Frequently Asked Qustions

Q.How can I pay?

We currently accept E-Checks (US banks only), Bank Transfers and TransferWise payments. Sorry, but we do not accept personal, corporate or postal-order checks.

Q.How long has IAS been in business?

IAS has been operating since 1991 and online since 1996. See our long list of professional and public TESTIMONIALS for proof of our quality, service and reputation.

Q.How much is shipping and handling?

Our shipping and handling rates vary on the country of destination and the service of your choice. To find out what they are, choose the product you are interested in, once on its information page look to the left and you will see a bar titled SHIPPING. Choose the destination country on that link and it will show you the cost of S&H. Please note that this charge is for your total order value and not just for that individual product.

Q.I can’t find my country on your check-out list, what should I do?

Some countries cannot order from our online store. This does not mean that we cannot ship to you. In these cases, please CONTACT the office directly for further information.

Q.How long will it take to receive my order?

Depending on the country you live in and the mail service you choose it will vary. But a typical dispatch time is 10 days (+/- 4 days); however we ask that you please wait 21-days before contacting us. Note: Those who choose a tracking service will be able to view the location of the package via the courier’s website- these details will be emailed to you.

Q.What happens after I order?

You will receive a confirmation email as a proof of receipt. Once the package enters the mail system you will receive another email confirming that your package is on-route. Those who choose a tracking service will be able to view the location of their order via the courier’s website-these details will be emailed to you.

Q.What do I do if I have any problems with my order or my products?

In the first instance please CONTACT us. Please do not chargeback your credit card nor automatically return any products without first communicating with us- it could jeopardise your private-club membership.

Q.How can I contact you?

See the CONTACT details for all information. Please remember the time differences; we are 8 hours in front of California and 8 hours behind Tokyo! Outside of operational hours please leave a message with all your details, name, address, contact details and inquiry.