This video presentation looks at Can-C™ cataract eye drops, their benefits, uses, applications and results.

Specific topics include:

  • Cataracts in general.
  • The effects that cataracts have on vision.
  • Results of Can-C™ eye drops for different groups of patients.

Various trials of Can-C™ have shown that:

  • 88.9% of people with cataracts had improved glare sensitivity.
  • 41.5% saw an improvement in lens transmissivity.
  • 90% experienced an improvement in visual acuity/sharpness in vision.

These results were based on individuals applying Can-C™ eye drops 2x a day for 6 months.

It must be noted that people with cataracts for less than 7 years had the fastest and best results, versus people with longstanding senile cataracts (7-15 years). The earlier Can-C™ eye drops are administered, the better the results will be.