Synergistic Programs – Nutrition pack

Written by MICANS, MS, PharmB, Philip A

The world’s most comprehensive all in one optimal health program

Our nutrition pack contains an incredible program of supplements that provides the basis for optimal health. Furthermore, the three products in the IAS nutrition pack are enough to last for up to 2 months (depending on the dose required).

Beyond Chelation Improved; the world’s leading all in one multi
The first of the essentials is Beyond Chelation Improved (BCI); a remarkable daily sachet that contains 9-pills specially designed by Garry Gordon M.D., who has described BCI as “rocket fuel for the body.”

There are 30-sachets in a bottle of BCI; each one provides a dose which is sealed for freshness and also for ease of use, (with BCI there is no more opening 6 bottles every morning etc). Each sachet of the BCI can be taken with food and it can be divided into 3 doses for easier consumption.

The first of the “magic” ingredients in BCI are 3 Essential Daily Defense pills, these contain allicin from garlic, calcium EDTA from vinegar and malic acid from apples, these concentrated ingredients are known to help cleanse and chelate your body of toxins, especially heavy metals such as lead. This is the foundation of Dr. Gordon’s program, who is the world’s leading expert in chelation and who has shown that the removal of toxic metals from the body is an extremely important requirement for optimal health, but for which unfortunately due to today’s industry is an essential and regular requirement for everyone living on planet Earth.

The second line of defense in BCI comes from 3 tablets of a quality multi vitamin and mineral called Beyond Any Multiple. Dr. Gordon’s formula provides the numerous support ingredients to support your body’s need for antioxidants and other internal protective processes, for example, methylation (the conversion of chemicals within the body). Beyond Any Multiple contains a synergistic and potent combination of vitamins and minerals to enable the body to function at peak condition. In addition t the vitamins and minerals, these are also contains special ingredients that are rarely found in the majority multiple supplements such as vitamin K2 and resveratrol.

The third combination consists of 2 oil capsules containing omegas 3, 6 and 9 as well as EPA and DHA obtained from Icelandic fish oils and primrose oils. Many people are now aware of the important roles that omegas play in cognitive, heart and joint health (to name but a few), and Dr. Gordon has carefully balanced the amounts of 3, 6 and 9 to provide the optimum doses according to the literature.

BCI even contains a “memory capsule” that contains the biological detergent phosphatidylserine and gingko biloba. This is to ensure that brain cells function at a higher level and that the blood supply to the brain is enhanced.

We believe that BCI is the most comprehensive, easy to use “base” nutritional product available today. A sachet can be used daily or every other day depending upon your condition and needs.

Bio En’R-Gy C; the ultimate vitamin C drink
Our second nutritional product is vitamin C, although to be fair our Bio En’R-Gy C (formerly known as Beyond C) is much more than just pure L-ascorbic acid. Its additional synergistic ingredients of betaine (TMG) and MSM (methylsulphone) can lower homocysteine and inflammation- two recognised triggers for a number of diseases, especially heart disease. In addition the fabulous energy enhancer ribose is also included. Ribose has been shown to play a significant role in helping the heart pump regularly and with strength and therefore makes up an important ingredient for those concerned with heart health.

Just one rounded teaspoon of the Bio En’R-Gy C powder provides 4 grams of vitamin C and 2 grams of ribose. It is also worth noting, that Bio En’R-Gy C is a formula designed not to induce gastrointestinal upset and cramps that are familiar with “normal” vitamin C. Bio En’R-Gy C has a fully attached sodium molecule to counterweight the acidity of the ascorbic acid. This now means that by simply placing one rounded teaspoon of the powder into a cold drink one to three times daily you will be on course to the type of program that Linus Pauling recommended could inhibit virtually all disorders.

Coenzyme Q10; nature’s heart health energy molecule
Our third synergistic product in the IAS nutritional pack is Coenzyme Q10 or CoQ10.

CoQ10 is now recognised as a supplement that should be taken regularly to help the body’s energy cycles and in particular to help support a healthy heart program (indeed it is considered essential if you are taking statins as these inhibit CoQ10 production).

We recommend that 30mg of CoQ10 be taken up to three times daily for energy enhancement as well as protection against cardiovascular disease.

The synergy and methylation of this nutrient program can enhance virtually any other supplement, hormonal or drug program you may be undertaking.

Why not try this regime for a month and feel the difference it makes for you?