Why Use IAS?

Written by MICANS, MS, PharmB, Philip A

Q. Why do physicians and their patients use IAS and its services?

The answer to that usually falls into one of the following three categories:

  1. Because they want to obtain a product that isn’t available to them nationally.
  2. They want to obtain a substance that is available nationally but isn’t available in a particular format. For example, a liquid instead of a tablet, or an injectable instead of a capsule, or even a larger size tablet such as 4.5mg where only 1.5mg tablets are available locally.
  3. To save money! Especially when folks haven’t got insurance for one reason or another, then the choice of the same maker, often the same brand name but simply manufactured in another country at a substantial saving to the local price makes a lot of sense.

However, we’d also like you to consider using IAS for some products that you may be able to obtain locally; especially those that may be available as health-food supplements. Here are our reasons:

  1. (A) When you purchase from IAS you can be assured that the product you are buying is normally the one that was used in the original clinical trials that obtained the beneficial results; the trials that resulted in the interest in that particular substance. Examples include the Can-C eye-drops (they are the same as used in the original clinical trials). The devil is in the detail, we want to ensure efficacy and safety by duplicating the same results- we believe that you do too!
  2. All the products supplied by IAS are manufactured to pharmaceutical standards, as such their purity often remains better, especially when it comes to multi-ingredient products. Pharmaceutical manufacturing practices are tightly controlled and to the highest standard, there’s much more chance that what it says on the label is what is in the dosage.
  3. (C) Another question to ask is you receiving the right dosage in the correct manner? Some products need a particular application for maximum benefit; IAS always tries to ensure that the application and dosage is the most effective possible. It’s also why our dosages of DHEA are lower than most- we follow the latest research closely to mimic what is believed to be the safest and most effective long term solution. Another good example is SAMe, it has become a popular anti-aging supplement (and rightly so), however dosages have to be relatively high for effectiveness (400mg day plus), the tablets have to be enteric coated to break down properly and they are damaged by light. Yet health-food supplements are on the market at 50mg, in capsules that aren’t enteric coated and packaged in brown glass bottles that clearly allow light to enter! All these elements would combine to make the supplement either relatively or totally ineffective. So, when you purchase from IAS you can sit back and relax knowing you have the most effective product, backed by science and clinical trials.

We believe there are other reasons why you should choose IAS and we’ve listed them below. To see genuine comments from physicians and patients about IAS and its services, please see our Testimonials section by clicking here.

Other Reasons to Use IAS

  1. IAS has a wide range of “hard to obtain” anti-aging medicines; in particular the orthomolecular products (the natural-to-and-in-the-body replacements).
  2. IAS is well connected with the anti-aging/ preventative/ alternative medical fields.
  3. IAS has a reputation for reliability.
  4. IAS only stocks known, quality brands with recognized clinically proven results.
  5. IAS has informed staff and renowned professionals assisting as much as is legally possible.
  6. IAS utilizes various sources to ensure reasonable delivery procedures and times.
  7. IAS specializes in introducing effective commercially available anti-aging products with international scientific and/ or clinical data backing them.
  8. IAS can be contacted by telephone, mail, fax, e-mail or via the internet.
  9. IAS sponsors anti-aging conferences and academies.
  10. IAS publishes the informative Antiaging Magazine™ which has articles written by many other professional people.
  11. IAS offers special deals to its members.
  12. IAS has an award winning informative and easy-to-use Website.
  13. IAS is dedicated to reinvesting and furthering its services to its clientele.
  14. 14. IAS speaks English! We also speak Japanese, Spanish, German and French languages.
  15. IAS have serious long-term plans including
    (a) The creation of a system that can measure biological age and determine the efficacy of Anti-Aging Medicine. That system is now called Inner-Age.
    (b) The educational expansion of scientific and clinical knowledge for professionals and the public through the Monte Carlo Antiaging Conference ™.
    (c) The addition to Web-Store facilities to include on-line order tracking.
    (d) The introduction of cutting-edge anti-aging nutrition and
    (e) Tailored/ personalized anti-aging medicine programs.

We believe that all these facts combine to make IAS the world leader in the supply of anti-aging medicine. Join us today and find out for yourself why IAS is number 1.