processes and changing lipid profiles favorably, (for example raising healthy HDL levels of cholesterol and reducing unhealthy LDL levels).

But perhaps the most significant factor of resveratrol to benefit blood and arterial walls is its proven ability to prevent cholesterol from binding to blood platelets, in other words blood cells are able to move more freely and easily within their environment and have therefore been effectively “thinned.”

IAS’s experiments with resveratrol alone were monitored with the non-invasive arterial stiffness device CardioCheck show that resveratrol supplements can make a difference in days. (Note that each CardioPro capsule contains the equivalent of 3-bottles of red wine- in terms of its resveratrol content).

Resveratrol supplements exhibit properties to improve blood flow.

The di-peptide carnosine (two linked aminoacids) has many positive antiaging possibilities. Perhaps its best known method of action is as an anti-glycator, in other words it prevents proteins from cross linking and becoming impaired; (this is a process that occurs under the presence of oxygen and glucose). And this is the process that is occurring within the arterial wall, these cross-linked proteins become hard and stiff and hence the wall becomes less and less pliable.

Carnosine has been shown to help eradicate and slow down the process of cross-linking and IAS’s experiments monitoring carnosine supplementation alongside CardioCheck confirm that regular supplements of carnosine can improve arterial stiffness often within several days; what’s more the effects do last longer than just within the period of supplementation. This means it would appear that carnosine has some fundamental action upon the basis of the cause.

Carnosine supplements exhibit properties to lessen arterial stiffness.

Rare Minerals
In addition to these two important antiaging substances, (and there is much more to them than just heart health as can be read from their links), CardioPro also contains trace amounts of rare, yet important minerals, minerals that are often missing from the modern diet, primarily due to poor soil conditions; CardioPro contains all of the following; lithium, boron, carbonate, calcium, bromide, silicon, nitrogen, selenium, phosphorus, iodide, chromium, iron, manganese, rubidium, cobalt, copper, antimony, molybdenum, zinc, germanium and palladium.

IAS has carefully tested various levels of all the combinations of the ingredients in CardioPro and designed a combination that has been proven to be effective for all those tested, plus to date has been free of side effects and of course also at the same time being economically viable.

Each capsule of CardioPro™ contains 100 mg of carnosine and 15 mg of resveratrol, (plus the trace minerals). Three capsules daily, taken together in the morning with a glass of water has been shown to reduce the average stiffness of an individual’s arteries by 35% (measured and recorded by CardioCheck, details on file at IAS).

Because we’ve tested it, we know this product works well.

Nitric-Pro; thinning blood and reducing blood pressure

One of the most potent methods to rapidly improve blood flow is through the stimulation of nitric oxide (NO) in the blood.

This has been well known for many years and was the basis of the original use of nitro-glycerine in early therapeutics for heart conditions and in more recent times the basis of the action of Viagra®, (which essential enhances nitric oxide availability to improve the blood supply to the penis).

Today there is a natural and well established mechanism of increasing nitric oxide levels in the blood and it is via the aminoacid arginine. Nitric-Pro™ is a drink containing arginine and other supporting aminoacids such as proline, lysine and MSM, numerous B-vitamins and magnesium for good heart health.

Just one scoop of Nitric-Pro mixed into liquid and drunk can release such a burst of NO into the blood that its affects can take place within minutes. The results are instantly measureable on the CardioCheck as thinner blood (due to NO significantly reducing the stickiness on the blood platelets and the endothelial wall- the lining of the artery itself), causes an improvement to elasticity.

It should be noted that the process of NO release to reduce blood stickiness is temporary and as the effects of Nitric-Pro wear off the measurements return to near same. But this is a method that can easily and significantly reduce the “pressure” in persons of high risk, especially in order to give the new methods being introduced, (i.e. lifestyle, exercise, other nutrition, hormones etc) a chance to lower the background causes.

As we’ve stated to many health professionals, taking a patient who is at high risk of a cardiovascular event and asking them to do 40 minutes every day on a treadmill places them in an ever higher risk category, at least in the first several weeks of change by using Nitric-Pro it can help reduce that risk to get the patient off to a new healthy start in their life.

What’s also interesting is that often Nitric-Pro will also lower blood pressure, another benefit for the millions of people who are hypertensive.

Just one scoop (provided) of the pleasant tasting Nitric-Pro mixed into a soy or rice milk, (or glass of water) in the morning is normally enough. Those at higher risk may want to take another scoop 8-12 hours later, and those very concerned one scoop with breakfast, one with lunch and another with dinner.

Pyridoxamine; the benefits of the rarest form of B6

Pyridoxamine is the rarest form of the 3 vitamin B6’s (the others being pyridoxal and pyridoxine) and it appears to have some unique properties not yet discovered with the other two.

One example is that pyridoxamine is a potent AGE inhibitor, perhaps second only to aminoguanidine and carnosine, but what makes pyridoxamine interesting for heart health is that apart from helping to inhibit AGE formation, pyridoxamine also “traps” advanced lipoxidation end-products (ALE’s).

This is a secondary stage to the AGE process and an excess of ALE’s seem to be prevalent in atherosclerosis where they affect the structure and function of the vascular wall. In animal experiments, pyridoxamine has been shown to help reduce the formation of ALE’s and is cited as a possible preventative to slow and even help regress the formation of atherosclerosis, which would naturally assist in the avoidance of heart disease.

Once again IAS’s experiments with volunteers taking pyridoxamine, as tested before and after for their arterial stiffness index (SI) on the CardioCheck device has shown that pyridoxamine can reduce their SI within a matter of weeks.

50 mg daily may be all that’s necessary for the average person, particularly those taking full advantage of the IAS heart pack.

These three products get to the core of reducing arterial stiffness and reducing blood thickness. Attacking the processes behind the issues has medium to long term benefits, whilst other products in the range help take the pressure off almost instantly by thinning the blood and lowering blood pressure.

Anyone with access to a CardioCheck machine will be able to see the benefits for themselves within just a month.