The benefits and improved qualities of Silvicidal ES, a unique MSP

Written by MICANS, MS, PharmB, Philip A

Silvicidal DS ® is an over the counter (OTC) drug registered with the FDA and it is the only colloidal silver product (or Mild Silver Protein – MSP) that we know of that is currently registered OTC with the FDA.

The most astounding attribute regarding Silvicidal ES ® is the FDA approved labeling of DEDI’s product. DEDI’s Silvicidal ES ® is labeled an all-natural product to take orally for general infections with the label listing no known side effects!

In our review of all FDA registered non prescription (OTC) products in the united states none has ever acquired FDA accepted labeling depicting to be taken internally for general internal infections. In fact, we could not find any product via even a prescription in the united states, or anywhere else in the world, in which the label on the bottle advised the user to take orally for general internal infections, notwithstanding listing no side effects!

The FDA is well known worldwide for being the toughest agency in the world to get a drug approved through. Silvicidal ES’s FDA registration and FDA accepted labeling as an OTC drug available to be purchased without prescription must truly be what everyone is claiming; the first real miracle in drug development in decades!

So we asked the President of Discovery Experimental and Development Inc. (DEDI), James T. Kimball, a few questions about their colloidal silver product, namely Silvicidal ES ®.

IAS “Why is Silvicidal ES ® superior to all the other silver products in the marketplace?”

KIMBALL “The majority, if not all of the alleged colloidal silver products in the marketplace contain an abundance of silver ions, the exception is our Silvicidal ES ®.

Every colloidal silver product tested by DEDI revealed the presence of silver ions. For the most part, alleged colloidal silver products today are made electrically creating an intensely ionic substance. Silver ions carry with them inherent dangers:

1. Silver ions are toxic to most cells, the good and the bad. Although silver ions are capable of killing the “bad-guys,” the bacteria, viruses and fungi etc., they have the exact same capability of killing CD-4 and CD-8 cells and other immune system cells, thus reducing or destroying the immune system. This type of therapy is obviously counter-productive.

2. Ingesting an abundance of silver ions could well be toxic not only because it may destroy the immune system, but also because it has the distinct possibility of injuring or destroying internal organs leading to death.

3. Research regarding silver ion solutions also reveals that silver ions are directly involved in the serious side effect- argyria- the permanent discoloration of the skin to a grayish color.

However, Silvicidal ES ® produced by DEDI is void of silver ions, therefore, it does not share any of the inherent dangers previous stated regarding silver products that do contain silver ions. Silvicidal ES ® is additionally void of nitrates, which most other products contain and they too are inherently dangerous.

IAS “What do you mean by saying alleged colloidal silver products?”

KIMBALL “I’m using the term alleged colloidal silver products because when we tested other so-called colloidal silver products, the tests revealed that they are not colloidal at all! The exception is of course the Silvicidal ES ®.

The term colloidal whether applied to silver, gold or copper simply means a mixture that is stable. In essence that they stay in solution when mixed without the particles falling out.

All silver products tested by DEDI that were labeled as colloidal were unstable with the silver falling out of suspension in a short period of time.

There are many reasons why silver can fall out of suspension. All electrically produced silver products will fall out of suspension rapidly, rendering the product only water. Other silver products made in differing ways fall out of solution for a number of reasons, usually due to the fact that the particle size of the silver is too large.

The units of measure for particle size is referred to as microns, or smaller still as nanometers. It is doubtful that “large” micron size silver particles on their own could ever stay in solution for any reasonable length of time without a stabilizer.

For the most part, products today that call themselves colloidal silver share the exact same problems as the alleged colloidal silver products of the past, they have silver particles in micron sizes and they have inherent instability. This may explain why silver solutions sold today in the USA are classified as minerals or dietary supplements, with the exception of DEDI’s Silvicidal ES ®.

Silvicidal ES ® is an exception because it is produced at extremely low nanometers, while its particle size is totally controlled in the manufacturing process by DEDI.

A nanometer unit of measure is one thousand times smaller than a micron. In testing, DEDI’s silver products have been totally stable since their development in 1992 (Ed., i.e. there has been no deterioration from samples over 6 years old).

Realistically Silvicidal ES ® may be the only real colloidal silver suspension ever produced.

IAS “How is Silvicidal ES ® manufactured? And why is it so lethal against deadly viruses, bacteria and fungi?”

KIMBALL “Well, the production process of Silvicidal ES ® is currently patent pending and confidential, but I can let you in on a few secrets regarding the special nanometer size particles and some other things.”

