Dr. Pierpaoli is one of the foremost anti-aging researchers in the world, especially with regard to melatonin and other neuropeptides. His research findings have had profound implications and contributions in the development of the Neuroendocrine Theory of Aging, indeed he was a personal friend of the late Vladimir Dilman. Dr. Pierpaoli's findings regarding the use of Melatonin indicate that apart from helping to modulate circadian rhythms and improve sleep, that melatonin protects the pineal gland. Dr. Pierpaoli believes that the control of these rhythms and the protection of the pineal is of critical importance in anti-aging and indeed rejuvenation therapy. He has published this information, in the best seller: The Melatonin Miracle. Dr. Pierpaoli is also an award holder for Excellence in Anti-Aging Medicine from the Monte Carlo Antiaging Conference ™.