Spine issues

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  • Natural Peptide Bioregulator - normalizes the function of your cartilage
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    Improves trophism of the CARTILAGE tissue cells and regulates the metabolic processes in it, reducing the risk of various joint and spine diseases, such as Osteoarthrosis, Spinal Osteochondrosis and Osteoporosis. It has reduced pain level as well as improving movement in joints and vertebrae. It can be combined with Ventfort and Gotratix for skeletol... Improves trophism of the CARTILAGE...

  • Improves cartilage and collagen condition, aiding arthritis and skin conditions
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    Novisyn Oral Hyaluronan is easily absorbed by your body to help lubricate painful joints and make skin look younger. Benefits of Novisyn:Eases joint pain Lubricate joints Replenish & strengthen Cartilage Hydrates your skin Absorbs quickly No side effects Novisyn Oral Hyaluronan is easily...