IAS “Thanks, I’m sure our readers will be interested.”

KIMBALL “The big key is the fact that the particle size of the silver is totally controlled in production, with the active particle size only visible through atomic microscopathy.

The National Institute of Health (NIH) assisted DEDI in determining the exact particle sizes that were lethal to viruses, bacteria and fungi.

When the product is ingested it enters the blood stream after passing through the digestive tract and circulates through the body’s system. For some reason, we don’t currently know why, it appears that the majority of these metallic silver particles congregate around infectious bacteria, viruses and fungi. As oxygen naturally flows through the system and comes into contact with the metallic silver particles, the silver oxidizes becoming ionic and attacks the viruses, bacteria and fungi, killing them.

Because the oxygen in the system is in limited supply, there is not enough oxidation-taking place to create enough silver ions to be harmful.”

IAS “Perhaps you can tell us about the safety, toxicity and side effects of Silvicidal ES ®?”

KIMBALL “Sure, a multitude of animal and human toxicity testing was conducted by DEDI and others in vivo and in large oral and i.v. infusions of Mild Silver Protein (MSP).

The results in rats revealed no adverse side effects at all, even at thousands of times higher than normal doses.

In humans, at recommended dosages, no side effects were noted.

In humans at ten times the recommended oral dosage of DEDI’s MSP, approximately 20% of the people experienced a stimulated immune systems to such a degree that a Herxheimer reaction was noted.

At twenty times the recommended oral dosage 45% of the people experienced the exact side-effect response. At 100 times the recommended oral dosage 90% of the people experienced these same side effects.

The only exceptions were people suffering from compromised immune systems such as HIV; they experienced no Herxheimer reaction even though, in some cases, their immune system had increased CD-4 and CD-8 cell counts by over 200%.

The highest recorded oral ingestion by some people was well above 10,000 times the recommend dose! The testing verified the fact that Mild Silver Protein didn’t create any new side effects and that DEDI’s MSP stayed in the system longer and at much higher concentrations than any other colloidal silvers in the marketplace, effectively making Silvicidal ES ® much more deadly to viruses and bacteria.

For example, an HIV patient in the final stages of the disease had a viral count of over 750,000, the laboratories highest measurable viral load count. He received a one-time 4-ounce i.v. of the strongest experimental concentration of DEDI’s MSP. Not only were no side effects noted over a 10-week period, but also the viral count consistently dropped from week to week. Finally in the 10th week, the viral count was under 2,000, this same type of experience has been noted with Lyme’s disease and leukemia patients participating in private trials.”

IAS “So in effect it’s due to the special particle silver of the silver particles in Silvicidal ES ® and its high purity that makes Silvicidal ES ® much more potent, for much longer when compared to any other type of colloidal silver, and this has been borne out in your clinical trials.”

KIMBALL “Correct”

IAS “So just how effective is DEDI’s mild silver protein and what are its limitations?”

KIMBALL “The only way I can answer a tough question quickly like that is to relate to you some of our test results.

DEDI tested MSP either in vitro or in vivo against E-coli, staphylococcus, enterococcus, Lyme, HIV, leukemia, food poisoning infections, intestinal infections and ear, nose and throat infections etc. The results showed that all were inhibited or destroyed by DEDI’s mild silver protein. Our MSP has not been tested yet against other deadly afflictions such as Ebola, tuberculosis, cancer or anthrax, but I can say that to date that DEDI’s Silvicidal ES ® has inhibited or killed every bacteria and virus so far tested against it!”

IAS “So it seems to me that Silvicidal ES ® has a place not only for destroying nasty infections that people may have developed, but also as an adjunct for occasional use to help eradicate general infections before they become a real problem?”

KIMBALL “I certainly think so and the label on the bottle makes clear that there are a number of uses for general infection fighting.”

IAS “I’ve personally believed for a long-time that many of the afflictions that we suffer from, especially as we get older are infections of one sort or another. I’m pleased to see the development of your Silvicidal ES ®, which can help eliminate many infections in a safe and side-effect free way.”

KIMBALL “I’m always pleased to hear that we are helping people achieve their health goals, it’s one of the founding reasons that I became involved in the health industry.”

IAS “Well Mr. Kimball thank you very much for your time and information and for allowing us to visit and inspect your fine facility here in the Tampa Bay.”

KIMBALL “Thank you for listening that’s the other half of the battle!”