Synergistic Programs – Infections

Written by MICANS, MS, PharmB, Philip A

Stage 1:

    • Immuni-T3 capsules: Three capsules 1 to 3 times daily- as required. With its broad range of natural herbal support, including mushroom extracts, olive, oregano and zinc, Immuni-T3 is an all-natural approach, a non-antibiotic way to prevent and battle infection.
    • Silver Protein: Silver protein, in its non ionic form is a safe and effective method that has been proven to kill germs, bacteria even viral infections; in fact it was used before antibiotics were invented. Silver protein is available in a wide range of topical and oral forms of delivery including liquid, sprays and creams. Click here to see list of doses and all the infections that can be treated).

Stage 2:

    • Artemisinin capsules: One capsule 1 to 3 times daily. Artemisinin is an herbal treatment for parasitic infections and malaria; in fact the WHO has recognised artemisinin as being more effective than the existing anti-malaria drugs. What’s more artemisinin is also highly effective against yeast and fluke infections too.
    • Biostim tablets: 2 tablets can be taken each day (for up to 8-days) to help fight off infection, particularly airborne infections that are affecting the lungs. Biostim helps to boost the body’s production of white blood cells to naturally kill off the “non self” invaders.