NeySkin CoQ10, A Unique Combination For New Skin?

Written by MICANS, MS, PharmB, Philip A

Skin aging is one of the most noticeable effects of getting older. As each cell of the body only exists for a certain period of time (as defined by our genetic material). It therefore depends on how we take advantage of this present time frame and that depends on various circumstances.

NeySkin ® and skin aging

Skin aging is due to deteriorated lymphatic circulation and bad vascularity conditions. As we age the supply of the skin cell with nutritive material and oxygen, as well as the proper removal of the metabolic waste decline in efficiency. This reduces the metabolic activity of the cells, the skin appears pale and faded. Environmental pollution, stress, bad nutrition, (in short everyday life), also contribute their part to further deteriorate the situation. The young cell is pre-aging!

The regular aging process of the skin is based on a loss of regulation and regeneration factors and the decrease in the metabolic activity of the skin cell. As a result the very important basic substances of the skin- its complexion, collagen and elastin are not produced in sufficient quantities any more. Wrinkles become visible, the skin loosens its smoothness and tension.

NeySkin ® and the Retin-A ® combination

Retin-A ® (which contains retinolic acid, a derivative of vitamin A) has long been a front line treatment for skin wrinkles. Its basic action ensures that blood circulation is improved to the surface of the skin.

This in turn increases the turnover of old skin cells, bringing newer, more elastic and supple skin to the surface. This heightened blood circulation also brings with it a slight reddening affect (some call it a youthful complexion!).

Other Retin-A side effects include increased skin sensitivity and a drying affect. Skin sensitivity is increased by sun exposure (photo aging). As such the use of a sun blocker is highly recommended when using Retin A.

However, we would always recommend a sun blocker to those persons who are regularly exposed to the suns rays; thankfully today’s models are losing the fashionable tanned look!

Retin A is best used at lower doses over a longer period of time. Starting doses are normally 0.025% or 0.05% and represent the most widely used creams. We do not recommend the very strong 0.1% dose unless you are clearly aware of its potency and possible “burning” sensation.

But one of the primary problems of Retin A use is its drying affect. We have always recommended a “good” moisturizer with Retin A. That moisturizer is NeySkin ®, it can be used alone or in conjunction with Retin A.

NeySkin ® is a unique combination

NeySkin ® contains a combination of skin RNA’s (ribonucleic acids, the building blocks of DNA) from animal cells. (Ed., NeySkin ® is a VitOrgan product and their effectiveness and uses were discussed in the 1996 IAS Anti-Aging bulletin about RN13- NeyGeront ®).

It has been known for some time about the revitalizing and regeneration affect of young, healthy animal cells on the human condition. The regulation and regeneration factor of these cells is the logical development from German scientific research. The skin cells are re-activated and the synthesis potential is enhanced.

As a result, the skins metabolic performance is increased, collagen and elastin are produced. By means of stimulation of the vascularity and lymphatic circulation, skin and tissue are supplied much better with oxygen and nutritive material, also the metabolic waste can be removed. NeySkin ®’s regular use can supply nutritive material and help detoxify, both of which are precautions to ensure optimal skin cell function.

NeySkin ® in conclusion

In short, NeySkin’s combination RNA’s have a regenerative and regulative factor that stimulate skin regeneration, activate the metabolic system and increase blood circulation.

NeySkin ® also contains vitamins and plant extracts to help support this effect, as well as extract of camomile and calendula which has an anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial effect. CoQ10 and vitamin E are anti-oxidants that help protect the skin against the influence of highly reactive oxygen radicals, which damage the cell and accelerate skin aging.

The ingredient D-panthenol participates essentially in the detoxification process and protects the skin against loss of moisture. Simply apply NeySkin ® cream onto clean dry skin and rub in gently. Use once or twice a day as necessary or shortly after Retin-A ® application. NeySkin ® does contain wheat germ oil, methyparaben and propylparaben and may not be suitable for those who suffer hypersensitivity to those ingredients.

IAS comments

As a footnote, the other cream IAS supplys (Thym-Uvocal ®), contains thymus factors. The thymus plays a vital role in the maintenance of the immune system and its action declines with age (see the 1996 IAS Anti-Aging bulletin). Using Thym-Uvocal ® cream at night will increase the skin’s resilience to infection and help prevent the appearance of a blemish.