7-oxo DHEA (more commonly known as 7 keto DHEA) is one of 3 metabolites of DHEA.   DHEA has androgenic and estrogenic properties while 7 keto does not.  The benefits of 7 keto DHEA include:

Alcoholism: Studies suggest that it may have some value as an anti-alcohol consumption agent

Fat Mass and Obesity (based on studies): 7 keto supplementation appears to attenuate or reverse the decline in metabolic rate associated with caloric restriction.  Also, supplementing with 7 keto results in more weight and fat loss over a period of time.

Thyroid: 7 keto supplementation may enhance thyroid activity thus potentially increasing basal metabolic rate.

7 keto DHEA does not appear to be associated with side effects up to doses of 200mg daily for 4 weeks.


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