Melatonin MZS™ – what is it and why is it beneficial to aging?

Written by Anti Aging Systems

Melatonin MZS™ is a supplemental form of Melatonin, the hormone that helps to control your wake and sleep cycle.

Melatonin MZS™ is a unique formula that combines the original formula created by Dr Walter Pierpaoli and offers a timed release to users, which is a first in the market for Melatonin supplements. It is combined with Zinc and Selenium as these also offer benefits to cell repair and aid Melatonin’s performance.

Why do we need Melatonin?

Everyone needs Melatonin, it’s an essential hormone that is produced in healthy bodies by the pineal gland. It helps to regulate the circadian rhythm, the cycle that regulates sleeping and waking periods, and if levels of Melatonin drop, this can be disrupted. It is normal to see a decrease in the amount of Melatonin we produce as we age, but this can lead to lower quality of sleep and less sleep in general or sleeping conditions such as insomnia, where sleeping is difficult in general.

Lack of sleep can lead to certain health complaints including:

  • Stress / lower mood
  • Concentration problems
  • Exhaustion / daytime tiredness
  • General body aches / headaches

Prolonged periods of poor sleep can have cumulative effects such as depression, memory loss, cognition issues – it has even been linked with heart attacks, strokes and diabetes. All of these conditions take their toll and can make a sufferer feel like they are aging quicker than they should be.

How do Melatonin supplements benefit the body?

It is important to note that Melatonin levels should be checked before supplementing with this hormone, as an excess of Melatonin can also lead to sleep issues and circadian rhythm disruption.

If you are suffering with sleep issues, you may have low Melatonin levels. Supplementation can boost these levels, which will help to regulate your natural circadian rhythm. Melatonin also benefits other areas of the body, including:

  • The hormonal system – Melatonin has been seen to increase growth hormone production.
  • The immune system – Melatonin boosts the immune system, especially in older people.
  • Body cells – Melatonin aids repair or cells and limits damage from free radicals.
  • The cardiovascular system – Melatonin has been seen to offer protection to the heart and related functions.
  • Eyesight – Melatonin has been linked in a study (published in Ann. NY Acad. Sci. 1057:384-392) [1] with halting and even reversing the progression of Age-Related Macular Degeneration (AMD or ARMD).

Melatonin MZS™, which as described above is combined with Zinc and Selenium, works to boost all of these areas with Melatonin. Zinc is added to help metabolic and hormonal alterations, and Selenium for its antioxidant properties.

Dr Pierpaoli’s formula

Dr Walter Pierpaoli developed Melatonin MZS™ to give users an additional boost over typical Melatonin supplements, without the added elements. All 3 are seen to be fundamental to anti-aging and work in harmony to provide a full boost to not only the body’s circadian rhythm, but other vital systems in the body, too.

Dr Pierpaoli’s research originally began in the 1970s, as he managed to prove a direct link between aging and the Melatonin molecule (which had been discovered in 1958). From this, various studies and concentrated research showed an interconnection between how circadian rhythms work and Melatonin levels – this also showed that the neurological, endocrine and immune systems worked together, not separately, and how the pineal gland plays an essential role for all 3.

With the launch of Melatonin MSZ™, a breakthrough was made in the market with one supplement that could boost the body in multiple ways as well as provide a solution to low Melatonin levels.