Synergistic Programs – Hair Improvement

Written by MICANS, MS, PharmB, Philip A

Stage 1:

    • Dercos: One ampoule can be applied topically every other day to the scalp, whilst the shampoo is used “as normal” on a regular basis. Dercos contains the patented ingredient aminexil which softens the collagen in the hair, allowing it to remain longer in the scalp. This has been clinically proven to significantly increase hair growth and density within an 8-week period.
    • MinSaw-A lotion: The synergistic ingredients in this super high strength topical minoxidil lotion (7%) have been well documented to increase blood supply to the scalp and hair follicle. Lightly applied to the scalp on a nightly basis, MinSaw-A can increase the amount of new hairs as well as speed existing hair growth.

Stage 2:

    • Nizoral shampoo: Containing pharmaceutical strength ketoconazole (2%), this not only kills the fungi that cause dandruff, but Nizoral also lifts the oily deposits from the sebum cells of the hair follicle. This “blockage” is believed to prevent nutrition from reaching the hair bulb; therefore the occasional use of Nizoral (once a week) can support healthy hair function.
    • DHT blockers (Avodart, Propecia, Proscar): Drugs such as Proscar (which contains finasteride), are known to block the action of dihydrotestosterone (DHT) by inhibiting an enzyme called 5-alpha-reductase, which is believed to have a role in the appearance of male pattern baldness. Note: Avodart is an even more potent blocker than Proscar. Certainly clinical trials have supported the role of DHT blockers to regress the condition of alopecia and regrow hair.