HGH (human growth hormone/ somatropin)

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  • A growth hormone releasing peptide to aid weight gain
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    6ml/9mg Nasal Spray

    Growth Hormone Releasing Peptide number 6. GHRP6 can be used to treat growth hormone deficiency, a problem that is well known in the antiaging fraternity and can affect many persons over the age of 35. GHRP6 works by signalling the pituitary gland to begin growth hormone (GH) secretion and therefore is classed as a secretagogue. Growth Hormone Releasing Peptide...

  • Sermorelin Gives You All the Advantages of Human Growth Hormones Without the Risks
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    30ml 30mg sublingual Liquid

    Sermorelin Gives You All the Advantages of HGH Without the Risks Using sublingual Sermorelin gives the aging individual all the benefits of increased HGH levels such as reduced subcutaneous fat, increased muscle mass and increased stamina, but is simple to use and has none of the negative effects of simply supplementing with human growth hormone. Sermorelin Gives You All the...